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The only Original Bhojpuri GEC, Zee Ganga, promises non-stop entertainment. With 14+ hours of original Bhojpuri shows, 500+ titles featuring blockbusters and latest Bhojpuri movies, the channel is equipped to amaze you 

The wait is finally over. Zee Ganga, a premium GEC channel by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, which is redefining Bhojpuri content, is ready to roll. This is going to be a like-never-before experience that focuses on originality, quality over quantity and relatability, as the channel announces its journey with a fresh array of never before seen original content that would intrigue the audience. With this launch ZEE Ganga will be the only Bhojpuri GEC in the category that will showcase original fiction and nonfiction shows to the regions audience. The team initiated the launch in Varanasi today with one of the biggest Bhojpuri superstars, Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua. To establish its top-notch quality, the channel further enhanced the originality and premium quotient of its event by inviting Bhojpuri superstar Pradeep ‘Chintu’ Pandey as the host of this on-ground event that was also graced by the leading protagonists of its fiction shows and channel dignitaries Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head, East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL),and Amarpreet Singh Saini, Sr. Vice President, Bhojpuri Cluster, among others.

The highly-anticipated launch event kick-started with the Ganga Maha-Arti that set the tone for the proceedings and was followed by a lamp-lighting ceremony by Nirahua, Chintu Pandey, Samrat Ghosh and Amarpreet Singh Saini. That wasn't all as the highlight of the event witnessed a spectacular performance by Superstar Nirahua on the ZEE Ganga brand song.

Staying true to their motto ‘Har Pal Aviral’ that is to keep moving forward through challenges and continuously reinvent themselves, the all revamped Zee Ganga is going vocal for local. Aimed at becoming the ultimate family entertainer, the channel is deeply-rooted in original Bhojpuri content. Celebrating the Bhojpuriya spirit with full gusto, the fresh slate of content comprises of over 14 hours of originals that include 10 hours of 4 fictional shows and 4 hours of 1 non-fiction show, 500+ titles featuring blockbuster and latest Bhojpuri movies, and an impressive line-up of some of the biggest events in the category.

Zee Ganga's all new fiction content slate boasts a variety of shows in different genres. There is musical family drama Shyamtulsi, (7 pm), the romantic drama, Mitwa, (7.30 pm), Kanya Pradhan, a socio-cultural family drama (8 pm), and Bandhan Tute Na, a family drama with supernatural twist (8.30 pm). Before you feel too much fiction-ed, they have the exciting reality show titled Memsaab No 1, 9 pm onward. All these shows will be aired Monday to Friday on the channel.

Talking about Zee Ganga and the successful launch event at Varanasi, actor Nirahua said, “There is more to Bhojpuri culture than many are probably aware of, so when Zee Ganga decided to highlight the same, I was more than happy and grateful to join the initiative that focuses on quality content The most important thing for me was the alignment of the brand philosophy with my life’s story- Har Pal Aviral. Unstoppable in spirit no matter what challenges come our way, this is what defines us Bhojpuriyas. The launch today in Varanasi has been a memorable one. I feel a long-term association with the idea and the team who have been working relentlessly to make this a success. The concepts and stories are fresh, new and interesting. I am sure the audience would enjoy watching them.”

Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head, East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), spoke about how they are focused on tapping the growing demand of local content. He added, “There has been a growing demand for vernacular language content for its cultural relevance & its ability to engage with the audiences in their own mother tongue which further helps to build more connect & trust. So, the new mantra has clearly emerged out to be ‘local by local for the local’. So our idea to entertain and engage with our audiences has stem from our deep understanding of our consumers and our passion for telling relatable stories in the Bhojpuri language - ‘Aapan Kissa, Aapan Boli’. These stories are deeply rooted in Bhojpuri culture & ethos and will reflect the unstoppable Bhojpuriya spirit. We are excited to partner Nirahua as our brand ambassador whose ‘Aviral’ personality completely compliments our brand philosophy ‘Har Pal Aviral’. We are quite excited & happy to see the overwhelming response we have received in Varanasi which will motivate us further to continue with our Aviral journey of telling more relatable stories to our audiences.”

On getting Nirahua on board and the idea behind the channel, Amarpreet Singh Saini, Sr. Vice President, Bhojpuri Cluster, shared, “We at Zee have always believed in highlighting local flavour and originality. We are thankful to the city of Varanasi for the warm welcome and support they extended. We couldn’t have found any other place ideal to announce the channel launch than the city that truly epitomizes the river Ganga and its life breathing philosophy that inspires every Bhojpuriya and every Indian. If you think of Bihar, Jharkhand and Poorvanchal, people there are strong willed, have learnt and trained themselves to survive amid difficulties, scarcity of resources and limited opportunities and embody the spirit of remaining Aviral, unstoppable just like Ganga. Here, family values are strong and are given importance to. So, to stay authentic, we wanted someone from the region to be a part of this new Zee Ganga journey. And, Nirahua was our first choice. Apart from his acting prowess, his knowledge and how he conducts himself is praiseworthy and inspirational to all in the region. With this partnership and culturally embedded journeys of our fiction shows we are more than confident to find a deep and long lasting bond with our viewers.”


Experion Windchants along with one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks

Premiering on September 26th, the film delves into engineering behind the modern marvels

National Geographic’s Superstructures is all set to unravel the art and science behind the making the engineering wonder Experion Windchants along with featuring one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks with a unique documentary titled, ‘Superstructure: Experion Windchants’. Premiering on September 26th, 2021 at 8.00 pm on National Geographic in India, the documentary will give viewers a glimpse into the modern engineering that has been contributing significantly in improving the quality of life.

Featuring the modern structure that emphasizes on function and a streamlined form, the film will take its viewers inside of Experion Windchants to show the sheer the sheer hard work and ideation that enabled the developers to what it takes to create the architectural marvel. The film chronicles the engineering behind the man-made construction. The documentary tells the incredible story of making a landmark structure; bringing stories of people who conceptualized and designed it along with resident testimonials. It also shed light on the size, scale, construction methodology, machines that were used, staffing and operating processes that turned the housing project from dream to reality. The film also features the wonder and the revolutionary design behind one of Asia’s largest residential skywalks.

“The endeavour with our Superstructures series has always been to inspire people by bringing to them insightful narratives of architectural marvels. Every modern structure has an interesting story to tell and with this film on Experion Windchants, we weaved in an compelling narrative showcasing the engineering technologies and artistic design that can define the future of luxurious living in our country,” said the National Geographic spokesperson

“With cutting-edge engineering and aesthetically planned structure, Experion Windchants is a project that has done us and the nation proud; creating an unforgettable experience for our customers. We are glad to have associated with National Geographic to bring out the story of how we created this masterpiece. The film will give viewers a fantastic opportunity to look inside one of the most spectacular constructions.” said B K Malagi, CEO & Board Member EDPL

National Geographic’s upcoming documentary, ‘Superstructures: Experion Windchants’ will premiere on September 26th, 2021, at 8.00 pm on National Geographic Channel India.

Haathi Mere Saathi is set for a direct-to-TV release on Zee cinema. How has the market adapted and evolved in recent times to accommodate such big-ticket releases on TV?

●There has been a paradigm shift across markets, in the way audiences consume content. On-ground entertainment saw a halt and audiences were exploring other avenues in absence of that, which fuelled viewership during lockdown. India is mostly a single-TV market, so during this period TV screens became the centre of family entertainment. Zee Cinema is known for bringing blockbuster movies and quality entertainment for its audiences. Haathi Mere Saathi is one such offering. It is a family entertainer and captures a heart-warming bond between animals and humans embedded with a strong message. Innovation remains at the core of our business and with Direct-to-TV like initiatives we are discovering new avenues of this market. After all, acquiring good content and providing space for it to reach the audience is what we work towards each day.

What have been the viewership trends in Hindi Movie Channels across broadcasters?

●The industry has witnessed overall growth in viewership during the lockdown. Now, audiences’ search for new content is not limited to just Hindi movies. A lot of our acquired dubbed content like Vijay the Master and Krack, saw heavy viewership on the channel. Since work from home set-up collided with cinema halls being shut for nearly 18 months, people turned to TV for Hindi and regional dubs for entertainment. The rural belt has had massive viewership growth as more movie channels penetrated the market and hit them with the best, diverse content. With the output of new films being diverted or delayed from theatre releases, Hindi movie channels have rigorously tried to bring fresh content to television.

Does mega-releases of Hindi-dubbed movies from across the nation feature in Zee Cinema’s upcoming bouquet of offerings?

●We look forward to bringing wholesome family entertainers and blockbuster movies for our audiences, catering to all their preferences. Hindi-dubbed films from the south struck a chord with viewers. Power-packed action, performances and strong storylines attract audiences across the country. World Television Premiere of mega hits Master and Krack were very well received. We plan to bring more of such regional dubbed content to fore. We are likely to bring exciting titles such as Seeti Maar and Khiladi 420 very soon

How do you expect the financial year 2022 to shape up for the Hindi Movie Channels?

●The prospects appear to be promising as we can expect television to retain the place as the largest segment with a steady growth. We have an exciting content line-up designed to align with the interests of our viewers and their ever-evolving consumption appetite with the changing times. Covid-19 and the lockdown that followed has played an important part in creating audience affinity towards television. In the past year and a half, we have seen how people spend time at home, how their content patterns have changed and how their affinity towards TV has continued even post lockdown and the industry is constantly trying to seek newer avenues to engage with them. 2022 looks promising as we look to deliver what we stand for which is fresh content, unlimited immersive entertainment, anytime from the comfort of your homes

The best businesses are built around passion, what are your views on the same.

•Passion is the key. When you are passionate, it reflects across every action – your successes, solutions, facing challenges as well as intermissions. It helps with sharper focus. When you run your business with passion, you deep-dive into the nitty-gritties and this understanding drives you to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry.


The channel invites its viewers to rejoice in Bhojpuriya dance along with their digital mascots Bhaiyaji & Gamchaji, in the second season of the much-awaited initiative ‘Kamariya Kare Hip Hop’ starting 18th September

Dance is a form of self-expression, creativity, and representation. As a performing art, it brings people together in the celebration of life. An enjoyable form of entertainment, it holds the power to unite people together. In that spirit, Dance Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of every September. It is impossible to imagine Indian entertainment and movies without dance. Bhojiwood is no exception! Popular for its Lallan Top dance, the Bhojpuri movie industry grooves to its most loved Thumkas and Launda Dance. There is nothing more viral or contagious than dancing. It lifts your mood and is an instant feel-good. With the intent of spreading the contagious fever of dance, ZEE Biskope launches a fresh season of its much-awaited initiative – Kamariya Kare Hip Hop, from 18th September onwards on the occasion of Dance Day. Encouraging viewers to rejoice in Bhojpuriyat with full gusto and revving up their spirits, the second season of Kamariya Kare Hip Hop comes after a successful season 1 that also received several industry awards and accolades at National & International levels.

Through this initiative, ZEE Biskope seeks to enliven people and boost their spirits by letting go of all inhibitions and freely express themselves through dance while inviting others to join the fiesta. Taking this very thought forward, the channel celebrates Dance Day to bring everyone together in a shared moment of joy and happiness. Kick-starting the Kamariya Kare Hip Hop contest, ZEE Biskope developed an animation video with its 3D digital mascots Bhaiyaji & Gamchaji dancing to the jingle of Kamariya Kare Hip Hop. The duo will showcase simple Bhojpuriya steps in the most fun way! To participate, viewers would need to access the animation video on ZEE Biskope's Instagram reel section and record a remix with Bhaiyaji and Gamchaji. They must then share the video with #kamariyachallenge and tag as many friends as they can.

Winners will be determined basis their video's virality, that is, the number of likes, comments, shares, views, and friends that they have tagged on their remix video. There are exciting prizes to be won at the end of the campaign. The Winner gets Rs. One Lakh, the 1st Runner-up gets Rs. Fifty Thousand and the 2nd Runner-up gets Rs. Twenty-Five Thousand. But all is not lost for the participants. There are 15 Smartphones to be won as special appreciation! Adding to fanfare, ZEE Biskope will showcase all the 18 winning videos on their channel.

On the grand initiative, Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head, East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) said, “In these times of uncertainty, entertainment has turned out to be a huge sigh of relief. It has provided a window of expression for viewers to showcase and stage their passions and uplift their emotional spirits. Kamariya Karen Hip Hop, our specially curated engagement drive, is a unique endeavour to cater to these aspirations of our audience. Given the monumental response last year and the novelty brought forward in the second season, this is expected to drive exceptional engagement serving as a great opportunity for advertisers to connect with their audience especially the youth.”

Speaking on the initiative, Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head, ZEE Biskope and BIG Ganga said, “ZEE Biskope has been leading the game in differentiation by continually curating viewer experiences, beyond just movies. While exploring the popular remix feature on facebook & Instagram with our animated and hyperlocal Bhaiyaji & Gamchaji will excite young viewers, the gratification of being featured on TV along with prizes in both cash & kind will motivate them to sample. It’s a unique way to engage with our viewers while capitalizing on the strengths of both the mediums. The aim is to establish ZEE Biskope as a Movie+ brand that brings category firsts on every occasion.”

Indian millennial women can access health tips and tricks in Hindi with a single tap

Bringing health in your hands literally, Health Shots, a health and wellness digital platform for Indian millennial women, has announced today the extension of its English language app to Hindi, ahead of the Hindi Diwas which is celebrated on September 14 every year.

The Hindi vertical of Health Shots, like its English avatar, is a tailor-made, one-stop destination for young women who are looking for preventive health, wellness and fitness solutions to make life better, healthier and happier every day.

Health Shots brings expert-recommended, industry influencer-supported and study-backed information on the go, to hand-hold you towards a healthier lifestyle - a need that has assumed greater priority for most people in the post-Covid era.


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