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Hotstar, India’s leading premium streaming platform, today announced the appointment of Punitha Arumugam as Platform Evangelist, with the mandate to showcase the power of the platform to India’s leading brands.

Hotstar has increasingly raised the pressure on Google and Facebook, especially in an environment in which many leading multinational brands have raised questions on the quality and safety of content on open platforms against which their ads are placed. The appointment is amongst Hotstar’s several initiatives to spur an increasing shift in marketing focus towards platforms with high quality content and engaged audiences.

Arumugam, a media agency veteran, best known for her leadership at Madison Media as Group CEO for over 13 years, and at Google as Agency Director for over 5 years, is seen as a leader who shaped many agencies’ and marketers’ increasing use of digital platforms for brand building. Before this role, she was at Google where she led the organization’s agency business, first from India and later for the region from Singapore, as Managing Director, APAC Agency for Google APAC. She is currently setting up her own firm in the communications tech space.

Commenting on the development, Ajit Mohan, CEO, Hotstar, said, “Punitha is a leader in digital who has a fantastic track record of having aided the creation of many agency and brand partnerships in India and around the region. Hotstar is a special place for brands. We are delighted that she is coming on board to help us introduce the unique power of Hotstar to marketers around the country.”

Punitha Arumugam added, “Hotstar is one of the few video platforms in the world that has tremendous scale, very engaged audiences and remains open to advertisers. I believe the world of marketing is evolving quite rapidly, and Hotstar has the unique ability to marry the scale and engagement of television, with the power of audience understanding that digital brings. This is what brands have been waiting for, and I am delighted to play a role in shaping the next phase of the industry’s evolution.”

CM Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan to be the Chief Guest

News18 Network is hosting the next edition of its much acclaimed Rising Series to Bhopal on November 14. ‘Rising Madhya Pradesh 2017’ will have the Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan as the Chief Guest. The main objective of "Rising Madhya Pradesh" will be to provide a platform to the state’s top political leadership & bureaucrats to debate, discuss and define a framework for the state’s future.

The programme will feature a series of interactions with senior leaders & bureaucrats from the state including ShriBasant Pratap Singh (Chief Secretary); Shri Rishi Kumar Shukla (D.G.P.); Shri Bhupendra Singh (Home & Transport Minister); Shri Rajendra Shukla (Mineral Resources, Commerce, Industry & Employment and Overseas Indian Minister); Shri Mukesh Nayak (Congress Spokesperson); Shri Ajay Singh (Leader of Opposition); Shri Narottam Mishra (Water Resources, Public Relations and Parliamentary Affairs Minister); Mrs. Maya Singh (Urban Development& Housing Minister); Shri Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya (Higher Education, Public Service Management and Public Grievances Redressal Minister) and Mrs. Archana Chitnis (Women & Child Development Minister).

Rising Madhya Pradesh aims at outlining the vision and plans of the both ruling & opposition parties against the backdrop of assembly elections due next year. The event is bound to witness incisive discussions on benefits that have accrued to the state given the political stability of the last 15 years as well as steps that will need to be taken now to herald a future that is even brighter.

Commenting on Rising Madhya Pradesh, ETV News Network’s Group Editor Rajesh Raina said, “Rising Madhya Pradesh aims to provide an empowering, interactive and open platform to the state’s political leadership, the policy makers and the people at large to have an open and free flowing discussion on what the future holds for the state.”

Avinash Kaul, President- Network18 and MD- A+E Networks/TV18 said, “As the country’s leading news network, we are extremely pleased with how The Rising Series has become established as the most credible and impactful state specific platform for addressing key issues and setting an agenda for growth.”

Tune in to view the program live on ETV Madhya Pradesh – Chhattisgarh, 5.30 pm onwards on 14thNovember.

Walk, Talk & take Stock on your smartwatch with Moneycontrol’s Apple Watch app

Moneycontrol launches India’s first smartwatch application to have voice search for stocks enabled on the Apple watch. India’s No. 1 leading financial platform has extended its presence across a new platform while enabling users ease-of-access to data on-the-go. Open Moneycontrol on you watch, tap on the voice button, and say the name of your favourite stock and you get all the relevant information right on your watch. Moneycontrol as a platform, has constantly invested in being at the cutting edge of technology in order to ensure best in class experience for the users.

Speaking about the endeavor, Manish Maheshwari, the CEO for Network18 Digital, “Markets are quick, fast and on the go and through this foray into smartwatch apps, Moneycontrol is ensuring that’s exactly how it stays for its users.”

“We are at the cutting edge of technology and our constant efforts are aimed at remaining relevant and top of the mind for our users”, said Rajat Nigam, group CTO of Network18.

“Besides these traditional channels, moneycontrol leads Network18 Digital’s emphasis on accessibility, with the MC app now available on iOS smartwatches, soon to launch on Android. This app boasts a unique functionality with which, a user can speak to his watch and get a stock quote immediately. The enabling of voice on the Apple smartwatch is our first step into the IOT space. We are launching the Android version in the next few weeks and working on some interesting voice enabled products from the network for platforms. With a simple tap, the users can get a snapshot of the indices, or their favourite derivative, or the latest NAV of the mutual funds they were tracking. Our customers can now access content across devices, at the tap of their fingers.” Network 18 Digital CPO, Avinash Mudaliar said.

More than 18yrs since launch, Moneycontrol continues to be the top digital portal for financial news and information, with more than 17mn+ users across its platforms. “Moneycontrol has endeavored to remain relevant to its users by constantly innovating and adding features, and our product team has a number of plans lined up in the coming months”, said Gautam Shelar, Business Head for Moneycontrol.

The app is currently available only on iOS-based smartwatches and will be launched soon for Android-based smartwatches. Apple users can download the app from here

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 00:00

FYI TV18 presents My Big Bollywood Wedding

Band, Baaja and Bollywood with FYI TV18

Larger than life celebrations, grand trousseaus, lavish food and performances to the biggest Bollywood dance hits – all of this sounds like a huge wedding sequence from a Bollywood film, but it’s actually just a typical Indian wedding.

FYI TV18 explores the behind the scenes settings of the traditional and modernity in today’s ‘Bollywood’ wedding culture amongst Indian – Americans, with their latest offering, My Big Bollywood Wedding. It is a one hour special feature premiering in India on 13th November 2017 at 9pm only on FYI TV18.

Indian weddings set in the United States of America is an extremely extravagant affair, with an average cost of almost half a million dollars. My Big Bollywood Wedding focuses on the big fat Indian weddings of three couples as they attempt to balance Indian tradition and American sensibilities. The special episode will revolve around their emotions as they celebrate their love for each other in the presence of their families and friends, well within their defined budgets.

Tune into FYI TV18 on Monday, 13th November at 9 PM

Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Generation Z as a pivot point

One of the greatest concerns of clients in recent times has been the declining effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

It is no coincidence that this trend has increased as younger generations of consumers have been incorporated into brand strategies and as they occupy a significant place in brands’ business objectives.

The problem seems to lie in how media strategies, and specifically digital media, have been driven to generate impact on younger audiences. This is especially the case when it comes to Generation Z (aged 16 to 20), but we also see it with a slightly older age group, Generation Y, also known as Millennials (aged 24 to 34).


It is time to be more mature in our digital strategies, basing decisions about a brand’s digital activity on the likely business impact for each option and on indicators that measure the true usefulness of digital channels. We need to assess data on digital interaction with brands, and understand that this does not correlate with growth in sales. We are obviously speaking about digital awareness, but we shouldn’t forget that favorability and consideration can decrease unless there is careful management of a brand’s digital budget,

We see, in our AdReaction “Gen X, Y, Z. Engaging across generations” research, how digital campaigns need to be qualified: targeted at the consumers who are most interested in a particular category or brand, and delivered at a time and place that is most likely to generate a favorable response to digital ads.

In short, this means making the most of programmatic platforms and DMPs (data management platforms) to guide campaigns to produce positive results for a brand and, ultimately, stronger sales.

In our research about the impact of digital campaigns, consumers tell us that the time has come to minimize the use of annoying formats; they want content to be adapted to the space in which it will be shown, not to repeat over and over again online a message you have probably already seen on television.

Analyzing the total impact of a media strategy on a given brand provides strategic learnings on how to maximize their return on investment in this new environment. For example, it allows us to know whether using online video provides incremental exposure to a campaign among light TV viewers, and therefore inform future changes in our investment model. It can also provide us with valuable information on the role that each medium plays in a campaign, and help us understand any synergies between online video and the point of sale.


It is vital that brands understand the behavior of these new consumers; their habits have developed quickly, and these habits have launched trends that will quickly become habitual behaviors.

Consumers are drawn to brands they feel are interesting to them. So, let us be relevant to them, tell them stories they want to hear at the times they want to hear them, and let them participate in the content. Don’t just talk about participation and giving opinions. Let them customize content and even co-create with the brand. We must be more careful in managing a brand’s digital presence; the channels must work for the brand, not the other way around. Brands lose out when they compromise themselves to match the objectives of a particular channel. Yet often they continue to massively invest in these channels, which have requirements that detract from the quality of the message.

And we also need to be conscious of the size and capacity of the screens that consumers are using and adapt the content to them. Advertising should not only be adapted to the smaller screens of a mobile, but also adapt to the way people use them. Technology is a powerful creative tool that our younger consumers understand very well. They incorporate it into their daily life; advertising must do the same.

Tracking impact

Finally, let’s measure what matters and brings value. Each campaign has an effect on the brand, and each specific media works in a different way, so brands need to measure what each element delivers. There are often synergies between channels that are especially effective at boosting brand consideration. Similarly, there are some digital campaigns that get their objective regarding leads but that generate negative sentiment. This is a business problem, as the client risks adding consumers to their CRM programs who have low purchase intention.

In summary, we must take advantage of the changes brought about by the habits of new consumers; we must change with them, learn from them and improve. Now begins a new era for brands, in which it is necessary to adapt marketing strategies and work in an integrated way, understanding that channel, message and experience are – for the consumer – happening simultaneously. Pivot now, and the effect on a brand will be positive and enduring. Are these not fascinating times?


Source:  Kantar Millward Brown

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