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44% of Indian telecom users spend more on their mobile or fixed-line bill when bundling OTT media services

Carrier-bundled, premium over-the-top media services directly linked to higher consumer loyalty, user acquisition and revenue per user

Amdocs , a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, today announced the findings of a study of over-the-top (OTT) media service markets in Asia Pacific. Among Indian respondents, the research found that carrier-bundled OTT media services make users spend more on their mobile and home broadband bills. They are also among the most likely to remain loyal to a carrier if provided with the right media offer. The survey also revealed that Indians are the most likely in the region to subscribe to multiple paid OTT video streaming services.

Conducted by analyst and consultancy firm Ovum on behalf of Amdocs, the study surveyed almost 4000 consumers in five emerging and developed countries in Asia Pacific, with over half of respondents coming from India. Other countries surveyed included the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. The research also included qualitative conversations with 13 communications service providers and 12 OTT media players in the region.

Key findings in India:

• Carrier-bundled media services drive consumers to spend more and maintain loyalty to service providers: 44% of Indian respondents said that bundling media services with their telecom plan was the main reason they were willing to spend more on their mobile and fixed broadband bills. 47% said access to such a service made them less likely to switch providers, while 30% said they might switch in the absence of bundled offers by their current provider.

• Consumers want multiple OTT media service options in their bundle: 56% of Indian digital consumers already subscribe to more than one paid online video service. More than half of these consumers say they subscribe to more than one service to meet the needs of different household members, while 42% said no single service provider offers all the content they want – a reflection, perhaps, of the strong demand for local content in India.

• The pay-per-use model looks more promising for India than monthly subscriptions: 69% of Indians would pay one-time passes for specific content, or short-term access to content, to avoid paying a full subscription. In fact, the average online video subscription (Rs 306) is too expensive for nearly 60% of consumers. The maximum consumers would willingly pay for a monthly online video subscription is: Rs 50-200 (22%); Rs 201-400 (30%); Rs 401-600 (22%); Rs 600-800 (12%); Rs 800 (7%).

• Consumers would willingly share personal data and do not mind ads in return for a discount: 70% would share personal data and accept targeted ads in exchange for a discounted or free service. Not surprisingly, rural respondents (81%) expressed a higher willingness than their urban peers (76%) to share personal data for this benefit.

• Discounting and free trials can hook more consumers: 50% are willing to pay for premium media services via their carrier bill if offered at a discount or with an extended free trial – but only if offered by their existing provider.

“India is one of the hottest markets for OTT media services and carrier-OTT partnerships in the region, registering the strongest retention and user acquisition potential from bundling,” said Guillermo Escofet, Principal Analyst, Ovum. “Service providers who can quickly integrate and on-board multiple OTT media partners, offer innovative bundled plans to meet different consumer segments’ needs and deliver a seamless billing and user experience will be the ones who are most likely to reduce churn and grow profitably.”

“Indian consumers have demonstrated a healthy appetite for premium over-the-top media services, with most already paying for multiple OTT online video streaming services,” said Pankaj Lamba, Customer Business Executive, APAC, Amdocs. “Our research shows that this market is willing to spend even more on their monthly telecom bill in exchange for the right bundle, with the right offer, at the right price point. To deliver this, communications service providers must address OTT partner onboarding and integration challenges while rapidly scale, devise new pricing models for different user segments, and ensure a frictionless end-user experience to ensure successful OTT monetization.”

Mile Sur icons Piyush Pandey and Louiz Banks reunite to lead the project

India, the second most populous country in the world, is staring at a severe water crisis as it nears ‘Day Zero’ conditions when the taps run dry. Time is running out and there is an urgent need to act now. While the government and social organisations are focusing on various water projects, the issue has reached a point that it needs the support of its citizens to snowball this cause into a national movement.

PaaniKaTeeka, a project created by IdeaHive Media Pvt Ltd, a social enterprise currently focussing on Water, Education and Job Creation has partnered with the legends of Advertising and Music - Piyush Pandey and Louiz Banks - for a music based project to make the voice of water reach every corner of the nation. The duo, who will be reuniting after the iconic ‘Mile Sur’ anthem, have garnered the support of music industry leaders like Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Vishal Dadlani, Harshdeep Kaur, Neha Bhasin, Pankaj Udhas, Salim Merchant, Sivamani, Mame Khan, Rakesh Chaurasia, among others to join hands with the campaign for water consciousness.

“Music has the capacity to bridge cultures and create a momentum unlike any other art form. If you look back in time, artists have always risen to the times and needs of the nation. And when it means coming together to create a unified voice to conserve water, which is a precious natural resource, it is only natural that we, as artists, take it upon ourselves to drive efforts collectively to help our water-stressed nation. PaanikaTeeka is a great initiative and a step in the right direction to create long-term sustainable ways of preserving water and promoting water-protecting ecosystems,” said veteran musician Louis Banks.

“It’s a blessing to be able to get the support of industry leaders and domain experts who have believed in our vision with PaanikaTeeka. The objective of the campaign is to make this project a citizens’ movement and work towards a water-secure India,” said Dilip Moorkoth, Founder PaaniKaTeeka and the Director of IdeaHive Media Pvt Ltd.

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Indeed partners with Kajal Aggarwal

Tools such as Job Alerts, Indeed Career Guide and Resumes help enhance the job seeker experience

The partnership will provide a platform for job seekers to address their job-related queries

Indeed, the world’s #1 job site, today announced its partnership with popular actress and model, Kajal Aggarwal. Through this partnership, Indeed India aims to offer customized hiring solutions to the millennial workforce by providing a platform for job seekers to resolve their job-related queries.

In keeping with its mission, Indeed aspires to help people get jobs by providing them with the best offerings based on individual employment needs such as ‘Advanced Search’, ‘Indeed Career Guide’ and ‘Job Alerts’. Through the campaign, Kajal introduces job seekers to Indeed’s unique offerings such as resume builder, advanced search and job alerts through a video series.

Advanced Search Filters allow job seekers to modify their job search to suit their particular requirements, be it in terms of location, timings, flexibility options, and more. Job Alerts from Indeed ensure that job seeker are able to continue their search even while on the move. As soon as there is a new opening relevant to them, job seekers are informed of it on e-mail or their mobile phones, in real-time. Indeed Career Guide offers job seekers relevant insights on how to find a job, draft a cover letter or create a resume, as well as tips on how to negotiate for salaries, and so on. The Career Guide also equips job seekers with the required knowledge on workplace etiquette and provides employees with information on how to improve interpersonal communication at the workplace.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India said, “We are happy to partner with Kajal Aggarwal to further our mission to help people get jobs. India is home to a vast and diverse pool of talent, and through our offerings, we aim to help these job seekers find their dream job. With this campaign, our goal is to reach out to Indian millennials in search of jobs and provide them the best possible solutions to their job-related queries.”

Speaking about her partnership with Indeed, Kajal Aggarwal said, “It gives me great pleasure to partner with Indeed on their mission to help people get jobs. Finding the right job can be tedious and stressful and I am happy to have a role in easing the process of job discovery for job seekers, together with Indeed. I am glad to play a part in helping India get to work."

Working towards a strategic partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, WPP Foundation, the CSR entity of WPP in India, is launching a Community Tinkering Lab at Vidya Varidhi Vidyalaya and Junior College, a school supported by WPP Foundation in Nalasopara, Mumbai.

Working towards a strategic partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, WPP Foundation, the CSR entity of WPP in India, is launching a Community Tinkering Lab at Vidya Varidhi Vidyalaya and Junior College, a school supported by WPP Foundation in Nalasopara, Mumbai. Community Tinkering Lab, a creative innovation workspace was inaugurated by Ramanathan Ramanan, Mission Director - Atal Innovation Mission, Additional Secretary - Government of India; CVL Srinivas, Country Manager – WPP in India; Rama Iyer, Director General - WPP India CSR Foundation; along with Mr. Santosh Singh, School Principal - Vidya Varidhi Vidyalaya and Junior College and teachers and students.

Realizing the need to create scientific orientation and cultivate a spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds, the Community Tinkering Lab is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and skill development amongst the underserved youth. In its first phase, the Community Tinkering Lab will reach out to 4000 children from under-served communities to enable them to pursue their passion to solve social problems leveraging innovative technology solutions

Speaking on the launch of Community Tinkering Lab, CVL Srinivas, Country Manager – WPP in India, said, “At WPP, we believe that innovation is a key driver for human progress and a catalyst for change. We are delighted to inaugurate our first ever Atal Tinkering Lab, aimed at providing holistic learning ecosystem to nurture future innovators and entrepreneurs. This launch marks a special milestone for WPP Foundation, envisioning to benefit children from under-served segments of society spurring ‘out of the box’ thinking and fuelling their aspirations. In our efforts to strengthen our strategic partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, we are thankful to Mr. Ramanathan Ramanan for taking out time to unveil/launch the Community Tinkering Lab with the children of Vidya Varidhi Vidyalaya.”

Mr. Ramanathan Ramanan, Mission Director - Atal Innovation Mission: Additional Secretary, Government of India said, “I would like to compliment WPP Foundation for spearheading this initiative, setting up a world class Tinkering Lab facility in one of Mumbai’s remotest suburban areas. We are proud to partner with WPP Foundation, collaborating with them for this innovative workspace targeted at young minds who often deprived of such opportunities. The dedication of the Foundation and its partners towards this program has been commendable. We wish the Foundation and school success.”

“India has 1.5 million schools and 150 million students who will be entering workplaces. Unless we stimulate innovative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, problem solving capabilities amongst our young students, we will not be able to achieve the potential that India can truly achieve. It is this young generation of 150 million people that are going to be carrying India into the future. We strongly believe that implementation of these initiatives will make a tremendous difference to the growth of our young generation,” he further added.

Commenting on the new innovation workspace, Mr Santosh Singh, Principal - Vidya Varidhi Vidyalaya and Junior College said, “We are really thankful to Mr. Ramanan and Rama Iyer from WPP Foundation for their incredible support in envisioning and bringing world class education facilities. For the school and its students, the launch of the Community Tinkering Lab is a moment of pride, enabling increased access to digital and technology education to make the children future ready.”

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Mumbai 24x7 – From the advertiser view point

Mumbai, the city of dreams, has fulfilled another dream for its people by going 24x7 two weeks back.

The city saw major malls, restaurants, multiplexes and other food eateries open till forever for people to enjoy.

This new development has also impacted the advertiser in a positive way as many malls, eateries and multiplexes have increased their media spend in a big way to take advantage of the new development. Companies have increased their digital and outdoor media spends to promote this new change and the variety of other offers. Many brands moved fast to take the first mover advantage while other brands played safe in order to test the new amendment. Here is what the top people from the industry feel about the new change in the timing of the city:

Commenting on the Mumbai 24x7 development Viren Razdan, CEO, Brandnomics said at IFF 2020, “Mumbai is pretty close to staying true to the adage of the city that never sleeps - with the new law making staying up for business till the wee hours legit. The retail community is celebrating this new rule - extended hours will mean a longer business window. However, it’s also introducing a new-ball game of marketing and retail management.”

Rahul Tekwani, Group Brand Manager (Planning), Enormous Brands added, “Companies will need better planning in terms of media spends, messaging and medium. The digital advertising space has seen a good inflow of money from the brands especially during the late hours of previous weekends and Valentine's Day saw brands advertising categorically in digital and outdoor space. The offers like night happy hours and music events attracted people. But we also believe that brands will continue to promote this new concept till the summer vacations which will happen in 4-8 weeks from now as that will lead to a larger footfall and will give businesses a clear projection of the success of Mumbai 24x7.”

According to Manveer Singh Malhi, well renowned digital consultant, “Mumbai is the financial capital of India. With this move, the retail, food and entertainment industry will up their marketing spend to achieve better sales through an integrated approach. The move will surely boost Mumbai's night-time economy, meaning more budget allocation for marketing initiatives.”

The advertisers are very positive about this new amendment which will lead to some good times for them, but the content needs to be well crafted and disseminated to the right kind of audience to create an impactful value for the brands.

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