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Companies have no choice but to adapt

A disruptive technology is defined as an innovation that creates a new market or business model while replacing the old one. Historically, there have been a variety of disruptive technologies that have changed the business world. The personal computer displaced the typewriter and e-mail took the place of traditional letter writing, shaking up the greeting card industry. And smartphones, of course, have displaced numerous technologies with their apps, including calculators, GPS devices, and MP3 players.

Disruptive technologies will often force companies to change the way they operate and sell. If an organization cannot adapt, they risk becoming irrelevant. Technology is continuing to advance, and every day more innovative solutions are hitting the market. By identifying some of the disruptive technologies on the horizon, however, companies can create a plan to adapt for the future. Here are five that will make big waves.


Genomics combine the science used for imaging the base pairs of nucleotides, or the units that create DNA, with analytic and computational capabilities. As a person’s genomic makeup is better understood, the medical community will have the ability to manipulate genes, therefore improving health treatments and diagnostics.

Even today, gene sequencing, synthetic biology, and analytics are improving every day, and as the ease of accessing this information improves, it will affect the treatment of diseases and the production of food and agriculture. Next-generation genomics can also be applied to our understanding of animals and plants, possibly allowing us to create high-value substances like biodiesel and ethanol from ordinary organisms.


The Internet of Things makes it possible for everyday objects outfitted with technology to receive and send data. These objects have network connectivity, sensors, and software, and are already changing the way the workplace operates. For example, surveillance systems in buildings now have connected cameras and locks that will immediately inform managers when someone is attempting to enter the facility. With sensors being added to machinery, devices, and even clothing, there will be major changes in business processes, natural resource usage, energy delivery, remote health care, and manufacturing.


Cloud technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, and these advancements are only expected to grow. The technology provides centralized computing services that can be accessed by a variety of users, including internally through a business or third-party organization. Cloud computing is expected to change business in a variety of ways, including:

·         Easier updates. Cloud service providers will handle all the maintenance and upgrade aspects so companies will no longer need to worry about staying on top of system updates.

·         Improved mobility. The cloud is available everywhere, giving the business world improved mobility. Whether your employees want to share documents with colleagues around the world or simply want to work from home, the cloud will make it possible. Additionally, it will allow your employees to get their calls through cloud-based phone system from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

·         Better storage security. The cloud is one of the safest places to store data. Since your information will not be stored on your actual device, business data is always accessible and secure.


3-D printing is the process of making solid, three-dimensional objects from a digital file. The creation of these printed objects can be achieved using additive processes, and it is changing many aspects of society. These printers could change the way businesses manufacture almost anything, and will allow customers to make their own products. Businesses will need to adapt their strategies to better fit the needs of their customers as 3-D printers and materials becomes more advanced. For this reason, more thought s to go into how to make products stand out among the competition.


Many businesses have found energy storage to be a major limiting factor, including car manufacturer, alternative energy production, and consumer electronics industries. Improved energy storage devices, such as lithium-ion fuel cells, can hold onto energy for later use. Over the coming decade, it is expected that energy storage technology will continue to advance. Businesses will need to create new approaches when it comes to designing their batteries in order to stay competitive.

More disruptive technologies are on the horizon, and businesses need to take the initiative to keep up. If you have examples of others you feel will soon be changing the way the world does business, submit them in the comments section below.


Written by Sandra J. Lambert,a computer networking and security specialist and IEEE Member

To create a Better Environment and Better Tomorrow – an effort to create awareness about the global environmental issues, CNN-IBN and IBN7 are all set to bring special programming on United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Paris 2015) to be held from November 30th – December 11th, 2015.

This year France will be hosting the 21st Session of the ‘Conference of the Parties’ to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11). Bahar Dutt, Consulting Editor of the channel - well-known journalist and columnist in the environment domain will be travelling to Paris and reporting LIVE from the summit.

The conference will highlight the agenda of climate change and commitment from the world’s major economies like US, China, the European Union, Brazil and India to achieve the carbon emission targets and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit the global temperature increase. The platform will also see these countries endorsing the new policies to cut fossil fuel emission and prevent global warming.

The channels will bring an exclusive array of programming on the summit that will comprise of several documentaries, news wheel stories, vignettes, interviews and live reporting from the summit to decipher climate and environmental issues in the global and Indian context.

Prior to summit, CNN-IBN will telecast a ‘Telethon Event’ on Sunday, 29th November 2015 from 10:00 am - 4:00pm. The special telecast will comprise of news stories, documentaries, carbon watch segment which will showcase the efforts being made by major corporates in reducing the carbon footprints and panel discussions with the environment experts, ministers and policy makers on the issue of climate change. A four part documentary series will feature Ladakh – A climate for change, Lahul Sapiti – A Climate for Change, Rooftop of the World – Reporting from the Arctic and Green Tech, aiming to edify the viewers on global environmental issues and to create an awareness on climate change.

Speaking on the special programming, Avinash Kaul, CEO, IBN News Networks said, “Global Warming is one of the biggest global concerns now and no more a mere topic of research. It is high time that the leading economies of the world including India take bold steps and lead the way forward to a better and greener world. At CNN-IBN & IBN7, we have always raised issues that matter to the viewers and tried to present news in the most simplified way. Through this programming Telethon, we hope to reach out to maximum viewers and educate them about environmental issues and the importance of this summit from Indian and global perspectives.”

Programming Schedule:

·  Ladakh – A climate for change: Thu, Nov 19 at 10 PM; Sat, Nov 21 at 8 PM & Sun, Nov 22 at 12 noon

·  Lahul Sapiti – A Climate for Change: Thu, Nov 26 at 10 PM; Sat, Nov 28 (part of Telethon) & Sun, Nov 22 at 12 noon

·  Rooftop of the World – Reporting from the Arctic: Thu, Dec 3 at 10 PM; Sat, Dec 5 at 8 PM & Sun, Dec 6 at 12 noon

·  Green Tech: Thu, Dec 10 at 10 PM; Sat, Dec 12 at 8 PM & Sun, Dec 13 at 12 noon

·         Estimated Film Industry Market size to grow to INR 19,310 Cr. By 2017

·         Digitization and Mobility will drive share of Video in Internet Data Traffic to increase to 64% in FY 2017

Badshaah of Bollywood Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, along with Mr. Rana Kapoor, President, ASSOCHAM and MD & CEO, YES BANK and Mr. Venugopal Dhoot, Past President, ASSOCHAM and Chairman & MD, Videocon Industries, today unveiled the ASSOCHAM Knowledge Report on ‘Digitization & Mobility: Next frontier of growth for M&E’ at an event held at Taj Land’s End, Mumbai.

The Report provides key insights on evolving trends, challenges and future opportunities across Broadcasting Digitization, the Film Industry and Mobile Entertainment segment. Organizations in the Indian Media and Entertainment industry are poised for substantial growth in the coming years. The growing demand for content consumption from Tier II and Tier III cities will enable the entire Media & Entertainment value chain to connect with, engage and monetize India’s strongest asset – our youthful demographic.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rana Kapoor, President, ASSOCHAM and MD & CEO, YES BANK said, “The Indian Media & Entertainment industry has undergone a positive transformation with better content generation, mobility & digitization and growth in new media, resulting in an exemplary shift in consumer behavior and media consumption patterns. Recent regulatory interventions such as, the increased FDI limit in the broadcast distribution platforms like cable TV networks, DTH, head end-in-the-sky (HITS), mobile TV and radio, will continue to be key enablers for growth of this industry.”

Mr. Venugopal Dhoot, Past President, ASSOCHAM and Chairman & MD, Videocon Industries said “SRK  is our “Brand Ambassador” & it is our proud privilege that we have been associated with him since long. Referred to in the media as the "Baadshah of Bollywood", "King of Bollywood",  "King Khan" has huge fans across the globe. He is one of the world's biggest movie stars".  As a human being he is kind hearted person with multifaceted virtues. I am sure his upcoming movie “Dilwale” will break all the records of Bollywood movies”.

With the rise of internet users in to 200 million currently, the impact of digital technology on media consumption has already demonstrated the power of the Internet to disrupt linear traditional media.

The Media & Entertainment industry which was estimated to be at INR 1,026 billion in 2014 is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.9% to reach INR 1,964 billion by 2019. With the advent of Central Government augmenting initiatives such as “Make In India” and “Digital India” will further help to achieve substantial growth in the coming years.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 00:00

Watch and Win with IBN7

The channel launches a contest to drive viewer engagement – exciting daily prizes to be won every hour during primetime

In an attempt to engage with its viewers, IBN7 has come up with an exciting contest - “IBN7 Dekho Inaam Jeeto” starting from 24th November, 2015.

The contest will be live on-air for ten days. Each day one question will be asked between 7:00PM to 10:00PM- participants will be able to answers via SMS. The channel will announce 3 winners everyday who will each get a smart phone worth Rs. 10,000/- and one mega winner will get a motorcycle at the end of the contest.

As a channel, IBN7 has always endeavoured to put its viewers at the centre stage and has actively striven to involve them through various programming and promotional initiatives. In the recent past, the channel has successfully run viewer engagement programs especially around sports which have received a very enthusiastic response – the channel expects to extend the success that it has achieved in such initiatives with the latest contest.

Tune into IBN7 to watch and win with “IBN7 Dekho Inaam Jeeto” Everyday from 7PM - 10 PM.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 00:00

COLORS INFINITY and Vh1 present Born Stylish

Born Stylish' is India’s first series in a chat show format dedicated to Fashion and Style. The aim of Born Stylish is to highlight Style Icons that embody the seductive concoction of talent, drive, and trend setting choices. This show will map the professional journey of Style Icons, talk about their evolving fashion choices that have shaped their careers and inspired millions.

Each episode has a unique theme attached to it and will feature a chat with a Global Style Icon.

On the launch of the show, Karan Johar said, “Born Stylish on COLORS INFINITY has been created keeping in mind the Indian audience’s aspirations to learn about their favorite celebrity’s style quotient on-screen and off-screen as well as learning more about fashion and couture at an international level through global style icons. It will be quite a stylish treat for our viewers.

The show is hosted by India's foremost designer, stylist and celebrity - Pria Kataria Puri.

The first episode will witness Pria Kataria Puri catch up with The Alphamale Akshay Kumar on his personal style, his fashion transition from the start of his career until today and what influenced the transition. The interview with this alphamale will then be complimented with a short interview with a world-renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

On his personal style statement, Akshay Kumar said, “I personally feel fashion is not about buying ‘big’ or buying labels; it is about how you go and dig stuff and how you search for the right outfits.” Speaking about blending fashion with comfort, he added, “At a red carpet event, if there were no paparazzi, I would love to wear my British nightsuit. I may be the only person at night who still sleeps in his ironed British pyjamas; and I look forward to it!”

The show is all set to air on 28th November 2015 on COLORS INFINITY and Vh1.


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