93.5 RED FM celebrates Mother’s Day with a new campaign- ‘Mom is Waiting’

In India, road safety is paramount but still one of the most neglected subject. Commuters in the city don’t follow appropriate road safety rules, which has led to a significantly high number of road accidents. This Mother’s Day 93.5 RED FM, India’s largest private radio network will not only be heard on-air but also be seen on field in Delhi with the Traffic Police to spread the importance of road safety.

The 2017 report says that Delhi roads see most accidents. Yet we ignore the basic traffic rules. This Mother’s Day RED FM brings in mothers who have stories which is filled with that endless wait of their kids for lifelong. The channel initiated a unique campaign for the mothers on 4th of May where RED FM’s No. 1 RJ Raunac featured stories of mothers who have lost their child due to a road accident mishap. These mothers connected via phone calls with traffic offenders who broke rules and shared their story of a heart wrenching loss, they will never be able to replace. The thought behind this campaign is to educate Delhiites to not break safety rules. These mothers were very keen to volunteer to the cause, as they do not want another mother to lose a daughter or son. There is no point gifting those fancy gifts or doing something special for your mom this mother’s Day, just promise to follow traffic rules coz every day your “Mom is waiting”. Celebs like Manish Paul and Alia Bhatt became part of the campaign and added their support.

Nisha Narayanan- COO of 93.5 RED FM said, “This initiative by RED FM focuses on sharing real life stories of mothers who have lost their beloved in a road accident. The resilience that these MOM’S have is commendable! To salute the spirit of their courage for being a tough mother, RED FM dedicates this inspiring campaign ‘Mom is Waiting’ to them.”

Dependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Delhi said, "On behalf of the Delhi Police today 93.5 RED FM requests everyone to obey and follow the traffic rules of the city. I really appreciate the significant initiative taken by RED FM by engaging the mothers. I advise and recommend my fellow Delhiites to follow traffic rules and discipline to on the road with a significant level of alertness because 'Mom is Waiting'."

Today on 11th May, RED FM’s team went on-ground for the entire day to distribute “Mom is Waiting” helmets to traffic rule breaking commuters. They were in turn asked to take a pledge to obey traffic rules.

According to the data shared by the Ministry of Road and Transport, the number of two-wheeler accident deaths stands at 52,500 and of this, in 10,135 cases the victims did not wear helmets.

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