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Tackling skilled workforce deficit with e-learning- Boost School of Business makes a promise!

Although the foundation of education is still reading, writing and arithmetic, today’s students need broader education. So, what can e-learning deliver?

Also, terming skill development and utilization of skilled workforce as a major area of concern, The Economic Survey 2014-15 stated that as per the Labour Bureau Report 2014, the present skilled workforce in India is only 2 %, which is much lower when compared to the developing nations and that the number persons aged 15 years who have received or be receiving skills is merely 6.8 %.

Stating it as a dual challenge of developing skills and utilizing them in a proper way, dearth of formal vocational education, lack of vide variation quality, high school dropout rates, inadequate skill training capacity, negative perception towards skilling, and lack of industry ready skills even in processional courses are the major cause of poor skill levels of India's workforce.

To steer away these concerns and empower the education industry with first of its kind educational mechanism, August 2015 witnesses the launch of a highly focused objective in the arena of Distance Learning, designed in consultation with ace academicians in order to cater to the next level of ‘power’ business executives.

Boost School of Business i.e., BSOB, founded by Prashant Satav, Ankoor Dasguupta & Chandar Joshi, has one common vision behind the core objective. The thought process is not just offering education but to be a catalyst in churning out quality business leaders, who can embrace and bring about a change in their organization or even in their entrepreneurial route.

The answer to how they will make this happen is embedded in their simplistic approach, which brings forth, the real essence of ‘enabling’ through ‘empowering’. They are Executive Business Program Specialist with the value of Aspire, Attain, and Accomplish, for anyone who is serious about doing their focused courses.

The programs are segregated into standalone Regular, standalone Fast Track along with tailor made Combo Courses which are both regular & fast track. For more information you could log to their website here.

Speaking to MediAvataar, here is what the founders have to say:

Prashant Satav, Chairman of BSOB: “We are excited and charged up to roll our conviction. I can proudly say that what we are offering is authentic, worthy, focused, crisp and austere. We are here to enable create quality leaders in Business, our programs are a stepping stone for that aspiration everyone has in today’s business domain”

Ankoor Dasguupta, Vice Chairman, BSOB : “It is highly important for today’s youth to understand what they should do as a career booster, a value add, a knowledge enhancer, a refresher program & even more important as to when one should do it and in what domain. Many a times one has everything but the direction is missing & not going in the right direction could be a detriment or a slow burner for one’s career.  That is where we come in as Executive Business Program Specialist, one of our USPs being a heart to heart conversation & counseling”

Chandar Joshi, Director, BSOB: “we are here to be make Executive programs easier in every way, be it content or the career journey.”

According to another report, India’s online education market size is set to grow to $40 billion by 2017 from the current $20 billion. India has one of the largest education systems in the world with a network of more than 1 million schools and 18,000 higher education institutions. More than half of the country’s 1.2 billion population falls in the target market for education and related services.

The rapid increase in internet connectivity has been an important catalyst for the growth of e-learning. A robust internet ecosystem, with a multitude of local and global players, will help online learning make further inroads. The story is not limited to schools alone. Indian companies are adopting e-learning platforms as continuous employee learning has become a strategic necessity.

With the number of internet users in India expected to reach 250 million, rivalling the US and second only to China, India’s potential as a huge market for e-learning is enormous. A large number of new users are accessing the internet for the first time from their smartphones, which is an ideal, personalised and commerce-enabled platform for e-learning adoption.

So, why should someone pursue a BSOB program?

First, it is clutter free, starting from their website to the focused courses. Their stress is on quality, content and making it easier for people to comprehend what they are studying. In today’s competitive and fast paced ecosystem, they understand and identify with the basic problem people have in pursuing any kind of course, which is the ‘time’ factor.

Hence, with one of their USPs as a cost free, heart to heart candid conversation and guidance that they will provide to anyone who is serious about getting his or her career in fast track mode to become the thought leaders in Business.

Moreover, working professionals do not need to leave their jobs and one does not need to wait for a semester to get over, that actually means if one has enrolled for a 6 month program but is ready for the question paper in 5 months, you complete it in 5 months. That level of convenience one has.  BSOB will also focus a lot on ensuring a person enrolling for any of the DE programs understands the significance of the program in terms of career path, vision & the aspiration which should be in tandem.

Each and every program that they have is a value for money because the ROI that one derives is not just another program but a sojourn that they are a part of, together, in tandem, sharing the dream, the aspiration one has.

And as BSOB believes in, a Boost is what we all need at some or the other point in our lives, so enroll and let them be a part of your aspiration and help them, help you attain & accomplish!

Data sourced from: EconomicTimes.com, FinancialExpress.com

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