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Wins 14 awards with 3 Golds for Hindustan Unilever and 1 Gold for Aditya Birla Capital

Mindshare, India’s largest full-service media agency and part of GroupM, was announced as the winner at Goafest Abby Awards 2019. They brought home an impressive haul of 4 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze across clients and categories scoring a total of 84 points

The awards won demonstrated power of Data, Digital and Content coming together. The agency won Gold for

1) Close Up's 'Basant Loves Nidhi' – In order to bring alive its proposition of ‘Breaking Barriers’ in a romantic relationship, Close Up created fictional characters ‘Basant and Nidhi’ and a quest to finding who they are

2) Brooke Bond's 'Bringing two rival nations together over a different cup' - Brooke Bond Red Label got together Amir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad during Asia Cup Final who had etched their names in cricketing rivalry 22 years ago to relive their experience, however this time the feeling was of friendship and camaraderie, both sipping tea, but from a different cup

3) Lifebuoy's 'Adaptive Data Lighthouse' - A data led infection alert system using a contextual audio communication to help Lifebuoy proactively alert rural consumers about the prevalent disease in their village and educate these vulnerable people on the importance of handwashing with soap as the single most cost-effective preventive measure.

4) Aditya Birla Capital's 'Waterfall targeting' - Waterfall Targeting was an innovative use of exhaustive social listening that was translated into bespoke branded content with inspiring real-life video stories so highly personalized, it made users feel that it was like their own dreams and aspirations, that someone else has managed to achieve with mindful money planning.

Commenting on the victory MA Parthasarathy, CEO Mindshare South Asia said, “These awards are a testimony to Mindshare's sustained focus on innovative solutions. We strive to deliver ground-breaking narratives for our clients. We are happy that our efforts are recognised and appreciated. We are incredibly proud of the talent at Mindshare that made this happen.”

Amin Lakhani, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare South Asia commented on the win, “These awards boost our enthusiasm and we strive to push our bounds with every campaign for each of our client. We would also like to congratulate all our clients as this victory is a reflection of the innovation they invest and believe in.”

Funding is crucial for any startup.

It helps startups launch their products and ship them out the door, expand operations and scale up, and acquire other startups that can help it develop a competitive edge. That’s why funding is valuable for any startup regardless of its stage in the journey.

But funds, like most resources, are limited. And the number of startups vying for this resource is increasing rapidly. As on 30th March 2018, there were 8,625 recognized startups in India. Also, while the overall funding for startups in India grew by 108% to USD 4.2 billion, the seed stage funding declined by 20%. According to NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh, if a startup fails at the seed stage, innovation gets affected.

To increase the potential of securing funding in this seed stage, more and more startups are turning to a useful tool – PR. While it might sound like an expense, especially for cash, crunched startups, it is, in fact, an investment that empowers startups to establish themselves in the eyes of Venture Capitalists and customers in many ways.

Here are 4 of them:

1. Education about its USP

Every startup exists to fulfill an unaddressed need. How startups address this need and make customers’ lives better to become their USPs. But just having a USP is not enough. Communicating it in ways that resonate with stakeholders is equally important.

A PR agency addresses this need of startups by building a robust and compelling marketing message and distributing it among relevant target audiences. This gives the startup visibility at the early stages of a business cycle, making them accessible to VCs when startups seek funding. It also catches VCs’ eyes before founders or spokespersons approach them to pitch for funding.

2. Establishing Credibility Among VCs

A critical factor for VCs – probably as critical as the startup’s USP itself – is the credibility of the founder. VCs want to know the founders’ backgrounds, their track record, education, and more. It enables them to gauge whether the startup will follow through on its growth promises and whether the founder has done it before or not. After all, every startup’s culture depends heavily on its founder(s).

A PR agency, through spokesperson profiling opportunities, creates a persona for founders talking about their unique strengths and their achievements, thus establishing credibility for them. This ensures that the reputation of the founder precedes her when she engages with VCs. It also makes for a powerful slide in the presentation that shows VCs about the founder’s credibility.

3. Establishing Credibility Among Customers

Few are innovators and early adopters – people who want to try something new and share their feedback with startups to help the latter evolve. PR agencies help such early adopters discover startups that are in their seed stages.

Getting featured in reputed publications enables startups to develop credibility and gain traction in the form of onboarding customers. This once again proves useful when startups pitch to VCs because the latter can see proof of a working model and existing customers, and founders can justify how growth will occur from there.

4. Brand Building Among Stakeholders

Every startup needs good people to scale. And to reach out to these good (read skilled) people, startups need to get the word out about what they do, what they want to achieve, and what kind of help they’re looking for.

Positive PR is a powerful step in helping startups discover and connect with such people. Plus, getting covered in a reputed publication gets people talking about a startup, giving the existing employees a feeling of pride and strengthening their sense of purpose to achieve their goals.

Summing Up

In today’s hyper-competitive times, talking about your work is as important as the work itself. The world is drowning in a sea of information, most of which is just noise. To differentiate from the crowd and stand above the din, your startup needs a powerful tool to give it a boost in the right direction when it comes to marketing. That powerful tool is PR.

PR might sound like an expense when there are more pressing issues to handle. But it’s not. It’s an investment in the growth of your startup, which is its most important goal.


Written by Anindita Gupta, Co-Founder of Scenic Communication

Saturday, 13 April 2019 00:00

NewsX Special Shows on 13th & 14th April

This weekend on NewsX-The Sunday Guardian-The Roundtable, there will be an interesting discussion on the topic E 2019: Tracking The Tailwinds, the guests for the show will include: Mr. M K Venu, Founding Editor,; Mr. Rasheed Kidwai, Author, 14 Akbar Road; Mr. Shantanu Gupta, Author of The Monk who became CM and Mr. Shekhar Iyer, Political Analyst.

This weekend’s NewsX - No Holds Barred will focus on the ongoing general elections and which political party will lead during 2019 elections, the political editors from some of the leading media houses will share their views on the topic. The guests for the show will include: Mr. Shekhar Iyer, Political Analyst; Mr. Siddharth Vardharajan, Founding Editor of and Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava, Political & foreign affairs commentator.

In this week’s Cover Story there will be a narrative on Kashmir diaries, the show will include bytes and interviews of some of the top politicians from Kashmir valley.

Amidst excitement and vigour, Goafest 2019 – presented by Viacom18 and powered by MX Player was flagged off today in Goa’s Grand Hyatt. The first half of the day began with lighting of the lamp, followed by the industry conclave and Publisher & Media ABBYs.

Speaking about Goafest 2019, Ashish Bhasin, President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) said: “Over the last few years we have seen the growth in participation with lines blurring between media and creative. At Goafest 2019 on the back of an exclusive list of speakers and artists, we have seen a sustained registration of about 2000 delegates, while ABBY Awards have seen 2700 entries this year.”

Speaking on participation in the ABBY awards, Shashi Sinha, Chair of the Awards Governing Council, ABBY Awards 2019 said: “ABBY Awards continues to be the gold standard in creative and media awards. In today’s scenario, creativity is no longer limited to creative agencies only. We are also increasingly seeing it coming from other industries such as digital, PR, analytics, etc. This trend is evident in the diversity of participants and winners witnessed in ABBYs.”

Nakul Chopra, Chairman - Goafest 2019 added: “Democratization is a trend sweeping through the industry and we are proud of Goafest 2019 being an integral part of this change. It has been our endeavour to drive inclusivity irrespective of size and without the limitation of cost and opportunity.”

Vikram Sakhuja, President, The Advertising Club, said: “At ABBY awards both this and last year, we looked at rationalizing categories and getting an eminent jury. This has led to a higher participation with around 15% more agencies entering their work this year.”

Day 1 at Goafest 2019 kicked off true to tradition with the lighting of the inaugural lamp by Group CEO & MD - Viacom18, Sudhanshu Vats, Mr. Ashish Bhasin - President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), Mr. Nakul Chopra, Chairman - Goafest 2019, Shashi Sinha - Chair of the Awards Governing Council, ABBY Awards 2019, Vikram Sakhuja - President, The Advertising Club, and Jaideep Gandhi - Chairman Industry Conclave.

Welcoming everyone to #Goafest2019, Ashish Bhasin declared happily that Goafest has become the most premiere and anticipated creative festival in the year. He further highlighted how it has become more democratized over the years, wherein it is no longer the purview of a few major cities of India, but now has attendance from across cities, small and big, international and from within India, whether in the form of delegates or entries for awards.

Vikram Tanna went to on to say that all of us are in the business of storytelling, and we are all here to learn how to tell our stories better. How our content can get more love and not just likes.

Setting the ‘tune’ for Goafest 2019 was popular singer Shaan, who wooed the audience with soulful and nostalgic songs, as well as quick-witted anecdotes from his jingle-singing days, letting everyone in on his advertising connection.

The Unplugged session was followed by four powerhouse speakers at the Industry Conclave with Disruptors In The Indian Digital Ecosystem. First up was Dr. A. Velumani - Creator & Managing Director, Thyrocare. In his trademark way of delivering meaningful insights through humorous anecdotes from his life, Dr. Velumani said, “English is a language. English is not knowledge.”

While recounting how he disrupted the pharmaceutical space he advises young entrepreneurs with a famous Tamil saying, “Tie a knot on a strand of hair and try to pull a mountain. If it doesn’t work, you lose one hair, but if it does then you have the mountain at the expense of one strand of hair!”

From believing that if everyone tells you you’re an idiot, you are actually a visionary, to sharing the tenets of living a frugal life even after amassing wealth, he regaled the audience with his story. The visionary entrepreneur ended his session with the valuable insight, “People think business needs money, business actually needs stamina. Mumbai is a city which doesn’t let people with money to make more money, it allows people with stamina to make a ton of money.”

Following the venerable doctor was Ravi Desai - Director, Mass & Brand Marketing, Amazon who talked about the shift in trends of marketing to consumers today. He highlighted how perception drove usage, but today usage drives perception.

There’s a paradigm shift in targeting – previously a pen-portrait of broad clusters were made to characterize the consumer, but now it is the process of creating specific unique customization for individual customers. Customer touchpoints are old-school, now it is all about product experience, which is what maximizes impact.

He summed it up by saying, “In order to become disruptors one has to analyze and understand demonstrated behavior, democratize benefits and anticipate the needs of your customer. The essence of customer obsession.”

Next up was Vijay Sharma - Associate Director, Brand Marketing & Heads Digital Media, Flipkart who explained that for a brand to be relevant it has to not only be a brand of today’s age but a brand for tomorrow. He went on to say, “A brand is the sum of all the experience the customer has across various touchpoints. Customers are no longer buying products and services but experiences that the brand provides.”

The biggest drawback of large industries is the ‘Agency Apocalypse’, which dilutes the customer experience for brands. Calling upon the example of Flipkart’s Hagglebot, he highlighted that technology is not a deterrent but a means to optimize customer experience.

The industry conclave’s final session saw Achint Setia - Vice President Marketing, Myntra, talked about the difference between Fashion and E-Commerce. He shed light on Myntra’s vision of being involved in the customer’s life in their journey of what to wear, when to wear and how to wear. Fashion is an experiential category where the conundrum is that you always have to be authentic. The disruption point of Myntra comes from the four focus areas of aspiration curation, distinctive imagery, cutting edge technology, inspiring experiences.
As the first day of Goafest 2019 wraps up, here’s to a fabulous next two days of interesting sessions, great music and a whole lotta fun!

From launching across 190+ countries in October 2018 to galloping to No. 1 in markets like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to announcing a slew of partnerships with Dialog, Celcom, Apigate, Netrange, Zeasn etc., ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.’s OTT platform ZEE5 has been on an aggressive expansion drive across global markets these past six months.

And its only accelerating this pace as it gets set to unveil its plans for the year to bring the best of Indian entertainment to its global audieces at APOS (Asia Pacific Video Operators Summit), being held from 23rd to 25th April 2019 at Bali.

Since its global foray, ZEE5 has carved a clear niche for itself in the hearts of South Asians across the globe with its range of Indian TV Shows, Blockbuster Movies, Originals etc. across languages, enabling viewers across the globe to access their favourite TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali, Bhagya, Jodhaa Akar, Sembaruthi etc., Bollywood and regional blockbusters and fast-paced Originals in the language of their choice.

Now, with its sights firmly set on non-South Asian audiences too, ZEE5 makes APOS its stage to announce its content localization, distribution and other plans for the year.

Speaking about the upcoming announcements, Amit Goenka, CEO, ZEE International and Z5 Global said,”We have an extremely aggressive agenda chalked out for ZEE5 across global markets this year across content, distribution and localization. All this is being driven to make ZEE5 into a truly mass market proposition, and we look forward to sharing these plans at APOS in April.”

Chief Business Officer for ZEE5 Global, Ms. Archana Anand will lead the series of announcements at Asia's leading annual event for the media, telecoms and entertainment industry on 25th April 2019 during the session on ‘INDIA: OTT DRIVES BORDERLESS AMBITION’.

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global said, “OTT platforms are transforming the way we consume content and dissolving boundaries. Today, we not only have access to global content, but also have the opportunity to reach our rich Indian content to a viewer in any country who is hungry for our movies and music and TV shows. We have a very exciting year coming up and I am looking forward to sharing some key updates on 25th April during the upcoming APOS Summit.”

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