21 November 2019 20:13


BARC India launches PrimaVU

To measure premium homes viewership patterns

Industry First “Viewing Minutes” parameter Introduced by BARC India

India’s sole TV viewership measurement company and the world’s largest audience measurement service, BARC India, today announced the launch of its new pathbreaking product “PrimaVU” which is aimed at measuring viewership from premium homes. Through “PrimaVU”, BARC India also introduces the industry first concept of “Viewing Minutes” which is basically sum of all individuals watching an Event basis the time spent by them. Also, PrimaVU is a separate product and not part of the currency panel measurement.

It is a product that caters to audience measurement solutions exclusively for premium homes. PrimaVU was launched by BARC India to meet the demands of the industry to measure what premium homes watch. There has been a demand from both broadcasters and advertisers to understand this segment and how to deliver advertising to them. In the past, very few attempts have been made to measure this exclusive set of consumers, and now with PrimaVU, this demand is being addressed.

The PrimaVU universe consists of the top 3% of the socio-economic strata in the six megacities of the country. A household is defined as a premium home when it meets the following criteria set by the industry: they need to qualify as a NCCS A1 home, they must own a home with minimum three rooms as well as a kitchen, the home needs to have centralized or AC in 2 rooms, the household must own a laptop/desktop or smartphone/tablet, they must have a private car or own a 4-wheeler worth 10 lakhs or more and finally, they must have travelled to a premium holiday destinations.

Data insights & dashboard will be provisioned for PrimaVU subscribers who will have access to in-depth demographic & program level data as well as critical insights for the viewership trends of the economically affluent population of the country. The panel will currently measure TV viewership habits and will gradually move to capture viewership habits across devices. Agencies subscribing to PrimaVU will also be able to plan using a module in BMW.

“We are extremely pleased to be a thought leader once again with a product like PrimaVU. This product will not only help observe if the viewership patterns of premium homes are different from that of other homes but also provide in-depth insights into this unexplored world. The industry has been very patient and valuable with their suggestions for this product. It will allow the industry to qualify the untapped upmarket audience segment better and get a stronger fix on affluent viewers.” says BARC India CEO, Partho Dasgupta.

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