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Thursday, 15 October 2015 00:00

Discovery Channel to premiere Jai Ho

Discovery Channel will present the spectacular journey of A.R. Rahman, spanning two decades and around 130 prolific film scores, and his contribution to catapult Indian film music to the world stage in an exclusive 90-minutes programme JAI HO on October 26th, Monday at 9 pm, directed by Umesh Aggarwal, for the Public Service Broadcasting Trust.

JAI HO will take viewers into the life of A.R. Rahman and will bring forth the unseen and unheard narrative of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known. The programme will explore the evolution of his style of music - a fusion of Eastern sensibilities and Western technology and will highlight the essential Indian-ness of his music which has appealed to people the world over.

Through JAI HO, viewers will also get an access into his personal life and his wonderful journey, right from his coming together with Mani Ratnam for Roja, his first ever commercial, his Bollywood debut with Rangeela to his versatile and successful work in films like Dil Se, Taal, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, Highway, Rockstar and Raanjhanaa, amongst others.

The man whose name figures foremost in the world of music whenever and wherever India is mentioned; one who gave Danny Boyle just what he needed in Slumdog Millionaire; one who bagged his first ever music Oscar for India; one who is one of the world's all-time top selling recording artists, A.R. Rahman is a true icon of India.

The programme offers the viewers a window into his personal life including emotional moments like leaving school at the age of nine, getting his first pay check, marriage and record celebrations and more. The viewers will directly hear the double Oscar and Grammy-winner talk about all this and more.

Rahul Johri, EVP and GM- South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said “Discovery Channel is delighted to offer viewers an inspiring programme on the life and journey of the music legend A.R. Rahman. We are committed to present the comprehensive image of the enchanting India - its remarkable landscapes, achievements, culture and its laudable icons to viewers across the world.”

According to Umesh Aggarwal, Director – JAI HO, “It is the first ever definitive feature on A.R. Rahman. I am confident that this film will convey his astonishing success and global phenomenon.”

Shot across the world including Los Angeles, London, Mumbai and Chennai, the programme includes interviews from the technicians, directors, producers, singers, music composers and actors with whom A.R. Rahman has worked. These include Bollywood actor Aamir Khan; playback singer Alka Yagnik; film director and producers Mani Ratnam, Ashutosh Gowariker, Subhash Ghai, Ram Gopal Varma, Shekhar Kapur, Danny Boyle; music composers Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gulzar among others.

Rajiv Mehrotra, Commissioning Editor and Managing Trustee, PSBT, said, “PSBT celebrates A. R. Rahman and is delighted to have mentored and supported a film that offers rare glimpses into the personal journey of Rahman as a human being and as a musician.”

JAI HO has been produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust (psbt.org) with the support of the External Publicity and Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The programme has been directed by Umesh Aggarwal who has won many awards for his films, including the National Film Award.

Thursday, 15 October 2015 00:00

Animal Planet presents new series Big Fish Man

World record-holding angler Jakub Vagner has dedicated his life to catching the world’s biggest fish.  These fish are rare and extremely tough to catch, but Jakub is a daring fisherman who’ll do whatever it takes to discover the secret lifestyles of these mighty predators.

Animal Planet in its new programme BIG FISH MAN introduces Jakub Vagner who’s heading out on a series of incredible journeys to some of the most inaccessible waters on the planet, hunting down freshwater giants that grow bigger than a man.

In BIG FISH MAN, Jakub embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world in search of fish that have never before been filmed in the wild - many weighing more than 200kg and measuring over six metres in length.

His exploits take viewers to a variety of remote locations Congo, Mongolia, Europe, Canada, Thailand, Ecuador and Peru. Carrying all his kit and supplies, Jakub spends days trekking through unforgiving jungle and paddling against wild river currents. He survives using the hunting and foraging skills he’s honed over almost two decades of fishing missions.

On these visually stunning adventures, he tries to land the Amazon’s largest freshwater fish in Ecuador and the mighty Goliath Tiger Fish, with its 32 shark-like teeth, in Congo. He enlists the help of nomadic reindeer herders to land a giant Taimen in the ice cold rapids of the Shishgid River in Mongolia, and tries to catch a massive Northern Pike in the Canadian sub-Arctic even though their natural habitat is completely frozen over.

The series is packed with drama and danger. Jakub is stubborn and determined as time after time he faces nature at its most extreme.

BIG FISH MAN is airing on Animal Planet; Monday to Friday at 10 PM, from October 12 to November 6.

Who is Jakub Vágner

Jakub Vágner (born 24 December 1981), from Prague, Czech Republic, is a musician, television presenter and extreme angler specializing in travel and natural history.  Jakub Vágner is a lifelong angler and world record-holding fisherman. Vágner embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world in search of some of the largest and rarest fish.

In recent years Jakub has focused on trips to the Amazon River basin in South America as well as the Dark Continent, where he has been investigating the last pearl of Africa, Congo. In the past he has worked as a fishing guide in many European countries and led expeditions to countries of the former Soviet Union. As a successful guide in Australia, Jakub worked for Big Game Fishing, landing swordfish, tuna, and sharks.

Jakub Vágner holds many world records for catching the largest arapaima (Arapaima gigas) weighing 130 kg, Wels catfish (Silurus glanis) weighing 110 kg, devil catfish (Bagarius bagarius) weighing 75 kg, or the legendary Amazonian goliath catfish (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum), actually breaking the record three times in a row.

In February of 2008, he first landed a goliath weighing 190 kg, which was also the largest purely freshwater fish which had ever been caught. During a three-week Amazonian expedition in late February and early March of 2010, he caught another two goliaths weighing 186 and 215 kg, breaking his own world record. On the same trip, he broke the three meter barrier for freshwater fishing when he battled an arapaima measuring 307 cm and weighing 154 kg. This catch was yet another world record for Jakub Vágner and arapaima gigas.

He has produced fishing documentaries which are regularly broadcast by television stations in the Czech Republic and abroad. He also has made 14 DVDs with Multisonic which have sold more than 500,000 copies in the Czech Republic alone.  For his work, in March 2010 Jakub Vágner received a multi-platinum disc. He is also the creator of the 20-part television serial “S Jakubem na rybách” (Fishing with Jacob), which is broadcast by Czech and Slovak state television. He is a frequent guest on the most prestigious talk shows on television and radio. He has given countless interviews for magazines, regularly writes for Czech and international trade magazines about his experiences, and also gives lectures in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. He has taken many celebrities fishing, athletes, cultural icons, and even the president of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus.

Jakub Vágner’s greatest dream is to map the largest and extremely rare freshwater fish of our planet. Jakub calls them “Freshwater giants”. He has created a list of 24 freshwater giants, representing the top predators of the Earth’s largest rivers and lakes. Each of these giants can reach a weight of 100 kg and length of 2 m.  For 8 years, Jakub and his team have traveled to all the continents of the world, with the exception of Antarctica. After many grueling expeditions, 16 freshwater giants have already been mapped.

In 2010 he finished and published his first book, titled “My Friend the Catfish“, which was a long 13 years in the making. He has had several exhibitions of his photography, and his accompanying commentary has been broadcast by the Discovery Channel / Animal Planet.

World Records

1.    The first official IGFA* world record in the All-Tackle category was the catch of an Arapaima gigas in length of 249 cm and weight of 130 kg (286 lbs. 9 oz.). Jakub Vágner caught this gigantic Arapaima gigas (Piraruca) in Brazil in the basin of Amazon on 17 August 2008.

2.    The sport fisherman Jakub Vágner managed to set another IGFA world record in the All-Tackle category during his fishing in April 2007. He caught catfish of gigantic dimensions. One of them was 243 cm long and its weight was 102 kg, the other, the one to beat the world record,was 251 cm and 110 kg (242 lbs. 8 oz.). Both were caught in the Italian large stream of Po during the shoots of the film about fishing for catfish “The Legend Called Catfish” that depicts successful catfish-fishing expeditions of the last several years. Both fish, after successfully tackling and documenting them, were given back to the waters.

3.    The third official IGFA world record in the All-Tackle category is the catch of a Swai catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) with a weight of 21.3 kg (46lbs. 15oz.). Jakub Vágner angled this catfish in Thailand on 9. May 2009 in the Bung Sam Lan Lake…

4.    In January 2008, Jakub managed to create already the fourth official IGFA world record in the All-Tackle category: he caught a rare Kokuni catfish with a weight of 30 kg (66 lbs. 2 oz.) at the Congo river in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This catfish was angled during the shoots for a film in a country that is being considered the last pearl of Africa by adventurers.

(* IGFA - International Game Fish Association World Records)

Fever FM launched nine years ago and has achieved an enviable status of being the ‘preferred brand for the youth’, and has always excelled in providing ‘money can’t buy experiences’ across metros as it continues to dominate coverage of Bollywood, Music, Sports and Local Connect.

Fever now brings the trademark Fever brand experience to Chennai with the first ever successful acquisition of a station in the industry, that of Aaha 91.9 FM in Chennai.

The new station is branded Fever 91.9 FM and taps into emerging cultural and entertainment trends of Chennai.

Before launch, Fever conducted various consumer researches with migrants and new age Tamilians in Chennai and unearthed interesting insights. The researches revealed that ‘more than 95% of listeners were inclined to listen to Bollywood music and there is widespread fondness for Bollywood songs. We also found that in Chennai there is universal viewership of Bollywood movies.’

Fever 91.9 FM is all set to entertain Chennai by catering to this very demand for Bollywood music and dishing out the best of Bollywood hits in a fun, crisp and contemporary format. Fever 91.9 FM will play popular and familiar Bollywood hits and also feature Bollywood celebrities, interviews, gossip and contests.

Fever 91.9 FM’s tagline is aptly titled ‘Idhu Bollywoodin Superstar’, which in essence means Fever is Bollywood’s superstar.

Mr Harshad Jain, CEO Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd. stated that, ‘Fever FM is excited to launch in Chennai and expand its metro footprint. Chennai has witnessed a lot of changes in the past decade; one of them being the influx of migrants and other a steadily growing consumption and demand for Bollywood movies and music among new age Tamilians. We are sure we will establish new firsts in Chennai and serve Bollywood to Chennai in a unique and most entertaining manner.’

Get ready to welcome Fever 91.9 FM, Idhu Bollywoodin Super Star!

Whether watching TV, checking emails, or flipping through a magazine, it seems like everywhere we look there’s an opportunity for advertisers to connect with us, earn our trust and deliver their message. Has media proliferation watered down the resonance of their message?

A recent Nielsen global survey found that trust levels in advertising have remained fairly consistent across earned, owned and paid formats over the past two years. Furthermore, among global respondents, self-reported action levels as a result of advertising actually exceeded trust levels for 14 of 19 advertising formats reviewed, suggesting that trust is not always a prerequisite to purchase. Taking a deeper look, how does age and where we live impact our trust levels and willingness to take action? Not in the ways you might expect.

Millennials (age 21-34), who came of age with the Internet, have the highest levels of trust in online and mobile formats, followed closely by Generation X (age 35-49). While that may not come as a surprise, it’s not just online and mobile advertising formats where Millennials exceed the average. They also show the highest levels of trust in 18 of 19 advertising formats/channels, including TV, newspapers and magazines, and they’re also the most willing to take action on 16 of 19 formats.

“Millennials consume media differently than their older counterparts, exercising greater control over when and where they watch, listen and read content—and on which device,” said Randall Beard, president, Nielsen Expanded Verticals. “But even if they rely less heavily on traditional channels, their trust and willingness to act on these formats remains high. While an integrated, multi-channel approach is best across all generations, it carries even more importance when reaching Millennials.”


Shifting focus to responses around the world, trust levels for each type of advertising format reviewed are highest in developing markets. Latin America leads the way, demonstrating the highest levels of trust for 10 of 19 advertising formats, with many of these representing traditional formats. Africa/Middle East shows the highest reported levels for seven of 19 formats, with these representing a mix of both online and offline formats. Finally, Asia-Pacific reports the highest levels of trust for three formats, including both ads on mobile devices and mobile text ads. Respondents in these regions were also more likely to say they take action on advertising formats at least some of the time.

European respondents are most skeptical about advertising, with the lowest reported levels of trust for all 19 formats. They’re also least likely to say they take action on nearly all (18 of 19) advertising formats.

In North America, the results are mixed. While respondents in the region report trust levels below the global average for nine of 19 advertising formats—including, most notably, branded websites—they actually exceed the global average for nearly as many channels (eight of 19). And this is the only region where trust is consistently (and considerably) higher than self-reported action.

Other findings from the report include:

Self-reported action levels exceed trust levels by more than double digits for ads served in search engine results, ads on social networks and magazines.

More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family, while two-thirds (66%) say they trust consumer opinions posted online.

Humorous ads resonate most in strongly in Western markets; health-themed ads are rated highest in Latin America; and ads depicting real-life situations are most appealing in Asia-Pacific and Africa/Middle East.

High-energy/action advertising themes resonate more with younger respondents, while pets/animal-centered ads resonate more with older respondents.



Wednesday, 14 October 2015 00:00

Giving Your Brand a Future Edge

If you work in the world of brands, at some point you’ve probably heard an exasperated creative director quote legendary adman Bill Bernbach: “How do you storyboard a smile?”

As brand partners, the end of the long journey to identify a creative concept — the conceptual linchpin of a platform, positioning, or brand essence — often culminates in the nerve-wracking assessment phase. Here we see if all our strategizing, ideating, directing and executing pays off.

But assessing a concept with consumers to vet its resonance – will this idea speak to those we want it to? — is notoriously difficult, especially when the only way to give texture, grit and heft to a concept is to convey it via a creative idea.

How often do those in the back room let out a groan as consumers react to the execution of the idea, and not to the idea itself? The consumers themselves aren’t to blame – how can you separate what something is from the way it’s presented? After all, to quote Marshall McLuhan, another of last century’s great mind: “The medium is the message.”

So we can’t rely on consumers alone to deliver to us our successe.

To truly assess an idea’s potential you have to peer into the future. But the tricky bit is that you have to do that in the context of the realities surrounding consumers today. So we must look at the entire world of influences that are pulling consumers inexorably forward, shaping their constructs, reference points and expectations, both consciously and unconsciously. These influences are what drive tomorrow’s preferences, values, and perceptions of what is meaningful and fresh.

This is where the power of an integrated approach to consumer and cultural insight can inject critical, future-focused strategy. At Added Value, we call this approach Double Edge. It’s anchored deeply in human truth: we begin by asking consumers to build a world of meanings, which are uniquely relevant and exciting to them personally, around a brand’s key concept. Then, using these meanings as a jumping off point, our team of cultural strategists mine the universe of cultural influences for the most emergent expressions of these same meanings. What we deliver is stretchy, dimensionalized directions of the brand’s concept which capture the relevant meanings for today using the fresh, exciting expressions of tomorrow.

Double Edge is how we make sure that we’re not only solving the right problems for a brand, but that we’re also unlocking the right opportunities – and at the right moment in time. Turn back the clock to 2003 and no consumer would have been able to tell you that they what they wanted from a soap brand was to be affirmed in their own, real bodies. But the smart minds at Unilever recognized the larger cultural forces that were at work and launched the Campaign for Real Beauty, transforming that simple bar of soap into an emblem of female empowerment. Talk about cultural power.

Double Edge means we don’t need to figure out how to storyboard a smile – because storyboards were never the point. Understanding what that smile means at this moment in time in the context of culture, though – that’s the key to building a billion dollar brand for tomorrow.


Written by Joanna Franchini part of the Cultural Insight practice and Agathe Laurent, Senior Vice President of Qualitative Research at Added Value

Source:Added Value


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