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OgilvyRED Consulting comes to India

Ogilvy India Announces Digital Transformation Consultancy

Focus on Change for Brands, Growth and Innovation

Ogilvy India has announced the launch of OgilvyRED, a new consulting arm that brings together senior strategic specialists to consult on digital transformation for brands in India.

Through its five specialist service offerings – Digital Transformation Consulting, Data & Marketing Analytics Consulting, Marketing Technology Consulting, Innovation Consulting and eCommerce Consulting – OgilvyRED will help clients find answers to questions such as:

• How do we move from product-driven marketing to customer centricity?
• How do we drive digital experiences that matter and deliver business value?
• What would be the lifetime value of our customers?
• Which innovation territories will create the most value?
• How do we create a digital, social, and mobile enterprise?
• What’s the right marketing technology to use?
• How can we lift our eCommerce sales?
• How do we calculate our real marketing ROI?

Sonia Khurana, Senior VP at OgilvyRED Consulting commented  at the launch: There couldn’t have been a more opportune time to introduce OgilvyRED Consulting in India. India is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Rapid adoption of digital by consumers is continuously changing the way they behave and what they expect. The big challenge for companies is how to grow brand and business value through relevant, connected and innovative consumer experiences. Our world-leading customer insights, combined with marketing transformation expertise, helps us frame problems through the eyes of the customer, identify customer-led solutions and create new business models for growth. I am really excited about the possibilities.

Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India commented at the launch: Now, more than ever, brands need to take a transformative approach to connect with consumers. There are many challenges that our clients face today that cannot be solved by a traditional agency approach. Ogilvy has a long-standing history of helping clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital. Now, with OgilvyRED, we have the unique ability to investigate every aspect of consumer experience and influence it deeply. The world of ‘consulting’ has always been about strategy devoid of any accountability for execution. The difference with OgilvyRED is that it is digital transformation consulting that is deeply tied in with Ogilvy’s ability to execute with creativity, impact and speed.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu awarded Bipasha Mukherjea, Manogya Loiwal and Moumita Sen for exceptional journalism

Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu today awarded 27 journalists at the 12th edition of the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards. Like every year, India Today journalists featured prominently among the award winners.

This year, three India Today journalists - Bipasha Mukherjea, Manogya Loiwal and Moumita Sen - were awarded by Naidu for exceptional journalism. Bipasha Mukherjea's reportage Goal Mizoram won the award in the sports category, Manogya Loiwal's Young Minds Old Body won the top award in the Uncovering Invisible India category, and Moumita Sen's Test Kashmir bagged the honour for Reporting from J&K category.

Goal Mizoram

7 Mizo boys were going away to play football in the prestigious Bundesliga. Driving through interior Mizoram, India Today's Bipasha Mukherjea had to catch up with them before they left for Germany. These footballers served as vanguards of a sporting revolution weaving dreams of glories to come. And along the meandering road everyone knew their names, the names of the boys whose eyes were set on their GOAL.

The Challenge

Goal Mizoram is a story of how sports can build life and help develop a region. Language, terrain and culture all were challenging and therefore exciting. Mizoram is a state highly literate yet fighting poverty, alcoholism, AIDS. It is a land where Bollywood is yet to make its impression but the only thing that connects this remote state with the rest of the country is its die hard passion for football. This sport is the gateway for the youth to build their lives and their families'. The challenge was to tell their story which would tell the story of their state in return and the rise of Mizoram as the new Mecca of football in India.

About Bipasha Mukherjea

Television journalist Bipasha Mukherjea is a senior producer in programming at India Today Television. She is a multilingual reporter, news presenter, producer with nearly 17 years of experience.

At India Today, she has been responsible for weekend long format stories for The Long Story and also produced Good News Today series. She believes in the positive stories beyond the headlines that get lost in the breaking news humdrum.

A mountaineer, a runner and a daydreamer, she is also the in-charge of mentoring two teenage minds to help bring out responsible sensitised global citizens of tomorrow.

Test Kashmir

As the leaves of the Chinar change colour, the water in the Dal lake waits to freeze, waiting for another winter to wrap its cloak of white around the hurting city - Srinagar. Four months after violence erupted in the Kashmir valley post the killing of militant Burhan Wani, the situation is still grim.

The summer of 2016 was bloody, and the curfew and shut-downs continue, an odd car here and there, furtive looks, the auto-stand with a single auto, Srinagar's historic Lal Chowk empty except for the heavily armed CRPF personnel standing guard.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Moumita Sen was to gain the trust of the locals - especially the children and their parents - who spoke to her about the conflict and how it has affected them.

It required an extra amount of effort, compassion and understanding to reach out to them and then ensure that their story is set in a proper context and perspective, to avoid misinformation and ensure impartiality.

Shot and edited like a travelogue in November 2016, Test Kashmir documents the latest casualty in the Kashmir valley - education and the youth.

Around 32 schools were damaged during the 2016 unrest and most educational institutes remained shut under curfew or strikes called by the separatists.

Test Kashmir voices the fear and aspirations of a generation bereft of freedom. Featuring interviews with students all set to appear for their secondary board examinations, educationists, journalists and parents - of another generation that was forced to forego its youth.

Exploring the connection between Kashmir's volatile political history and the role of education in the valley's chant for freedom.

In November 2016, the situation on ground in Kashmir was still tense, shutdown continued and anger coupled with fear was palpable. Some recent news reports from certain 'media channels' had created a sense of distrust for the television media amongst the people. Many of the stakeholders in this conflict feared negative reporting about them and refused to face the camera to narrate their stories, many areas within Srinagar were almost off-limits for television reporters, this coupled with the fact that mobile internet services had been suspended by the state government made access and communication a problem.

About Moumita Sen

Features journalist Moumita Sen has reported and produced numerous news documentaries for India Today's weekend shows - 'The Long Story' and 'Person Of Interest'. A journalist for over eight years, she is a strong believer of the long format. Human rights, education, empowerment of women and children are some of the key areas her shows have focused on.

She was the recipient of the Red Ink Award in June 2017 for her show on gymnast Dipa Karmakar - Girl Unstoppable.

An avid photographer and traveller, she brings her own unique blend of visual reportage to each of her stories. Moumita has previously worked with CNN-IBN and is currently an Associate Senior Producer with India Today TV

Young Minds Old Body

Manogya Loiwal's reportage Young Minds Old Body narrates the story of two kids suffering from a genetic disorder in Ranchi. The disorder is called Ehlers Danlos syndrome in which the symptoms make the person look old. Symptoms may include loose joints, stretchy skin, and abnormal scar formation. The case of the Ranchi kids was one in a million to happen in India where two children of the same family got affected by it. Their father earned a measly Rs.5,000 per month for a family of five to make their ends meet. It was due to a lack medical knowledge that the family had a second child with the same disorder.

The Challenge

The challenge for Manogya was to narrate the stories of the children without making them uncomfortable at any point of time. People's comments, such as buddhaa (old man) or badsurat bachcha (ugly child), had left scars on the minds of the kids and their family.

Manogya's reportage brought assistance from Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Ranchi) and even AIIMS.

About Manogya Loiwal

Manogya Loiwal is a broadcast journalist with India Today Group and is currently the Deputy Editor of Eastern and North-Eastern India along with Bangladesh. She is conversant in more than six languages and reports extensively from the region. Manogya is the first journalist in the world to have travelled nearest to Doklam, that too alone.

Duff & Phelps, the premier global valuation and corporate finance advisor, has published the third edition of its annual study of celebrity brand values in India.

In the 2017 report titled Rise of the Millennials: India’s Most Valuable Celebrity Brands,Virat Kohli has replaced Shah Rukh Khan as India’s top-ranking celebrity brand.Kohli, along with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, lead the ascent of the millennials to the top of the rankings.

“For the first time since we began publishing our rankings, Shah Rukh Khan has slipped from the top ranking and been replaced by Virat Kohli. Kohli is now the first choice of brands to engage and attract consumers, fueled by his extraordinary on-field performances and off-field charisma,” said Varun Gupta, Duff & Phelps Managing Director and Region Leader - India, Japan and Southeast Asia.

“In addition to Kohli, other young celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and badminton champion P.V. Sindhu have either risen in the rankings or entered our top15 list, backed by note-worthyperformances in their respective fields and strong endorsement signings over the last year,”Mr. Gupta added.

“While Bollywood celebrities continue to dominate the top 15, sportspersons are providing tough competition as Kohli, Dhoni and Sindhu, collectively valued at US$180million, account for almost a quarter of the total celebrity brand value of the top 15,”said Aviral Jain, Duff & Phelps Director.

The report also highlightsevolving trends in the brand endorsements space, including celebrities endorsing tourism campaigns,backing various sports tournaments/franchises, and launching their own line of merchandise.

Key findings from the report include:

• Overall brand value of the top15 celebrities is US$712 million.

• Virat Kohli tops the list with brand value of US$144million, followed by Shah Rukh Khan (US$106 million), Deepika Padukone (US$93 million), Akshay Kumar (US$47 million) and Ranveer Singh (US$42 million).

• New entrants to the top15 celebrities included Varun Dhawan debuting at number 10 and P.V. Sindhu at number 15.

• Millennials currently endorse 64 percent of the total brands endorsed by the top15 celebrities and constitute 63 percent of the total brand value.

• The top sectors using celebrity brand endorsers included personal care, food and beverages, automobiles, smartphones and clothing.

India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll gets the prediction bang-on

Amid a series of exit polls by a number of media houses, the India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll got their prediction spot on for the Gujarat assembly elections 2017. All the exit polls were unanimous in predicting BJPs victory in the most awaited election of the year - Gujarat Assembly Elections, but a majority of them were off the mark while forecasting the victory margin for the saffron party.

The India Today-Axis My India exit poll had predicted 99-113 seats for the ruling BJP and 68-82 seats for the Congress making it the most accurate Exit Poll. Most of the exit polls had predicted over 110 seats for the party but it could only manage 99 seats in the 182-member Assembly in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The India Today-Axis My poll was the only one to predict that the BJP could slip under 100.

According to the final results by the Election Commission (EC), BJP won 99 seats, securing a majority in the 182- member Gujarat Assembly, while Congress won 77 seats.


US Agencies Lead with 101 Shortlisted Entries Followed by South Africa with 40 and the United Kingdom with 24

The Midas Awards® for the World’s Best Financial Advertising℠ announced the shortlist for the 2017 competition. Worldwide since 2001, the Midas Awards is the only awards show to recognize excellence in financial advertising and marketing on a global scale.

The 2017 Midas Awards Grand Jury, comprised of international executives from financial and creative marketing disciplines, shortlisted 242 entries showcasing creative excellence submitted from 21 countries around the globe. The competition expanded its global footprint with entries from Myanmar moving on to the Medal round.

The spotlight was on global agencies competing for the number one spot on the Midas Report. The following agencies are top forerunners for the 2017 annual ranking: McCann New York with 31 entries achieving shortlist status; Cullinan, South Africa with 23 entries shortlisted; OneTeam with 19, McCann London with 12 entries moving on the medal round; and R/GA Sao Paulo and MRM // McCann New York each with 10 entries; Havas Düsseldorf and Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney each advanced with 8; and MullenLowe Boston, Fp7/MENA, and McCann Canada moved ahead with 7 entries shortlisted.

Strategic sponsorships provided opportunities for brands to target specific demographics while increasing awareness and consumer engagement. Entries shortlisted from the Sponsorship category include: Playmaker South Africa with “The ReadytoWork Absa Premiership campaign” for Absa; Quicken Loans Detroit moved forward with “Rickie Fowler campaign” for Quicken Loans; MRM // McCann New York advanced with “A Focus on Optimism - Forbes Women’s Summit” for OppenheimerFunds; and OneTeam moved to the trophy round with “Citi | Proud Global Partner of the Presidents Cup, Proud Sponsor of Progress” for Citi. In addition, FCB Africa (Pty) Ltd South Africa advanced with“Absa Premiership Rivalry” for Absa; Cullinan South Africa moved to the trophy round with “Conquer as One” Absa and “Give Art Life” for Absa/Barclays; McCann Worldgroup London “BRIT Awards 2017” and “UEFA Champion's League Women's Final” were shortlisted for client Mastercard; McCann New York advanced with “#ArnieWould” and “Sound of Priceless” for Mastercard; and McCann Worldgroup EMEA London moved ahead with “Buffon Priceless Surprise” Mastercard.

International agencies from around the world utilized high-profile event marketing to gain market share on behalf of prominent brands. Entries advancing submitted into the Events category include: Zulu Alpha Kilo Canada’s “Flash Box” for client Interac Association; Havas Düsseldorf “Evil Zero” for DWS Investments; Etiket South Africa “Harmonograph” for FNB - First National Bank; McCann New York for “Fearless Girl” “Eclipse 2017: Through the Eyes of a Child” and “My First Purchase Exhibit” all for MasterCard; McCann Canada “Priceless Tables” for MasterCard; and “Factory Detroit, Inc.” “Pop Up Dinner” for Invite” for First Citizens Bank.

Mastercard saw a staggering 57 entries achieve shortlist status from global agencies in 8 countries. McCann New York advanced with an impressive 22 entries shortlisted for client Mastercard. McCann Worldgroup London advanced with 14; McCann Canada saw 7 entries advance; McCann Worldgroup EMEA UK moved forward with 4; McCann Brazil with 3; McCann Worldgroup Australia and McCann Worldgroup Singapore each advanced with 2; Publicis Turkey moved forward with 2 entries; and McCann Worldgroup Japan saw 1 entry advance.

McCann New York moved forward with 9 shortlisted entries for “Fearless Girl” for their campaign designed to promote State Street Global Advisors’ SHE fund: an investment fund for companies with more women in leadership. The statue of a young girl standing up to Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull became a powerful piece of city art and a social media phenomenon. In just 12 weeks the campaign achieved 4.6 billion Twitter impressions in 12 weeks, 745 billion Instagram impressions, a 379% increase in State Street share of voice, and a 384% increase in SHE funds traded daily.

Cullinan South Africa’s “Give Art Life” had 22 entries advance for client Absa/Barclays. The campaign was launched to inspire young artists in Africa and to create awareness for the Annual L’Atelier Art Competition. Cullinan created art pieces employed art and human canvasses to give art life. The results—awareness of the L’Atelier was raised substantially with an earned media valued at R13.5 million and young artists were given the power to change the world. “Conquer as One” for Absa also moved forward.

OneTeam had an impressive 19 entries shortlisted for campaigns created for client Citi including: 2 entries for “The Citi Double Cash Card: Holiday Cards That "Say What They Mean,” 2 for” The Citi Double Cash Card: Means What It Says,” and “The Citi Double Cash Card: "Means What It Says" Campaign - Neighborhood :30,” “The Citi Double Cash Card: "Means What It Says" Mets Campaign,” “The Citi Double Cash Card: "Means What It Says" Snapchat Campaign,” and “The Citi Double Cash Card: Holiday Cards That” each advanced. Additional entries shortlisted: 2 for “Citi Emotion Campaign - Integrated Campaign,” 2 for “Citi Emotion Campaign - TV Campaign” and 1 for “Emotion Campaign - Progressive Blue Wave.” In addition, “ThankYou® Rewards Points-illism” saw 2 entries advance and “Citi | Proud Global Partner of the Presidents Cup, Proud Sponsor of Progress,” “Citi® / AAdvantage® 30 Years Of Wow,” “Dine & Do Good,” and “Taste of The Nation” were each shortlisted.

Global agencies employed a variety of strategic initiatives to engage consumers on behalf of the brand. R/GA Sao Paulo saw 10 entries shortlisted for “Next Bank,” their campaign for client Bradesco Bank. The campaign promoted the brand’s entirely new mobile-only bank that empowers digital-savvy millennials while seamlessly integrating into their lifestyle. Fp7/MENA’s saw 7 entries advance for their emotional campaign for Byblos Bank, “There’s No Home Like Home.” The campaign tackled the decline in home loans in Lebanon by targeting Lebanese ex-pats abroad to introduce The Expat Housing Loans. Havas Düsseldorf’s saw 8 entries shortlisted for “Evil Zero” for DWS Investments, the campaign utilized, TV and print, online, promotions, an augmented reality app, giveaways, interactive installations, and guerrilla marketing to attract the attention of potential investors.

In this year’s Midas Awards competition, the United States took the lead with 103 entries shortlisted. South Africa saw 40 entries shortlisted, the United Kingdom advanced with 24, followed by Australia with 14, Brazil with 13, Canada with 12, Germany with 10, and Lebanon with 7. Agencies from Singapore and Turkey each saw 5 entries shortlisted, Myanmar and the Netherlands advanced with 3, and India and Japan each had 1 entry shortlisted.

Shortlisted entries will move on to the secondary trophy round and will be judged by the Executive Jury who will award Gold and Silver Ingots to the highest scoring entries and determine the winner for the Midas Award for Innovation and the Grand Midas Award. The results of the juries are parsed in an annual rankings brief, The Midas Report, —a veritable who’s-who in the world of financial services advertising that includes the 3 individual reports: Agency, Brand and Network.

Prominent international brands in position to be included in the Midas Brand Report, an annual ranking report based on points earned within the Midas Awards competition and celebrates advertiser’s performance in elevating the financial advertising industry include: Mastercard, Citi, Absa / Barclays, Bradesco Bank, DWS Investments, Byblos Bank, OppenheimerFunds, E*Trade, and State Street Global Advisors.

To view the 2017 Midas Awards Shortlist please visit: https://www.midasawards.com/2017-short-list/.

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