29 February 2020 02:52


This republic day, MTV says “Important Sawal Puchte Raho”

We live in a country where we are more concerned to know what’s happening in the life of the celebrity next door instead of finding possible ways to fix the broken road next lane? While there is a plethora of bigger concerns in the nation that needs attention, ever wondered why everyone is busy discussing smaller issues.

Well, this Republic Day, MTV launched a film, “Don’t Let the World Distract You. Important Sawal Puchte Raho” which tries to explain that the power of questioning is the basis of all human progress, sometimes nationwide.

No one knows that yet. However, through the video highlights a curious kid’s innocence on the questions he subtly asks his mother, indirectly harping on the education system, corruption, equality grounds and the economic status of India, to which the mother turns a blind eye and a deaf ear! When will India ever have the answers to these questions? However, through this film, MTV tries to communicate that the important thing is to never stop questioning!

This is an apt picturization of how on a day to day basis, sometimes people forget to discuss the larger issues which are of a bigger concern to the nation and indulge into the fun affairs of everyday. MTV’s film puts out a big question in front of the audience stating the paucity of important topics discussed with each other now-a-days.

This Republic Day, MTV insists on “Don’t Let the World Distract You. Important Sawal Puchte Raho” to trigger meaningful conversations.

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