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Aki Spicer, Chief Strategy Officer Leo Burnett/Chicago is Chairman

10 Industry Innovators Join Together to Judge DE&I Entries

New York Festivals® AME Awards® announced the AME Awards Social Equality - DE&I Grand Jury.

Ten prominent industry executives will together judge all campaigns entered into AME's Category Group - Creativity for Positive Impact: Social Equality - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Launched this year, the new category will shine the spotlight on creative work that positively affects inclusive identities in advertising, ensures representation, enables underrepresented groups to fully experience and connect with brands and is inclusive and respectful of all cultures.

Aki Spicer, Chief Strategy Officer for Leo Burnett/Chicago, and AME Advisory Council member will preside over the judging session and ensure that entries into the new category Social Equality are judged fairly and thoughtfully.

"I am actually excited to gather with this special industry peer-group and connect on what creative excellence looks like in the space of inclusion. And personally, I am voracious for great creative cases to share with my clients and teams - looking forward to taking in the potential greatness!"-Aki Spicer, Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett Chicago

"All of us at AME are thrilled that Aki Spicer is heading up this jury panel, said Gayle Seminara Mandel, Executive Director, AME Awards. "His stellar reputation and the breadth of his creative and strategic expertise will provide the atmosphere of open examination and cooperative creative discussions that will lead to celebrating diverse and inclusive work that fits the parameters of this new and timely category."

Aki Spicer brings his strategic perspective, data-centric, and radically-collaborative approach to the jury panel. As Chief Strategy Officer at Leo Burnett/Chicago, Aki is bridging the gaps between timeless branding and timely behaviors at one of the most storied agency brands in the world.
He advances the Leo Burnett's "Humankind OS" - a strategic process that strives to frame the business problem, brand purpose, and resulting creative solutions thru a lens of human needs for brands like Samsung, Messenger, US Cellular, Kellogg's and more. Aki has been leading the charge of forging Multicultural Intelligence, an end-to-end strategic OS to help Publicis agencies and their brands meet multicultural consumers with more insight, understanding and creative relevance.

Aki was previously Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Digital Officer of TBWA/Chiat/Day NYC, and prior to that he was Director of Digital Strategy at Fallon Worldwide servicing clients like Nissan, Hilton, Adidas, Apple, GM, H&R Block and Netflix.

"We're extremely grateful to these creative and strategic innovators who are sharing their time and industry experience on this important panel," said Seminara Mandel. "Their support allows the competition to recognize creative and strategic work that truly embodies diversity and champions equity and inclusion."

2022 AME Social Equality - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grand Jury:

Grand Jury Chairman - Aki Spicer, Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett/Chicago

* John Antoniello, VP Senior Group Creative Director, Razorfish
* Rogério Colantuono, Executive Strategy Director, TBWA\Health Collective
* Lucien Etori, VP, Executive Strategy Director, R/GA New York
* Sabena Gupta, Global Brand Marketing Lead, Amazon
* Chelsea Jenkins, Director of Cultural & Inclusive Marketing, Kellogg's
* Janis Middleton, EVP, Executive Director of Multicultural and Inclusion Strategy, Guided By Good
* Paola Ortega, Strategy Director, BBH
* Danny Robinson, Chief Creative Officer, The Martin Agency
* Marialejandra Urbina, Executive Director of Planning, Dieste

The 2022 AME Social Equality DE&I Grand Jury will utilize Publicis' Creative Inclusion Progress Scorecard as judging criteria, this scorecard will honor work that effectively drives inclusion from representation to resonance.

Jury sessions are parsed in the annual AME Report, that honors and provides rankings for agencies and brands from 30 countries.

The deadline to enter the 2022 AME Awards competition is May 20th, 2022. Competition details and additional information can be found on the AME website: HERE. To enter visit HERE.

Prior to Elon Musk’s takeover bid, Twitter’s brand value increased by 85%

Google retains title of world’s most valuable media brand at US$263 billion

Chinese social media giant WeChat is the strongest media brand in the world with elite AAA+ brand rating

TikTok/Douyin is the highest new entrant in the Media 50 2022 ranking valued at US$59 billion

Technology brands constitute 66% of the total brand value in the ranking

The brand value of Twitter increased by 85% to US$5.7 billion this year, even before the takeover attempt by Elon Musk, according to Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. The big increase in Twitter’s brand valuation was correlated with its extremely valuable brand amongst its biggest users: highly-educated opinion leaders, and provides strong underlying support for Musk’s apparent investment thesis that significant improvements to revenue are possible.

Every year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the biggest brands to the test, and publishes around 100 reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries. The media industry’s top 50 most valuable and strongest brands in the world are included in the annual Brand Finance Media 50 ranking.

With the Twitter board now appearing likely to support Musk’s US$46.5 billion proposal to take the company private, this brand valuation supports a potential vision for the Twitter brand that has not yet been commercialised. This year, Twitter improved its ranking amongst the world's most valuable media brands, jumping ten places from 36th to 26th in the global rankings.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, said: “Musk's interest in Twitter underlines an often overlooked aspect of brands. They are crucial not just for grabbing consumer attention, but also in influencing investor behaviour too. Musk's interest in Twitter, and the billions he is prepared to invest in it are the consequence, in large part, or the strength of its brand.”

“Equally, despite controversy about the acquisition, Musk's personal brand may be beneficial to Twitter. In an attention-dominated economy, closely aligning the Twitter and Musk brands could be mutually beneficial.”

Google retains title of world’s most valuable media brand, valued at US$263 billion

Google (brand value up 38% to US$263.4 billion) has retained its position as the world’s most valuable media brand by ensuring that the brand is actively innovating during the pandemic. Google relies on advertising for the vast majority of its revenue, and was hurt at the start of the pandemic as advertising spend dropped due to uncertainty. However, as the world adjusted to the new normal, and with people spending more and more time online, advertising budgets opened back up and Google’s business rebounded, resulting in a healthy uplift in brand value.

Chinese social media giant WeChat is the strongest media brand in the world with an elite AAA+ brand rating

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Compliant with ISO 20671, Brand Finance’s assessment of stakeholder equity incorporates original market research data from over 100,000 respondents in more than 35 countries and across nearly 30 sectors. WeChat is named the strongest brand in the ranking with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 93.3 out of 100, earning an elite AAA+ rating.

WeChat (brand value down 8% to US$62.3 billion) plays an integral part in day-to-day life in China, with its all-encompassing set of services allowing customers to message, video call, order food, and shop. It also played an integral part in the country’s fight against COVID-19, with more than 700 million people using its services to book vaccinations and tests. The app’s entrenchment in people’s lives helps it achieve strong scores in reputation and consideration among Chinese consumers, according to Brand Finance’s research.

Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, commented: “Media brands globally adapted to the unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic. Since users relied on media brands for important information about COVID-19 and entertainment, social media, media outlets and technology brands provided new service offerings and online formats to meet soaring consumer demand.”

TikTok/Douyin is the highest new entrant in the Media 50 2022 ranking valued at US$59 billion

TikTok/Douyin (brand value up 215% to US$59 billion) has grown in popularity this year for entertainment as well as monetising user content with brand partnerships. The brand has achieved an impressive 215% brand value growth year-on-year. A wide variety of consumer brands are implementing TikTok into their marketing spend, creating a new medium of advertising and selling via influencer marketing.

Leveraging user generated content has been a key move by social media brands such as TikTok, Instagram (brand value up 34% to US$33.5 billion) and YouTube (brand value up 38% to US$23.9 billion). While traditional media companies produce or license content for distribution, modern social media outlets are benefitting from huge volumes of user-generated content. In recent years, social media channels such as Instagram have revised their product to encourage more content creation – and in doing so, building very strong brand attachments amongst users who are increasingly self-identifying as part of the social media brands.

Technology brands constitute 66% of the total brand value in the ranking

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in several industries, and tech-led media brands lead this year’s ranking of the world’s most valuable media brands. Brands such as Google (brand value up 38% to US$263.4 billion), Facebook (brand value up 24% to US$101.2 billion), Netflix (brand value up by 18% to US$29.4 billion) and YouTube (brand value up 38% to US$23.9 billion) among many others are at the top of the Brand Finance Media 50 2022 ranking.

Meanwhile, 5th placed Disney (brand value up 11% to US$57.1 billion) and 10th placed Universal (brand value up 11% to US$12.9 billion) lead the world’s traditional media production and distribution companies, in part because of their successful deployment of new online services. The remaining eight brands in the top 10 media ranking are disruptive tech-led media brands operating either social media or new streaming platforms.

Users watch content on lock screen nine out of ten times before unlocking their phones, report finds

Based on engagement patterns of over 200 million Glance users across India and Southeast Asia, the report reveals lock screens are now integral to users’ daily content consumption habits

Glance, the world’s leading lock screen content platform, today launched ‘Lock Screen Trends Report, 2022’ - a comprehensive report on content consumption and user behavior trends on mobile phone lock screens. Based on engagement patterns of over 200 million Glance users across India and Southeast Asia, the report sheds light on emerging trends and media consumption habits.

According to the report, Glance’s visually rich content cards that appear on lock screens have become a significant part of consumers’ daily content consumption habits. On average, consumers unlock their phones 70 times in a day and consume content on their lock screen 9 out of 10 times, or 65 times in a day. There is a 35% year-on-year (YoY) growth in lock screen content consumption between December 2020 and December 2021. Users are not only consuming more content on the lock screen but are also sharing lock screen content more frequently. Sharing of lock screen content is up 55% YoY between December 2020 and December 2021.

Bikash Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer of Glance said, “Glance has transformed the lock screen from being a boring, static space into a dynamic and interactive surface for LIVE content consumption across content genres. Be it entertainment, current affairs, games or sports, consumers can now enjoy the content they love, 24/7, without downloading any apps. A single glance is bringing creators instant fame as they can connect with millions of consumers on their lock screens. Brand marketers, developers and smartphone makers too have a new and powerful medium for engaging with their audiences.”

The findings in the report are based on insights from users on Glance and Roposo, a creator-led live entertainment commerce platform, on Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Realme and Oppo smartphones, as well as consumer insights, third-party data, and industry reports.

Trends in India

What users are watching on lock screen

While content related to entertainment, sports, travel, food, and fashion are user favorites, a revival in the automobile sector is driving consumption of content in the Auto category.

The report also highlights differences in consumption patterns between weekdays and weekends. Users prefer information-centric content such as current affairs during weekdays and engage more with entertainment-based content such as movie trailers on weekends. The report sees a shift in prime time - the time of day at which most users watch content. While 9 p.m. has been the traditional primetime for television, lock screen content consumption surges from 7 PM and hits its peak at 11 PM.

LIVE – The New Frontier of Content Consumption

Users are watching more live, interactive content on the lock screen. They are also actively participating in live streams through interactive polls, AMA, questions, comments, and gifting. Gaming is the most popular live category, while entertainment and commerce are gaining traction. More than 12.5 million users watched live game streaming on their lock screen between December 2021 and February 2022. Users also love influencer live streams, including paid masterclasses, ticketed live shows, music concerts, stand-up, and fashion shows on Glance.

Game’s on – Time spent gaming on lock screen surges

Gaming as a category has seen a massive jump in engagement on Glance, with users spending 36% more time on games YoY (16 minutes). Live gaming watch time has grown by 45% within a six-month period. Users are also interacting more with these live games through polls, AMAs, rewards, etc.

Live Entertainment Commerce

Live entertainment commerce - where creators showcase products during live sessions - is gaining huge traction amongst users who love the ease of product discovery on lock screen. On Glance, live shopping is powered by Roposo, India’s first creator-led live entertainment commerce platform.

Trends in Southeast Asia

The report further outlines trends in Indonesia - a market where Glance has a major presence. Users in the country consumed 97% more lock screen content in 2021 compared to the year-ago period. Sharing of lock screen content by the users went up by 70% YoY. News, technology, nature & wildlife, entertainment, and health & fitness were the most preferred content categories amongst users in the geography.

Malayalam general entertainment channel, ZEE Keralam came up with a special idea to celebrate motherhood and honour the extraordinary contributions of all mothers behind the screen who relentlessly put their heart & soul into weaving wonders in the lives of the audience, with the campaign theme #RealMothersbehindtheReel.

Honouring the real mothers through the brand's Social Media platforms, Zee Keralam recognized the mothers who are not only stars in real life but also excel at the workplace. This special campaign by Zee Keralam honoured all mothers from programming staff to agency partners to housekeeping staff.

Zee Keralam the Malayalam GEC which launched in 2018 with the brand promise - 'Let's Weave Wonders in Life;' continues its efforts in meeting the ever-evolving entertainment needs of the audience through content rooted in culture.

New York Festivals Radio Awards announced the 2022 Storytellers Gala award winners on April 26th to facilitate the best audio creations created by 42 countries across the world. Reaching the top list of Asia’s awardees, India backed one bronze and 10 finalist awards.

Among the recognised names of the radio fraternity ‘Radio Parvaaz’, powered by Bhopuwala Creative Solutions Private Limited, backed two finalist awards.

Radio Parvaaz is a jail radio station working to reform the inmates inside the jails of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. It was established less than a year ago by India Vision Foundation, an NGO founded by Dr Kiran Bedi.

Whereas, Bhopuwala is an audio production startup that under a year of its establishment, bagged four finalist awards on the most prestigious international radio platform, the New York Festival Radio Awards.

Radio Parvaaz, bagged two finalist awards for ‘Shame to Fame: The astonishing reformation story of Govind Singh' in the category ‘Documentary: Heroes’ and ‘Radio Parvaaz’ in the category ‘Documentary: Community Service’. Radio Parvaaz’s ‘Shame to Fame: The astonishing reformation story of Govind Singh' is a real-life story of an inmate who reformed his life after completing his jail time and is currently working as a radio jockey with Radio Parvaaz.

"Through the medium of Radio Parvaaz, we are trying to reform prisoners in order to provide a better life to them. In this noble journey we have received Bhopuwala's support not just in radio programming but in the entire initiative, RJ Divya and Abhishek resonate our mission of saving the next victim and that’s been our strength,” said Ms Monica Dhawan, Director, India Vision Foundation.

Radio Parvaaz is an accumulation of diverse shows that are run on the radio station by Mr Abhishek Sharma, RJ Divya, Ms Neelakshi and RJ Govind.

Talking about the vision of India Vision Foundation, RJ Divya, the radio presenter and conceptualizer of Radio Parvaaz said, ‘Radio is a very personal medium and the driver is always the stories. The way Parvaaz runs on the hopes, stories and inspiration of the inmates, sort of makes us believe in the power of radio a lot more. While working on this project with Bhopuwala, we have built a community which not only serves but empowers those in need through the medium of radio.”

“Radio Parvaaz is exactly what our society needs right now. The way Radio Parvaaz gives a second chance to the inmates is an essential need to be followed throughout the country and Bhopuwala has done a tremendous job in highlighting the same to the world,” said Ms Neelakshi, the mediation guide at Radio Parvaaz.

Competing with the world’s best audio creations, Radio Parvaaz, a jail radio station, powered by Bhopuwala gained world recognition on the most prestigious international radio platform, the New York Festival Radio Awards through their motive to do good for the society. India Vision Foundation’s vision says ‘save the next victim’ and that's what they are trying to do along with Bhopuwala through the medium of Radio Parvaaz.

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