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Smart TVs will have the biggest expansion, growing at over 100% every year for the next 5 years

A new study from Juniper Research has found that there will be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023, up from an estimated 2.5 billion at the end of 2018.

While smartphone assistants will be the largest platform by volume thanks to Google Assistant and Siri, Juniper’s new research found that the fastest growing voice assistant categories over the next 5 years will be:

Smart TVs - 121.3% CAGR

Smart speakers - 41.3% CAGR

Wearables - 40.2% CAGR

In these categories, Amazon’s Alexa has already established itself as the leader; setting the pace for the market. In addition, Chinese companies will make inroads internationally in the future.

Multiplatform Impacting Voice Assistant Apps

The new research, Digital Voice Assistants: Platforms, Revenues & Opportunities 2019-2023, notes that, as demand for multi-platform assistants increases, standalone apps, made by independent vendors for smartphones and tablets, will decline. Juniper expects revenues from these apps to begin to fall in key markets from 2022.

The big exception here is China, where companies like WeChat and Alibaba provide app-based offerings alongside speakers that are not part of an operating system. This means that China will have 78% of voice assistant apps installed globally in the next 5 years.

Voice Commerce Taking Off, but not for Physical Goods

Juniper’s report also shows that voice commerce will grow substantially; reaching over $80 billion per annum by 2023. However, this includes money transfer and purchases of digital goods alongside its use for more traditional purchases.

“We expect the majority of voice commerce to be digital purchases, until digital assistants offer truly seamless cross-platform experiences” remarked research author James Moar. “Connected TVs and smart displays are vital here, as they can provide a visual context that is lacking in smart speakers.”

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The Power of Premium

The recent growth of audience targeting and programmatic implementation has called into question the importance of environment as a focus for ad placement.

However many recent, independent studies have demonstrated the value of context in digital environments on key business and brand metrics.

And since GDPR landed, browsers have clamped down on 3rd party cookies and initiatives like ads.txt and ads.cert have taken a hold. The practices adopted by the buy side to find premium audiences are being challenged and publishers are very much back in the driving seat.

With publisher websites framing the conversation between consumers and a brand, premium media has the power to drive significant uplifts across the metrics that matter to advertisers most

Premium media builds trust

● Consumers are 48% more likely to trust premium sites vs. social networks*

● Translates to a 49% increase in trust in ads on premium sites*

● 76% of consumers would only buy from a brand they trust**

*Source: AOP & comScore: The Value of Trust, 2012

**Source: Unruly, The Importance of Trust and How to Build It, 2018

Ads on premium media drive attention and engagement

● Consumers spend 17% longer viewing ads on premium sites*

● Ads on premium sites are 3 x more likely to drive mid-funnel brand metrics**

● Ads on premium sites drive higher levels of memory encoding and engagement than social sites***

**Source: AOP

**Source: comScore: The Halo Effect: How Advertising on Premium Publishers Drives Higher Ad Effectiveness

***Source: Newsworks, Neuro-Insight & AOP: A brain science study revealing why ads in quality editorial environments are more effective,

Ads on premium media drive action

● Ads on premium sites deliver a 23% uplift in subsequent searches for the brand*

● Ads on premium sites deliver a 153% uplift in subsequent brand site visits*

*Source: AOP & comScore: The Value of Trust, 2012

Premium media delivers value for advertisers

● Quality online environments are 42% more cost effective*

*Source: GroupM & Newsworks: The value of quality, 2018

Audience targeting is important - knowing who and where your consumer is can’t be underestimated, but environment still plays a huge part in how an ad is received. Premium environments build trust, they drive brand and business metrics and ads on premium reap the benefits.

Ultimately premium environments deliver value. Not all impressions are created equal, so make sure yours matter.



Wednesday, 13 February 2019 00:00

92% Singles look for love in Matrimony

Of the 6809 members who participated in a BharatMatrimony survey recently, a whopping 92% of singles ready to marry said that they’re looking for the “love of their life” on BharatMatrimony, not just a life partner.

When asked how they wanted their partner to express love on Valentine’s Day, interestingly 52% female participants wished that their partner expressed love to them by saying “I found my equal'”. Moreover only 23% females opined that they wanted a gift. However, males when asked “How would you express love to your partner on Valentine's Day?” 34% said “By gifting her something she loves”.

86% participants said they’d celebrate Valentine’s Day with spouse after marriage while 14% said they may not. 55% female participants and 47% male participants opined that celebrating the day “helps strengthen marital bonds” while 35% females and 46% male participants opined that it was a “special day to express love.” Among those who said they’d not celebrate the day post marriage, 43% reasoned that “anniversaries & birthdays are more important days,” while 32% said VDay was “just a marketing gimmick.”

When posed “What’s the best day of the year to express love post marriage?” 44% said “Wedding anniversary” while 32% felt “Partner's birthday” was the best day to express love to spouse. 22% preferred Valentine’s Day as the day to express love to partner. In response to “Who should plan for Valentine’s Day after marriage, 30% said the husband while 22% opined the wife should.

“We’re constantly studying the changing aspiration of millennials with regard to matrimony. This survey proves that young singles are not only seeking a life partner but looking to find “the love of their life” on BharatMatrimony. The widest choice of nearly 3 Million bride and groom profiles, availability of detailed information about a member’s interests, features like secure chat and the option to directly call matches one likes, help members discover love that leads to a happy marriage, says Rajasekar KS, GM – Marketing at

Reaches Over 5 million Views in 3 Days

The film was launched on’s 5th anniversary

The film has got over 20,000 shares on Facebook alone

It focusses on how the right advice and product can change life, India’s largest online marketplace for financial products, has launched its new brand film – ‘The Wedding Speech’ on the occasion of its 5th anniversary. Within 3 days of its launch on digital platforms, the film has garnered over 5 million views on YouTube and other channels and has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook alone. was Co-founded in February 2014 and has been the clear market leader for lending products for the last two years, as per industry estimates. Its brand initiatives so far have focussed on product offerings on the platform, and this is the first time it has launched a brand film.

The brand film, through a story of two brothers, focusses on how the right advice can change lives. says it wanted the consumers to connect its brand with trust and good financial advice. The inspiration for the film came from millions of conversations has had with consumers from all walks of life in the last 5 years. It says often consumers, after getting a loan through its platform, would come back, to thank them for helping in a difficult situation.

“As a market leader, we invest deeply on building the brand. However, most of our earlier brand initiatives work in a functional space where the intent was to increase consumer awareness. With this film, we wanted to go deep to try and connect with consumers and increase the brand affinity. The initial feedback has been overwhelming and is encouraging, for us to do more such work in the future,” said Naveen Kukreja, CEO & Co-founder,

With this film, also introduces its new brand philosophy, ‘Paison Se Badhkar’, in line with its leadership position as one of India’s most trusted financial consumer brands.

“Though is the market leader for lending products, it does not just stand for money and loans. Our new brand positioning focusses as India’s financial companion that is always there for your financial needs and would always provide the right financial advice. is Paison Se Badhkar,” said Sai Narayan, Associate Director & Head of Marketing, and

The film has already started earning rave reviews from consumers and the industry alike.

“In this clutter of creating content and advertisement pieces, this piece is a rare diamond. Brilliant script, stunning execution and such lovely subtle brand mention…..Made my day,” said a viewer who shared the film on his social page.

“This was a thoroughly engaging branded film by Paisabazaar. It got me curious in the beginning when they added that small twist of the groom’s brother being mute. And his insistence that the groom be his voice for his speech – very clever narrative device! That alone made me sit through it fully,” wrote Karthik S in a review of the film.

Through the brand film, is also aiming to reach out to MSMEs, one of its key customer segments. It says this year, the MSME sector will be one of its key focus areas, with more and more self-employed shifting to digital channels to access credit for its business needs. It already has 25 partners on board, who are equally focused at providing easy lending solutions. says it aims to become the largest online platform for business loans as well.

“The Paisabazaar brand has grown significantly over the last 5 years. Despite being very young, we are one of the most trusted and well-recognized financial services brands in the country. The testimony to the fact is the enormous reach we have been able to build. Today, we get over 2 million product enquires from over 1150 cities and towns in India every month,” said Naveen Kukreja.

The brand initiatives have led to a 5X growth in traffic on the Paisabazaar platform in the last one says one of its key intentions with the brand film is also to spread the message on self-reliance and standing on one’s feet, and it is always behind its customers to support just endeavors.

“We want to give our customers the best advice and the best products, which go hand in hand. Like, we run India’s largest credit awareness and credit advisory initiatives where through expert advice, we help customers get access to the best lending products,” said Naveen Kukreja.

Clients Credit:

Sai Narayan (Associate Director & Head of Marketing - & Priyank Pant (AVP Brand Marketing)

Agency Credits:

Creative Agency: Enormous

Creative Team: Ashish Khajanchi, Pallav Medhi, Harsh Maheshwari

Account Management: Shivi, Samrat Motilal

Production House - K Silent Productions with A Glass of Whisky Production

Director - Anand Karir

Cinematographer - Nagaraj Rathinam

Executive Producers - Riazat Khan & KC Pandey

Associate Producer - George Thomas & Dravit Kaur

Director's Assistant - Soham Bijoor

First AD - Shoba Mohapatra

Second AD - Shruti Srivastava

Third AD - Abdullah Khan

Line Producer - Pravin Uttekar

Casting Director - Saleem Ahmad

Production Designer – Anasuya Sengupta

Assistant Prod Designer - Risha Shetty

Costume Stylist – Neha Panda

Makeup Artist - Shilpa Shah

2nd Unit DOP: Jani MohdSk

Asst DOP - A Manigandan

Gaffer - Ravi Gowda

Focus Puller - Kishore Choudhary

Focus Puller 2nd Unit - Nagineni Chandrababu

Sync Sound Designer - Yatrik Dave

Key Grip - Deva (Cine Grips) BTS - Samrat Mukherjee Main Cast:-

Youger Brother - Suraj Roy Groom - Raj Logani

Bride - Heer Kaur

Mother - Farida Patel

Sign Language trainer: Sangeeta Gala

Camera: Rakesh Joshi (RD Equipments)

DIT - Vishnu

Sound Equipment's - Shree Kateel

Production Assistant - Manikeshwar Dey

Spot Team - Kashinath Alim

Post Supervisor - Aarif Sanwala Offline - Ravi Rakhashia

Grade - Metin at Nube Studio Online: Asad/Prem

Music: Hanif Shaikh

Sound Engineer: Devang Rachh.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 00:00

Discovery to launch ‘Planet Healers'

Jim Sarbh to debut on TV with Discovery thought provoking, first of kind series, ‘Planet Healers’

The four-part series features startups who are seeking innovative solutions to environmental hazards

Good looking and versatile actor Jim Sarbh who has been a delight to watch on big screen in movies such as Sanju, Neerja and Padmavat is soon going to make his debut on television with Discovery Channel’s new series ‘Planet Healers’. Jim Sarbh will host the thought provoking, first of its kind series featuring 8 start-ups who are working tirelessly to find innovative solutions to environmental hazards that we face today.

Jim Sarbh will give the audience a deep dive into how these start-ups are focusing on complex and the same time extremely important issues like unplanned urbanization, electronic waste management, air pollution, fuel recycling et al. He will also be seen playing an integral role in educating viewers about the current environmental concerns and will give a reality check on how these hazards are impacting our planet.

“I don’t believe in the separation between mankind and nature. Mankind is nature. It is only natural, that nature would find a way to heal itself, through mankind. I am excited by this Discovery’s new series “Planet Healers” and the startups on it. Hope more people stretch their imaginations in the direction of conservation and preservation of our large, wonderful, home.” said host Jim Sarbh.

Be ready to get inspired with the host Jim Sarbh with the new series ‘Planet healers’ starting 8th March every Friday at 8 PM only on Discovery Channels

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