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The station to feature evergreen songs from retro hit makers like Ilaiyaraaja, Raj-Koti, M.M. Keeravani and A.R. Rahman

MAGIC 106.4 FM, the first retro station in Hyderabad, was recently launched with the intent to connect listeners back to a nostalgia-filled era. The 100% retro content station, launched with the sentiment of ‘Vintoo Maimarachipodaam’ (Let’s get mesmerized) aims at delivering a unique experience that connects one to an era and encourages listeners to realise that magic exists in everyday life! Popular songs from evergreen hit makers like Ilaiyaraaja and A.R. Rahman will be the staple on the station to help people break free from the hustle and bustle of a stressful city life.

Widely considered to be a city steeped in history, the people of Hyderabad are known to have a penchant for traditional, evergreen and retro music. It’s a quality the city is known for and the station will be tapping into this sentiment to reach out to the locals. MAGIC 106.4 FM, with the assistance of celebrities and popular RJs well established in the radio industry like RJ Prateeka, RJ Sri Krishna, RJ Murali, RJ Jo, etc. will bring retro content to listeners throughout the day.

Speaking about the launch of MAGIC 106.4 FM, B. Surendar, COO, RED FM network said, “MAGIC 106.4 FM is our answer to people’s hectic lives – a window of opportunity to get lost in the yesteryears, which was free from stress and more care-free. The people of that era still reminisce the culture and lifestyle of that time, and the music and movies of those days hold a special place in their hearts. Our network has constantly strived to bring newer content formats to the masses, a fact which is deeply imbibed in the network’s DNA. We believe MAGIC 106.4 FM fits the bill perfectly of being a platform to relive the nostalgic 80’s and 90’s era and let listeners enjoy a spark of magic in their daily lives today. We would like to bring forth more mesmerising situations in the hearts and minds of our consumers through MAGIC 106.4 FM and trigger an unconditional sense of joy allowing listeners to Vintoo Maimarachipodaam!”

MAGIC 106.4 is an attempt to create a trendsetting, experiential radio station – thanks to the never-before music mix and the first-time-ever content philosophy. This is the second station to be launched in Hyderabad after the initial launch in Mumbai, which was met with an over-whelming response.

Starting today, Snapchatters will have an easier way to discover and unlock thousands of Lenses built by its global creator community.

Since Lens Studio launched in late 2017, creators have submitted over 100,000 unique Lenses through the tool, which have been viewed by Snapchatters over 2.5 billion times.

With the introduction of Lens Explorer, Community Lenses will for the first time be discoverable alongside the main Lens Carousel, offering Snapchatters even more Lenses to play and express themselves with and boosting exposure for Lens creators. To get started in Lens Explorer, just tap the new icon (it’s a smiley face) that appears when the Lens Carousel is active. Tap a Lens tile to unlock a Lens and be taken directly to the Snap Camera or browse through the featured Our Stories. Unlock a Lens by swiping up on Snaps in these Stories.

Lens Explorer will roll out slowly to Snapchatters on iOS only at launch and evolve over time, becoming more personal and increasingly easy to use. In addition to this added discoverability in Lens Explorer, Snapchatters can now also browse for Lenses within Search.

Making Community Lenses more prominent within the app is just the latest way Snapchat is excited to be investing in the creator community. Previously announced but ongoing efforts include: Lens Studio Challenges, the Official Lens Creators program, industry outreach, and more.

Since first launching Lenses in 2015, Snapchat has grown to become the world’s most engaged and creative AR platform. Every day, over 70 million Snapchatters play with Lenses, for an average of 3 minutes per day. Snapchat is excited by the loyalty, creativity, and variety of experiences being seen from the Lens Studio community to date and is committed to continuing to invest in the platform, making AR creation accessible to anyone and bring more and more diverse experiences to Snapchatters.

More broadly, today's announcement is part of the company's ongoing effort to foster and support a creative and developer community. Recent examples include:

• Launched in February, additional data and insights became available for Official Stories and creators who have cultivated a large audience on Snapchat, giving these Snapchatters a deeper understanding of their audience and what type of content drives meaningful engagement. The type of information shared included total story views, time spent viewing stories, daily reach and engagement metrics, and audience demographic information.

• Launched in May, Yellow is a launchpad program for creators, designed to help them turn their ideas for producing mobile content into reality through mentorship, networking events, commercial support and partnerships, funding and space in Venice, California.

• Launched in June, Snap Kit is a brand new platform for developers, helping third-party apps integrate some of Snapchat’s experiences into their products, while ensuring Snapchat users’ account information is kept safe, secure, and private.

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi bags creative duties for 4 brands from Emami's FMCG portfolio.

The brands include Boroplus (Range of skincare products), Kesh King (Range of haircare products), Emami 7 Oils In One Hair Oil and Emami Diamond Shine Cream Hair Colour.

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi has won the creative mandate for Boroplus skin care portfolio, Kesh King hair care portfolio, Emami 7 Oils in One Hair Oil and Emami Diamond Shine Cream Hair Colour from Emami's diverse roster of FMCG brands.

The account will be handled by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi’s Mumbai office.

A spokesperson Vikas Srivastava, Sr. GM (Marketing), Emami Limited, confirmed the development by adding, "Scarecrow has been evolving over the years and now, with their tie-up with M&C Saatchi we expect our communication will become sharper with new ideas that will help break clutter.”

DPS Advertising & Marketing, Kolkata, has been associated with Emami on the above brands for years, and the association will continue.

Boroplus, launched in 1984, is one of India’s most trusted brands used in crores of households, and its flagship product Boroplus Antiseptic Cream is the world’s No.1 antiseptic cream, featuring superstar Amitabh Bachchan as the face of the brand.

7 Oils In One Hair Oil is a result of Emami’s extensive research that has created this breakthrough product which gives you the combination of 7 Oils to help repair hair damage.

Emami Diamond Shine, which has Bollywood queen Shilpa Shetty Kundra as the brand ambassador, is an affordable hair colour brand available in sachets that delivers superior shine and longer lasting shades normally found in expensive products.

Kesh King is an Ayurvedic patented medicinal preparation that’s made using 21selected herbs. It prevents hair fall, aids hair regrowth and protects hair from damage by providing complete nourishment.

"Some of the brands like Boroplus are truly iconic brands that every Indian has grown up with. Creating memorable work for such a memorable brand is indeed a matter of great pride for us at Scarecrow M&C Saatchi. Raghu and me have already worked on beauty, skin care and hair care brands like Parachute, L’Oreal, Lakme Elle 18, Vaseline, Dabur Vatika and more in our earlier days, and would love to provide the necessary expertise to create some ground-breaking work for these brands as well.", says Manish Bhatt, Founder-Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi.

Scarecrow already handles the creative mandate for Emami Healthy & Tasty Cooking Oil and has also created some memorable work for Zandu Sona Chandi Chyawanprash Plus and Zandu Kesari Jivan in the past, including the first-ever endorsement for Zandu Kesari Jivan featuring the legendary Milkha Singh.

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi is a part of the M&C Saatchi Worldwide network which has 27 offices around the world and also includes 8 specialist cutting-edge firms like M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment, M&C Saatchi Mobile and the fast-growing customer engagement agency, LIDA.

The FIFA world cup 2018 is blazing at the full swing and soccer fans across the globe are enjoying the breathtaking spectacle. What intrigues millions of the football lovers is the way Manchester City F.C. roared in FIFA 2018 with a maximum of 16 players getting into the world cup this year from the same club. It’s fair to say that Manchester City had an absolutely amazing 2017-2018 season, as they claimed their thunderous victory in the third Premier League. Records tumbled and almost every opponent has been swept aside. Even the diehard Manchester United supporters had to admit that their local rivals surpassed them magnificently.

Fans and followers of the Manchester City F.C. are delighted and thrilled at every game, every goal and every victory, celebrating the club’s successive achievements. During all this high adrenaline time they were able to keep up to date with each one of the memorable moments because of the club’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot, built using a chat marketing platform.

An insight at how chat marketing platform has been delivering and giving Manchester City fans what they want and keeping them engaged with their beloved ‘Sky Blues’, can show the true potential of chat marketing for the Premier League Champions.

Building a Dream Team

Chatbot marketing is unique in both its compatibility and how brands like Manchester City are able to craft a platform that delivers customized content to users and fans and give them ecstatic interactive experiences.

Man City has their Chatbot developed and designed in a way so that it delivers not just the messages but also a wide range of content that keeps their fans excited and that too, all information available at their fingertips.

For the Fans

Fans and followers are always looking for the latest news and updates about their club, and luckily for followers of Manchester City F.C, their chatbot ensure that they not only get the most recent breaking stories via chat, but they also receive live-action updates with a number of added features.

With the services of adroitly designed Chatbots, fans were able to stay in the loop as Pep Guardiol built the team to have them playing the wonder football that has made him such a sought-after and highly respected manager. After claiming league championships, when Man City marked yet another milestone with its 16 star players in FIFA 2018, which is more than any other European club, the interactive chat system kept the fans engaged with all live updates and news related to the club.

As Man City evolved on the pitch, so did the club’s Chatbot on the internet, so that the fans could enjoy video clips, interviews, updates from the players’ social media accounts and even order kits and merchandise, all through the same content-rich Facebook Messenger chatbot. Man city’s official Facebook Messenger chatbot with the news, live updates, merchandise and ticket bookings is serving as the best single-point facilitator to all the fans.

From Ball Skills to People Skills

Every football team knows that fans are what really make the club, and Man City is no exception. Their custom-built Chatbot provides genuine interaction and puts fans at the heart of all updates and brings them closer to the team they so dearly love. Users can subscribe to different news feeds and get all the information that they crave for. Given all the excitement that took place last season and the blast Man City’s stars are going to create in FIFA 2018, it’s likely that most fans will subscribe to every update that they can. The predictions are strong because how else to explain the millions of messages being sent across its chatbot platforms, which saw traffic grow by nine times this season.

Success for Years to Come

Having successfully overseen a huge amount of growth in the number of users and fans interacting with Man City on messenger Chatbot, the relationship between the club and its chatbot is functioning as the team’s formidable strike-force.

As with any good team, they know that the key to continued success comes from developing and changing tactics, and ensuring that the fans get what they want to see, whether it’s free-flowing football as they sit inside the stadium or exciting content and updates as they follow their club online between matches.

Manchester City F.C’s chatbot tool is working on some very exciting developments, keeping the club image, and the club’s fans engaged and excited for each and every interaction with the Chatbot so that the season ahead promises to be as exciting off the pitch as surely as it will be on it.


Authored by Mr. Vipul Garg, Co-Founder, and Head of Marketing,

Sunday, 15 July 2018 00:00

What is my Brand's Story

A question I get asked often is “What is my brand’s story?” Let’s talk about that.

When I look at most brand stories that companies are putting out there, I feel they often look more like mission statements than stories. We once had a client whose brand story ran almost 1,300 words on their website. While it was interesting to the founding family of the company, it wasn’t interesting nor relevant to US consumers.

No matter the size of your company or the industry you work in, all brand stories are found the same way – and if your current brand story isn’t doing much, it can still be saved.

How do we find it?

Step number one is taking all of the data surrounding your brand. The data should cover every aspect of your brand from “Who buys our stuff?” and “Where do they buy it?” to which products sell best, who are our competitors, what are people saying about us, and so on.

Once you have the data, sort through it.

The data then needs to go through a 3 tier test.

Is this authentic?
Is this interesting?
Is this relevant?

You may be biased, considering it’s either your company, or the company you work for, so it’s extremely important to be hard on yourself here. It’s extremely important to think about what’s going on outside the 4 walls of your company, and be able to bring whatever it is your selling into the real world. This test will make sure you do that.

Authentic: When you explain your brand and work to others, are you using your own, authentic voice and excitement, or do you sound more like a lawyer?

Interesting: If you bring it up at brunch, are people interested? This is of course subjective to the type of group you’re at brunch with – mothers with 3 young children will have different interests and concerns than a group of young adults looking for their first post-college job, but the story should be interesting for the demographic it’s meant to be targeted to.

Relevant: Really, is this going to make a difference in anyone’s lives?

If you can meet on all 3 of these, your story will spread and that means you have a story worth talking about. What’s great about these tests are they’re all super cheap to run. Pull out a whiteboard, get into some thought experiment and get started. Go to brunch with friends. It’s a lot cheaper than anything else you’re going to do.

One of my favorite examples of this was done by Reeses. A few years ago they came out with a new product they wanted to test in the field – they were Reeses cups that were individually packaged but not wrapped in paper, and using some magic they wouldn’t make your fingers gross. They went to video game conferences and handed them out for free. This was interesting, relevant, and authentic for them gamers in discussion. Picture the conversation between them: ‘Hey, I just tried these new Reeses, they’re delicious, I can eat them without getting anything on my controller.’ That’s it. It passes all 3 tests.

I’ve often found that there may be push back at first. Many corporations who have done things a certain way for so long feel personally tied to the work, brand, and story the way it is. Not surprisingly, people are not always comfortable with change and are not going to be comfortable going where a company traditionally has not gone before. There may have been meetings and conference calls and time spent on the things currently in play that are not actually working, so, yes, there may be push back, but run it through the test and you’ll have proof that what is going on isn’t working. Again, it’s super cheap to do.

Once it’s confirmed there’s a story worth talking about, then it’s time to build digital experiences that bring the story to life. The goal is to always have people come to your story, explore it and allow them to understand it without having to sell something. When that’s working and people are talking about it, then you can start to do TV ads.

If you’ve found that your brand doesn’t pass through any (or all) of the tests, it can then become a company goal – how do we decide what fits all of these things, to the most people possible? Because at the end of the day, marketing is about selling more things to more people for more money.


Written by Ted Wright,CEO of Fizz


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