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Top 3 tips to create sticky messaging

Making a brand message stick is one of the biggest hurdles for brands in the online space, and one wrong move can ruin the strategy. One expert offers his top 3 tips to create sticky brand messaging.

First, speak to people rather than marketers.

"Marketers have their own lexicons of terms and this "marketing-speak" is all too often spread across About Us and production description pages. However, this jargony language does not resonate with consumers, it just confuses them," said Malcolm Stewart, CEO, YouEye. "Effective messaging avoids overly artistics or vague descriptions of products and brands. It focuses on outlining concrete information in plain English that everyone can understand."

Second, create an emotional connection.

"Even when messaging, such as email copy, is well written and comprehensible, it will only be effective if it has an emotional impact. Certain word choices can have a negative emotional impact on readers and increase anxiety," said Stewart. "Take the example of auction marketplaces, which have to send people a notification when they are outbid. Instead of framing the losing big as opportunities slipping away, you can phrase the notification to have a positive, winning spin. Remind them how close they are to winning."

Third, target your positioning statements.

"Not all customers are the same, which may seem obvious, but far too many marketing messages reflect a one-size-fits-all approach that will prevent you from capturing certain segments of the market. Make sure that the way your offerings are communicated adapts to the customers you are reaching out to. If you are eyeing high-end customers, then do not lean on value propositions about minimal commitment and cost. Instead, create messaging about excellent technology and coverage quality," said Stewart.

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