28 May 2022 16:35


Dry Dating in 2022: Bumble reveals Indians more likely to consider alcohol-free dates

New research from Bumble reveals popular ‘Dry Dating’ trend as 51% single Indians more likely to consider going on dry-dates

As we step into the new year, Bumble, the women first dating app, reveals the growing trend of ‘Dry-Dating’ among single Indians. Per Bumble’s recent research, 32% single Indians feel their relationship with alcohol has changed during the pandemic and they prefer drinking a lot less now than before.

In fact, more than half (51%) Indians are now more likely to consider going on a ‘dry date’ than they were pre-pandemic. Globally, this trend is observed even higher amongst GenZ who are bucking the ‘Dry Dating’ trend opting not to drink on a date at all.

People have re-evaluated their relationship with alcohol as we navigate the pandemic. In fact, 43% of Indians surveyed plan to drink less than before in the new year.

Bumble is dedicated to ensuring our platform is as inclusive and supportive as possible for our community, including those who are sober or evaluating their relationship with alcohol. To celebrate our sober members—and to give them the right tools to highlight their full, genuine selves to potential matches—Bumble recently introduced a new industry-first ‘Sober’ badge for people to clearly identify their sober lifestyle and drinking habits within the current ‘Drinking’ badge menu within the app. The ‘Drinking’ badge, which now features the selections ‘Frequently’, ‘Socially’, ‘Never’, and ‘Sober’, has been one of the most frequently used badges by Bumble users in India.

Bumble’s Relationship Expert Shahzeen Shivdasani shares a few tips on how to ace a dry date:

Dating while sober may feel more difficult, but nothing feels more empowering than living a life true to your needs. Remember to always be your authentic self.

Try proposing the first date spot yourself to avoid ending up at a bar. How about a cafe or a walk in the park?

Avoid being critical about yourself, a few positive affirmations before going on the date can help boost your self-esteem!

While on the date, focus on your good qualities and stay away from conversations about past relationships that may trigger an emotional reaction within you.


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