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Friday, 28 December 2018 00:00

Ad-Tech Trends for 2019

Criteo S.A., the advertising platform for the open internet, released the “State of Ad Tech 2019” report, which evaluates how marketers can successfully convert audiences throughout each stage of the purchasing journey.

The Criteo-commissioned study conducted by Euromonitor, surveyed marketers across APAC in India, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea to know how they’re connecting with their customers – and what works the best. The report also highlights the current Ad-Tech Landscape and some of the top trends for 2019.

Key Highlights of Ad-Tech Landscape:

More than 3.5 billion people are connected to the Internet and use it regularly.

On a global level, 40.2% of total ad spend is now going to digital.

By 2022, there will be 2.4 billion internet users in APAC, and 47% of internet users will have two or more connected devices.

APAC marketers will be spending 87% of their total marketing budgets on digital campaigns, to reach the increasing number of internet users. 

Top 2019 Ad-tech Trends:

More Ecommerce Companies becoming Ad Companies:

In 2019, ecommerce companies would rethink their strategy around brand partnership and product placement, and how these two can work together. With the use of sophisticated technology, it will be possible for ecommerce players to maximize revenue from all visitors on the website, if retailers can show value from impressions.

Transparency, and more Transparency

All the key stakeholders in the ad-tech ecosystem want more transparency. Marketers want to know where their ads are being placed and which ads are working and how much revenue each ad contributes. Publishers want to know how audiences interact with the ads on their websites and how much revenue is really being generated for partners. And finally, Consumers want to know how their data is used. With the increasing demand for more transparency in the ecosystem, new solutions, strategies and partnerships will emerge in 2019.

Ads Won’t Advertise, They’ll Tell Stories

Direct-to-consumer companies succeed not because of product offering, but through the story. By matching quality product with a unique and shareable story, these companies have carved out a niche in the market. This means creating a full funnel ad experience – through data. Therefore, in 2019, the best ads will not advertise product, but rather entertain, educate, and inspire consumers.

Friday, 28 December 2018 00:00

A glimpse of India’s food trends

As a billion Indians get ready to welcome 2019, here’s a glimpse of the year that went by. As India’s fastest growing food delivery company, Foodpanda brings deep insights from 100+ cities, showing India’s unabashed love for food!

Over the course of year, Foodpanda became the largest food delivery network with 125,000 delivery partners working on-ground in over a 100 cities. Some highlights on food ordering trends on the platform across India in 2018 are:

India loves to order Biryani, burgers, shakes and ice creams

o Favourite breakfast - Idli & Dosa

o Favourite lunch food item - Biryani, Shakes & Ice-cream

o Most ordered evening snacks - Momos, Pasta, Shakes & Ice-cream

o Favourite food for dinner - Chicken Biryani

o Go-to food item for late night cravings - Chicken Biryani, rolls and shakes

Indians from these cities order out the most - Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai

o Chicken Biryani emerged as the most ordered food item in Hyderabad

o Delhiites are crazy about Tikkas and Butter Chicken; however an emerging new trend observed in Delhi NCR was orders of Hakka Noodles with Chicken Tikka

o Mumbaikars are big on Milkshakes and Burgers

o Sugar-free juices and Salads are getting more and more famous with Bangaloreans

Metros of tomorrow drool over thaalis and sweets the most!

o Vizag, Jaipur and Bhubaneswar lead the race of the cities that order out the most

o Masala Dosa and Chicken Biryani emerged as the most ordered food in Vizag

o Jaipur loves to eat sweets and vegetarian thaalis

o Customers in Bhubaneswar love to relish Rasgulla after their meal!

Varied cuisines and food items dominated the food ordering pattern, giving an interesting sneak peek into the wide food palate across our country

o Dishes such as Chole Bhature, Rolls, Chicken Tikka were the comfort food of the northern region whereas Biryanis, Burgers and Salads were big hits in southern India

o The western parts craved for food items such as Shakes, Ice-cream, Paav Bhaaji; and the eastern cities were binging on Chicken Biryani, Rasgulla and Ice-cream

Foodpanda also observed that India loves to order the most in between 8-9pm; dinner time is India’s favorite to order out.

· The first-of-its-kind food and entertainment carnival will be held across three cities in India- Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.

· 100+ handpicked restaurants spread over 8 curated zones in each city

· Zomaland will have food for every palate, music for all ears, games for all age groups, and incredible attractions to please every eye!

After a decade of helping India make informed food choices with restaurant reviews and rating, food delivery, Zomato Gold and much more, Zomato presents the grandest food and entertainment carnival, Zomaland.

Zomaland marks Zomato’s entry into the space of large-scale experiential events. The larger-than-life carnival will be a whimsical delight, bringing together some of the top chefs and eateries from across the country, a stellar line-up of music artists and DJs, and never-seen-before interactive installations. It will also feature a vintage funfair with carnival games and fascinating photo booths, vibrant food parades, enthralling street performances and a dedicated zone for the children.

Speaking on the conceptualisation of Zomaland, Gaurav Gupta, COO, Zomato, said, “We view ourselves as a food company which aims at giving users the best food experience - online as well as offline. We believe that if there is an experience to be built around food, Zomato has a significant role to play in making it happen. We also believe that the restaurant channel or out-of-home food cooking theme will be dominant in the future and we are trying to grow that as much as we can. The introduction of Zomaland is a step forward towards our goal of 'better food for more people'."

The carnival will be an ultimate celebration of food and entertainment with 100+ handpicked eateries in each city, spread over 8 food zones where the streets of Delhi 6 meet the bylanes of Beijing, and the mellow flavours of the Mediterranean meet the flaming cuisine of Mexico. That’s not all, Zomaland will have food for every palate, music for all ears, games for all age groups, and incredible attractions to please every eye.

“Zomaland is the result of months of hard work, dedication, brainstorming and food-sampling. With it, our users will witness all the aspects of Zomato coming to life in the form of a carnival, at a scale never attempted before. Although we are starting with 3 cities, we will extend the joy to many more cities around the world as we move ahead,” added Chaitanya Mathur, Global Head, Zomato Live.

iTV Network, India's fastest growing news and infotainment network appoints Pooja Gupta as Vice President – Brand & Content Marketing.

Pooja is a seasoned marketing professional with vast experience in electronic and print media. With a career spread over two decades, she has worked with established names in the media domain such as News Nation, News 24, NewsX, India TV, Business Standard and most recently at Zee Media Corporation Limited, as Head Marketing where she helmed the marketing functions and content strategy to build the brand awareness of all its national and regional channels.

Apart from traditional marketing, she holds a strong expertise in handling complete portfolio of marketing, branding, public relations, events and corporate communications. Her core competence lies in new product launches and content marketing.

Pooja is an iTV alumna, and elaborating on the vision that she aims to follow in her new role at iTV Network, she said, “The inherent value of content is realized in its presentation, and likewise, the importance of presentation rests in the ability to deliver the right content, in the right way, to the right audience. I will work towards driving a strong content-led value proposition for our viewers, as well as to amplify the premiumness and the brand iTV network as distinctive competence.”

Speaking on Pooja’s new role with iTV Network, Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and Promoter of iTV Network, said, “With increasing competition, emergence of multiple media and an increasingly transitory audience attention span, Pooja with her experienced blend of marketing acumen will play an instrumental role in helping our marketing activities keep pace with Network’s growth as we ramp up to launch more sustainably designed products to meet the demands of our viewers, and seek to reinforce our commitment through engaging and thought provoking content to increase traction with the company’s advertiser-customer.”

Collaborates with IIT for innovative solutions in data collection going beyond meters & smartphones

In a bid to seek Next Gen technology solutions to better meet the needs of TV audience measurement in India, Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has partnered with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The partnership is also in line with BARC India’s philosophy of providing robust TV viewership measurement to the country of 197 million TV homes.

As part of the partnership, IITians across the country were asked to suggest newer ways of measuring TV viewership habits of 836 million TV owning individuals. The solutions BARC India was seeking included newer methods for channel, content and ad identification as well as alternative to button pushing and current visible meter used for capturing viewership data from panel homes.

10 IITs from across the country participated in the competition and presented their solutions to a jury.

After a rigorous evaluation process, IIT Kharagpur’s T.Y.S.S. Santosh won the Gold prize and a summer internship with BARC India for coming up with the best solution. The proposed solution can potentially transform large conspicuous hardware in panel homes to user-friendly smart assistants, and also reduce dependency on 3rd parties for channel identification. IIT Kanpur bagged the Silver and IIT Bombay was placed third with a Bronze.

All solutions presented by the students are platform agnostic and will be further tested for their feasibility. If proven, the solution would be adopted into the system to enhance the measurement service.

Emphasizing on this collaborative approach with the sharpest minds in India for Next Gen technology solutions, BARC India COO Romil Ramgarhia said, “Indian TV industry is dynamic and its needs are ever-evolving. India faces several unique issues such as power cuts, data connectivity challenges, wide disparity in temperature and climatic conditions etc., all of which impact collection of data. It thus is important for us to keep innovating and thinking ahead.”

“We are delighted to see the young and bright minds from the most premier technology institute of India coming up with some extra-ordinary solutions. Through this partnership, we also want to encourage students to take technology from research labs to end users, impacting a million lives,” added Ramgarhia.

Sharing his experience on winning the coveted Gold prize, T.Y.S.S. Santosh (final year student IIT Kharagpur) said, “We are happy to be the Gold winners in the battle between all IITs in this tough competition. BARC India’s challenging case study demanded working on inter-disciplinary components of tech that is hardware, software, machine learning and artificial intelligence to propose a new solution to the existing state of the art technology available with BARC India.”

“We are obliged to BARC India for offering us summer internships and look forward to be a part of this Great Place to Work and technologically-driven company – BARC India. We are looking forward to work on our proposed technology in a cross functional setup of teams,” concluded Santosh.

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