21 September 2020 14:28


Voicebot launches Voice Industry Pulse Report

Voicebot Introduces Voice Industry Pulse, a New Report on What Industry Professionals Are Focused on and How They View Leading Voice Platforms

Voicebot Research published the first edition of the Voice Industry Pulse™, a new report that tracks the activity, sentiment, and future plans of voice industry professionals related to leading voice assistant platforms and ecosystems.

The report includes 40 charts, over 35 pages of analysis, and provides unique insight into how the voice industry is evolving and where it’s headed. Voicebot Research members get immediate access to the full report. There is also an executive summary available for anyone to download today.


There are a growing number of studies around voice assistant adoption, device use, and even forecasts for growth. Some are pretty good while others are clearly dubious in their methodologies and results. However, putting those other studies aside, we are aware of no research that has looked to gauge the activity, opinions, and sentiment of voice industry professionals. What are developers, marketers, designers, managers, and other professionals doing today in their work with voice assistant platforms? What are they learning? How do they feel about the market reception of their work and prospects for the future?

Some of the key findings are that Amazon still maintains a lead over Google (although narrow) related to both voice industry impact and sentiment. Apple Siri overperforms in sentiment compared to its actual impact. Voice app budgets are rising, and overall, more than half of industry professionals say their voice app projects successfully met objectives, slightly up in 2020 over 2019. At the same time, the percentage of voice developers planning to spend less time with the voice assistant platforms in 2020 climbed. The Voice Industry Pulse provides the most comprehensive view of voice app activity by industry professionals assembled to date.

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