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Urges listeners to adapt ‘Social distancing

MY FM, the radio arm of DainikBhaskar Group, answers PM NarendraModi’s clarion call with its umbrella campaign ‘Bina Mile SaathLadein’. The special initiative started on the day the 1stcase was reported in India. It spreads awareness about the ongoing global pandemic by engaging listeners with informative, myth busting news elements and entertaining activities while urging them to Stay home and Stay safe. The campaign is now a 21- day Lock-down special across all MY FM stations in 30 cities.

In the benefit of its listeners, MY FM had already started with awareness drives around COVID'19 from the beginning of March, much before the PM Janta Curfew announcement, with a digital-only campaign ‘Bina Mile..SathLadein’. Post the official 21-day country-wide lockdown, the campaign was extended to ‘Bina Mile SaathLadein..GharRahein’, with multiple on-air and digital properties. One such initiative, MY FM Agent, celebrates and honour people, who, out of their own will, are creating awareness on social distancing, calling out fake news , reminding hygiene procedures , and checking on their neighbors for any support . Another interactive segment, Ikkis Din Let's Win Challenge, is a 21-day resolution special, where our RJs will challenge their listeners to take up a 21 day resolution, and make one healthy habit a daily routine for 21 days. This will be a two-way challenge between the RJ and the listener. 21 Din - 21 baje - 21 min is a Facebook Live session where all the RJs do a 21 minute FB live session daily, for 21 days. This is done to establish the fact that socializing can be done while practicing ‘Social Distancing’.

MY FM is currently the only radio station to adapt its Brand tune around COVID-19 with liners and sweepers to emphasize the importance of "Social Distancing" and "Personal Hygiene".

Speaking on this, Mr. Rahul Namjoshi, COO, MY FM said, "These are unprecedented times, where an entire nation has come to a halt to fight a war. Radio being the vibrant, live and hyper local medium has a significant role to play. We urge all our listeners and partners to Co-operate with the government, and be a part of our initiative to spread hope in this time of crisis.”

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Vinay Manek, National Programming Head said, "MY FM rises to the occasion to ensure its listeners have a source of credible information, an entertainment which the whole family could relish and a medium enthusing positivity in these tough times. Our jocks across are reaching out to share experiences, lending an ear and ensuring there is never a dull moment along with specially curated music. Focusing on mental health we are also planning special slots where motivational talk coupled with meditative music will ensure the perfect harmony".

Donates high quality N95 masks & protective suits to AIIMS New Delhi & Manipal Hospitals

Launched dedicated Whatsapp support (+91-85954 38550) line for government authorities in need

#ARM Worldwide, a Gurgaon based digital marketing & communication consultancy in support with a global technology leader, Huami Amazfit has announced the launch of a dedicated Whatsapp helpline for doctors and hospitals who are in need of hygiene supply and high-quality masks. Yesterday they already donated high-quality N95 masks & some protective suits to multiple Hospitals including AIIMS New Delhi, Manipal Hospital. They also announced a donation to Honorable MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma, in Noida for helping people fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the situation being faced across the globe is challenging and difficult. India is a densely populated country; it’s recommended to plan and take all necessary measures to combat the disease collectively.

“On behalf of Huami, we are open for all requests from doctors & hospitals or any government authority for providing support for various hygiene essentials & Supply. I have converted my alternate no for this cause & Interested authority can directly reach out to our Whatsapp support line +91-85954 38550” says Honey Singh CEO #ARM Worldwide while launching the WhatsApp helpline for Doctors, Hospitals & front liner's who are leading the Fights against Corona.

“With a belief that the worsening condition of COVID-19 doesn’t go out of control in India. We want to extend our support to the government authorities and leading hospitals who are working really well during this tough time where the nation is facing a shortage of masks and hygiene essentials. We are thankful to Dr. Mahesh Sharma Honorable Member of Parliament and also a noble Doctor by profession, for giving us a chance to work towards this social cause and give our utmost contribution during this hard time” says CP Khandelwal, CEO - PR innovations (Managing India Business Amazfit).

“Covid-19 has been declared a Pandemic by WHO. In the time of this health emergency, every health facility requires personal protective equipment and logistics. During this crisis, PR Innovations has extended a gesture of compassion and humanity by donating N-95 masks required by the team of clinicians staff and paramedics”, says Dr Jitendra Sodhi, Assistant Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi.

“Celebrating the human spirit of aid and positivity to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic through this generous gesture, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka gives heartfelt thanks to Huami Amazfit, PR Innovations and Mr. Honey Singh, CEO #ARM Worldwide, for donating N-95 masks to us at this tough time,” says Pramod Alagharu, CEO, Manipal Hospitals Dwarka.

Program Offers Commission for Life of Customer

New Program from Video-First Unified Communications Leader Includes Zoom Phone Referrals

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. announced it is expanding its Global Channel Partner Program with the launch of a new Referral Partner Program and partnerships with industry-leading Master Agents AVANT Communications, Intelisys, Pax8, and Telarus.

The new partnerships with Master Agents expand Zoom’s Global Channel Partner Program, and the Referral Program marks the first time Zoom’s Channel Partners have an opportunity to take Zoom Phone to market.

The Program offers Master Agents a number of rich Partner benefits and operational efficiencies including:

Access to represent Zoom’s entire industry-leading product suite,

Ongoing commission on Zoom’s products[1] for the life of the customer,

Simplified and streamlined sales engagement, and

No-cost tools and resources to ensure Partner success.

The new Partner Referral Program will be a cornerstone of Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform’s go-to-market initiative, which is designed to cultivate successful partnerships by educating, enabling, and empowering Partners to develop, promote, and market their Zoom-based services and solutions.

“Zoom’s Channel Partners are vital to the success of our business. We’re proud to expand our program to work with industry-leading Master Agents and the Sub-Agents within their portfolios,” said Laura Padilla, Head of Global BD and Channel for Zoom. “By bringing our full video-first unified communications platform to market, these Partners will open the doors to bringing happiness to customers around the world.”

“AVANT has been a leader in bringing Disruptors to Trusted Advisors, being first to offer UCaaS to the agent channel a decade ago,” said Ian Kieninger, CEO AVANT, “We are excited to see Zoom, a technology disruptor for video communications and now UCaaS services, embrace the agent channel. We are honored to be selected as a launch partner for Zoom’s new channel program.”

“Zoom’s platform is a valuable addition to the Intelisys Supplier Portfolio. As the demand for unified communications grows, our Sales Partners now have access to Zoom’s affordable, highly scalable, enterprise-grade, video-first solutions,” said Mark Morgan, President of Intelisys, a ScanSource company. “We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and numerous growth opportunities ahead.”

“Pax8 empowers the modern partner to deliver more value to their customers through our award-winning technology and the Wingman experience,” said Andrew Pryfogle, Chief Market Development Officer at Pax8. “With the addition of Zoom and its strong integration with Microsoft Teams, Pax8 partners can provide streamlined, best-of-breed meeting experiences. Together, Pax8 and Zoom are simplifying how we connect so partners can win big.”

“We are very excited to have Zoom, a market leader in video communications, now part of our product portfolio,” said Kameron Olsen, Telarus VP of business development - UCaaS. “This will allow our partners to open new doors and discover new opportunities they previously didn’t have access to. They have an amazing product that is easy to use. There is nothing more relevant in telecommunications than video communications with all the challenges that are facing today’s economy.”

The "Radio Ad Wonder" is now in its 13th round. RMS Austria, ORF-Enterprise, Marx Tonkombinat and Creativ Club Austria award the best radio advertising for radio advertising with 10,000 euros.

Austrians are listening to more and more radio: According to the current RADIO TEST, people spend 201 minutes a day with their favorite medium - 18 minutes more than a year ago. And they hear advertising that works every day. No other medium offers such a rapid increase in reach and awareness at advantageous costs like the "Radio Ad Wonder".

Creativ Club Austria, Marx Tonkombinat, ORF-Enterprise and RMS Austria are launching the youth competition for the 13th time in order to communicate the advantages of radio to a broad public, both for companies and consumers. With the "Radio Ad Wonder" they are looking for the best spots to advertise on the radio in a creative, informative and eye-catching manner. Last year, copywriter David Hassbach got himselfthe 10,000 euros in prize money. A total of 28 papers were submitted.

“Creative radio advertising is fast, informative, entertaining and inspiring. Radio reaches everyone everywhere: in the morning in the shower, in the car, on a smartphone, at work or via voice agents. It is often only a few moments from the spot to the purchase decision. That makes radio an unbeatable ace in the advertising mix; for the grocer around the corner as well as for the large international corporation. The new campaign for the 'radio ad miracle' should convince you of these advantages in a convincing manner and with a wink ”, say the initiators.

As unmistakable as the Ibiza scandal: the starting signal for the "Radio Ad Wonder" is given

From now on, creatives alone or teams of up to three people can apply to participate in the "Radio Ad Wonder". The age limit is 30 years. In order to be shortlisted, applicants have to explain the saying “Zack, zack, zack!” Known from the Ibiza video in a maximum of 30 seconds. The spot is said to be spoken and must be sent as an MP3 file together with a short curriculum vitae by April 17, 2020 via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A jury made up of radio experts from the initiators sifted through all submissions and defined the participants who made it to the final round. You will receive a briefing from which the finalists must develop a radio-compatible format within two weeks. The radio idea must be suitable for use in the advertising blocks of public and private radio stations of RMS Austria. It is important to take into account statutory advertising bans and licensing aspects.

Money and fame for the best radio radio advertising

The winner from among the finalists will receive 10,000 euros in prize money. All applicants and teams who were invited to the presentation in the final round receive a tee-off fee of 500 euros each. The initiators submit the winning concept to the most important domestic creative awards. For any international submissions, you will bear the costs of synchronization.

The winner campaign will be broadcast on Austria's ORF radio and RMS Austria channels from July 2020.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 00:00

Rohit Sharma. CEO and Founder POKKT

How are things shaping up with POKKT?

POKKT is doing extremely well. We have been growing at an average of 60% y-o-y with a widening scope of work with brands from across the world. Currently we operate in 18+ markets – India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, UAE,  Oman, Jordan, Taiwan, Australia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan and Malaysia, and we intend to expand further geographically. Thanks to our Big Data and AI capabilities, we have been a leader in the APAC, Japan and MENA markets for brand video ads in mobile gaming. With over 700mn+ registered devices and 30bn+ ads requested per month, POKKT has grown to 100+ employees across these markets in our seven years of existence. With mobile infrastructure maturing and growth in content consumption and digital advertising, there has been rapid growth in POKKT.

We will continue to focus on the Asian markets and India is key to our growth. We still believe there are a lot of opportunities the Asian markets present. Asia is where growth is happening and we would like to continue strengthening our position in the market.

What differentiates the POKKT brand from your competitors?

POKKT is a specialised mobile in-app advertising platform. We focus on the gaming genre of apps and have the most comprehensive gaming supply in India and South East Asia. On top of this supply we have over the last 4 – 5 years developed a very strong data and analytics layer. So what we are able to offer is comprehensive supply, direct and brand safe apps, 3rd party support on multiple tools like “viewability”, “IVT” etc. Since we run on gaming which doesn't have user generated content and published on google play store or apple iOS store, they are all “safe” content to consume. Google and other ad platforms are looked at as a “high fill rate, low cpm” partner which loosely translates to high filling inventories but low engagement. POKKT on the other hand, is a “high rate, low fill” premium monetizing partner, which means we give our clients a higher engagement rate.

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is a highly evolved monetization platform built around the gaming ecosystem, which results in higher monetization  of even our non-paying users for our clients. Another differentiating factor is how we use personalisation to create campaigns that gamers are more likely to engage with.

In-app Advertising is being touted as a lucrative medium for brands. What are your thoughts on this?

We would like to say, mobile advertising is by default In-App. Also substantial advertising on digital is mobile-driven. India was never a desktop / PC market, all the growth in digital usage has come from mobile. Also for tracking, monitoring, measurement criteria etc, In-app is much cleaner and an efficient medium and thus most large brands / advertisers insist on In-app advertising when it comes to their digital spends.

What is the Road Ahead for Mobile Advertising. Your comments?

The key focus for advertising would revolve around measurability, targeting, transparency and efficiency. With burst in OTT and Gaming content consumption, we believe Mobile advertising would soon become the biggest component of advertising. According to App Annie Mobile Trends 2020 Report, mobile is the go-to device, capturing 3 hrs 40 mins per day. Consumers spent 35% more time in mobile than 2 years prior and mobile-first emerging markets like Indonesia, Brazil and India continue to spend the most time in mobile each day. Mobile games in 2019 saw 25% more spending than all other gaming avenues combined. Mobile has democratized gaming, and that largely translates to the way brands are investing in mobile ads at large.

What are the major monetising challenges faced by game publishers globally today?

Today the only model for successful games in the app ecosystem is the Freemium model. However, games on a standalone basis cannot just survive by ad revenues. In-app purchases or users paying have to kick in. The industry today has resolved infrastructure challenges, which hitherto was the biggest challenge. We now need to fix the monetization challenge.  The biggest trap a publisher faces is, he / she is hesitant to spend marketing dollars for user acquisition, if he is unsure that the user will eventually pay, making ROI as the biggest question mark. This doesn't mean, the core issue of content isn't important. We definitely need international quality content to come from the domestic developers. Users today are exposed to global gaming content, so compromise there isn't acceptable. In my opinion, everything else (user acquisition models, funding, retention, etc) is resolved / at least templatized. There are set methods to be followed.  Content and Monetization are the 2 big challenges. 

What does the merging of technology and marketing mean for marketers?

A portmanteau combining the words marketing and technology, martech describes one of the greatest paradigm shifts in the history of marketing: the arrival of data-driven technology platforms. Over the past two decades, tech went from playing a peripheral role in marketing to becoming an integral part of all marketing processes. In essence, marketing today is martech. Martech helps marketers address audiences that are more informed, tech savvy, and connected than ever before.

Marketers today have access to a more detailed, wider pool of data than ever before. It is the future of marketing. And that future is digital, connected, responsive, and personalized. Data is set to become the cornerstone of Martech. Over the next decade, we expect firms to leverage data-driven martech approaches that speak to each and every one of their customers. At the same time, challenges and conflicts centering on data privacy and regulation will need to be addressed. In the coming time, every firm, regardless of scale or industry will need to look towards martech. The challenges are immense, but the opportunities are greater. 

The Best Businesses Are Built Around Passion. What are your thoughts on this?

“Without passion you don’t have energy. Without energy you have nothing” This quote from Warren Buffet is so true across businesses. Passion is the one thing that makes you go the extra mile and be persistent. It’s the biggest motivator, even more than money. Only when you go the extra mile, will you stand out. 

How do you see POKKT transforming itself in the next couple of years?

We would like to maintain our rather positive growth trajectory. POKKT is also investing a lot behind Machine Learning and Analytics engine. We hope this product will mature significantly this year. We also intend to open shops in a few more countries apart from the markets that we are already doing really well in, and we want to go out and experiment with new ad formats and see how we can up the game for our clients.


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