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Hindustan Times makes the country #SayThanks

How it all started:

In the recently announced IRS results, HT established its dominance in Delhi-NCR. With over 23 lakh readers, not only did it reinforce its dominance, but also increased its lead over its closest competitor, Times of India, to nearly 6.5 lakh readers, in Delhi-NCR.

With such resounding support from the reader, Hindustan Times wanted to give back to the readers for the support & patronage. HT wanted to Thank its readers; for their participation in its campaigns, their encouragement and continued support. That is how #SayThanks was conceived. A campaign to connect with the people and create a way of positivity that cuts across mediums, platforms and age-groups.

Rajan Bhalla, the Chief Marketing Officer at HT Media Limited, said, “Thank You are two magical words, for they have power to spread a smile. It is a simple act that has far-reaching effects, but it doesn’t happen as often as it should. #SayThanks is our effort to change that. We want people to express their gratitude to the people who touch their lives, and watch the world change right in front of their eyes. Let's #SayThanks”

Commenting on the #SayThanks campaign, Ashu Phakey, Business Head, HT Delhi, said “There are so many people that touch our lives every day. If we all start showing a little appreciation to these people who made difference in your life, everyday can be made worthwhile! Also it doesn’t take much to make someone feel special, a simple thanks is sufficient“

Vandana Krishnia, Marketing Head, HT Delhi, wanted to make this campaign very easy for people to participate. She said, “We wanted everyone to participate and also wanted the campaign to cut across mediums. To participate you can make an album or share a post on Facebook, leave a tweet or give it a go on Instagram with pictures or maybe even leave a physical note.”

The campaign was launched with a Jacket ad in Hindustan Times, in which Hindustan Times said Thank You to its readers.

To complement the campaign and induce the habit of saying thanks, the ‘taken for granted’ relationships were used through a series of ads.

And magic happened!

The magic had begun. #SayThanks really took off and was warmly adopted by the users across varied platforms. Fever 104, came on-board and started making mornings better for its listeners by thanking them. It started trending on Twitter and people started to connect with the core thought. The brand was also picked up by many celebrities & even other brands to connect with their user base. Organic conversations begun and #SayThanks, in a natural and un-forced way, trended twice organically on Twitter on separate occasions.

The campaign has received tremendous response across platforms with overall more than 157 Million impressions were served for #SayThanks with an overall reach of over 22 Million. A massive 75% of the user-base was organic.

But it is just the beginning

The onus was on Hindustan Times to make #SayThanks more personal and ultimately more special for the people who were actively using the message. HT addressed them directly & thanked them for their enthusiasm & support.

HT even created personalized messages for their loved ones based on the way they expressed themselves.  A chosen few were gratified & encouraged to share with the people they were thanking

It was time to #SayThanks to HT’s Readers

The #SayThanks phenomenon had gathered steam & was now familiar to millions. At this point, HT introduced 2 videos showcasing people who represented the spirit of the campaign with their inspiring story.

The first was Shrishti, A bright young girl who almost topped her Class 12th exams & whose biggest priority was making her family proud.

Our second hero was Mr. K.D. Bhatia, a senior citizen with an infectious zest for life & an unparalleled passion for the sport of Badminton.

The Hindustan Times #SayThanks campaign is a wave of positivity that we hope continues to build in the future.

It is a step towards positive change and effect; a call to make our world a better place.

#SayThanks to you for reading the article!

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