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Status Update: It’s Complicated! - Find out with the &pictures premiere of Badhaai Do

Catch Badhaai Do on &pictures on 25th June at 8pm

Oh, the unfathomable things we do for the family! This month, get ready to witness the crazy wedding and the complicated tale of Sumi and Shardul with the channel premiere of Badhaai Do on &pictures on 25th June at 8pm. Like all our families, their family is an epitome of inquisitiveness as well. While the couple ties the knot only to please them, what follows is a bundle of slice of life moments that newly married couples can completely relate to. Wrapped with engaging humour and family drama Badhaai Do highlights the significance of acceptance and privacy in a typical Indian household. With Badhaai Do, this Saturday, the celebration will be doubled on Saturday Premiere Party where &pictures premieres new movies on the channel every Saturday night.

Talking about the film Rajkummar Rao says "Taking on roles that swim against the flow and curate a niche for itself is a process that enriches you as a person. Cinema is the window to a reality we hope to achieve or normalise and films such as Badhaai Do is a mindful step towards it. It has personally affected my outlook towards situations. It was a conscious decision to keep characters like Sumi and Shardul as real as possible in order to build a sense of familiarity among the viewers. The way those two own their choices and set course of their relationship independent of their family's expectations is something our youth today highly relates to. And Badhaai Do encourages this unconventional yet traditional way of life as it can be."

The phenomenon of “shaadi karlo 30 saal ke hogaye ho” is as diabolical as rebelling against it. There are two ways it’s either marriage before 30 or staying single forever. However, Shardul and Sumi discover the 3rd route to the ultimate marriage mayhem.

"Badhaai Do is a film that has the potential to speak to a large audience with its unbiased stance on love and acceptance. While the tone of the film is humorous, it embraces the courage and spirit that fuels personal choices. Be it choosing an unconventional career or partner, we are seeing the world evolving to be more accepting and open-minded of these decisions. And Badhaai Do is a carefully written film that advocates this thought and exists to resonate with today's young'uns.", adds Bhumi Pednekar.

After an unsuccessful attempt by his family to fix his marriage alliance, Shardul Thakur (Rajkummar Rao), a cop, comes across Sumi Singh (Bhumi Pednekar), a physical education teacher. The two enter into holy matrimony to appease their families. While their respective families are elated to see their kids finally settling down, there's a catch! What follows next is a series of comical errors which ultimately lead to a heart-warming message.

So, bring in your badhaais and be a part of Shardul and Sumi’s wedding with &pictures premiere of Badhaai Do on 25th June at 8pm!

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