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Kantar, WPP’s data investment management division, today announced the launch of Kantar Consulting, a specialist sales and marketing consultancy designed to ‘switch on growth’ for brand owners and retailers.

With its combined creative and analytical heritage, Kantar Consulting is unique in combining retail, sales, ecommerce and marketing expertise, a deep understanding of how consumers think, live, behave and buy and world-leading proprietary data. Unlike many other consultancies it is able both to develop strategies and execute against them and embed capabilities within client organisations.

Kantar Consulting is formed from the merger of four founding brands; Kantar Added Value, Kantar Futures, Kantar Vermeer and Kantar Retail. Each is a world leader in its respective field: Kantar Added Value in cultural understanding, brand purpose and positioning; Kantar Futures in consumer foresight and trends; Kantar Retail as retail, sales ecommerce and shopper specialists and Kantar Vermeer as brand, organisational excellence experts and leaders in marketing ROI.

Launching with over 1,000 analysts, thought leaders, software developers and expert consultants Kantar Consulting’s market leading assets include PoweRanking, RetaiI IQ, RichMix, XTEL, VR Infinity, GrowthFinder, Global Monitor, and the ‘Marketing, Insights and Purpose 2020’ series. At launch the client base includes major multinationals including Unilever, Pepsi, Tata, Bayer, Amazon, Walmart and major regional clients such as JBS, Pladis, Alibaba and RBS.

Discussing future growth opportunities, Phil Smiley, CEO, Kantar Consulting, commented: “We live in a new era of consumption. Growth can no longer be assumed, yet there are more, not fewer, opportunities to build breakout brands and new lines of business. Future growth exists, but beyond the comfort zone of most organisations; it is more granular, less siloed and more opportunistic.”

He continued: “We will rewrite the rules of demand and the conventions of marketing and sales. Our Whole Demand philosophy will help clients go beyond strategy to generate and convert demand and create long-lasting, sustainable growth.”

Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar added: “We are creating Kantar Consulting to fulfil our ambition of bringing a deeper, more rounded consulting offer to our clients. Alone and in combination with other capabilities, Kantar Consulting will be a core part of Kantar and WPP’s success in the future.”

After the mega success of the first edition, the India Today Group will host the 2nd Edition of India Today Conclave South 2018 in Hyderabad, on 18th and 19th January.

Chief Ministers, political leaders, movie stars, artists, business tycoons, thought leaders and news makers from the south will converge on India’s most respected conclave for the South to discuss, debate and decipher the roadmap of the six southern states.

The two days of the conclave will include insightful sessions, networking lunches and a gala dinner with politicians, business leaders, movie stars and some of south India’s finest minds. As a forum, it aspires to unite the common voice of these states, and push their causes to promote culture, politics, entertainment and investment growth, in line with the states’ and centre’s socio-economic development agendas.

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Telangana have a combined GDP of over $400 billion and when put together, are among the top 30 economies of the world, contributing over 22 per cent of India’s GDP and 28 per cent of India’s employment. They account for 20 per cent of India’s population and contribute almost 30 per cent of India's tax revenues.

By 2020, it is projected that South India will become a $1,200 billion economy. With human development indices of the south growing higher than the rest of India, it is clear that the higher the south rises, the better India will do. Come to India Today Conclave South to see the southern sunrise.

The top speakers during the event, spread over 20 sessions, include the below. (* invited)

Chief Ministers

• K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Chief Minister, Telengana

• N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh

• V. Narayanasamy, Chief Minister, Puducherry

• Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister, Karnataka*

Stars, Actors, Artists

• M Mohan Babu, Actor, producer

• Lakshmi Manchu, Actor

• Gauthami, Actor

• Khushbu Sundar, Actor

• Taapsee Pannu, Actor

• Yamini Reddy, Dancer

• Bhavana Reddy, Singer, Dancer

• Praveen Sparsh, Musician

• Prakash Raj, Actor

• S.K. Sasidharan, Film Director

• Vishal, Actor*

• Bina Paul, Film Editor

• Shruti Hariharan, Actor

• Pranitha Subhash, Actor

• Kajal Aggarwal, Actor

• Parvathy Nair, Actor

• Nayanthara, Actor*

• Sumukhi Suresh, Stand-Up Comedienne

• Nikhita Gandhi, Singer

• Shahshaa Tirupati, Singer

• Karthik, Singer

Business Tycoons, Industrialists

• G.V. Prasad, Co-Chairman and CEO, Dr Reddy's Laboratories

• G.V. Krishna Reddy, Chairman, GVK Group

• George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director, Muthoot Group*

• Sumithra Gomatam, President, Digital Operations, Cognizant

• A.S. Murthy, CTO, Tech Mahindra

• Smruti Parida, CTO, Nestaway Technologies

• Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra–Jabong*

Political Leaders, Newsmakers, Activists, Thought Leaders, Change makers

• Divya Spandana, Former MP, Head of Congress Social Media Department

• A.S. Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO

• Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister, Human Resource Development*

• Dinesh Gundo Rao, Working President, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee

• Asaduddin Owaisi, President, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen

• B. Vinod Kumar, MP, Telangana Rashtra Samithi

• D. Raja, Rajya Sabha Member, CPI*

• Dr V. Maitreyan, MP, Rajya Sabha, AIADMK

• T.T.V. Dhinakaran, MLA, Tamil Nadu

• Jayanthi Natarajan, Former Union Minister*

• Palanivel Thiyagarajan, MLA and senior DMK Leader *

• Deepa Jayakumar, General Secretary, MGR Amma Deepa Peravai

• P.H. Pandian, Ex-Speaker, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and MLA, AIADMK*

• Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Rajya Sabha

• Ramesh Chennithala, Leader of the Opposition, Kerala Legislative Assembly

• J. Nandakumar, National Convenor of Prajna Pravah, All India Executive Committee Member, RSS

• Lavanya Nalli, Vice Chairman, Nalli Group

• Anavila Misra, Fashion Designer

• Gaurang Shah, Fashion Designer

• Shravan Kumar, Fashion Designer

• Daivajna K.N. Somayaji, Astrologer

• N.S. Madhavan, Writer

• Prakash Belawadi, Actor, Activist

• S. Thirunavukkarasar, President, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee

• MM Pallam Raju, Former Union Minister, Human Resource Development

• T.K. Vinod Kumar, ADGP (Intelligence), Kerala Police

• P K Hormis Tharakan , Former Director, R&AW, Former DGP, Kerala Police

• Bindu Sampath

• V.S. Sunil Kumar, Minister for Agriculture, Kerala

• P. Chengal Reddy, Chief Advisor, Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations

• Krishna Byre Gowda, Minister for Agriculture, Karnataka*

• P. Ayyakannu,President, Desiya Thennindia Nadigal Inaiappu Vivasayigal Sangam, Tiruchirapalli*

• Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Minister for Agriculture, Telangana*

Since 1994, New York Festivals® AME Awards® has honored international work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems.

AME’s regional Grand Jury assures that all entries are judged with cultural relevance within their own region: Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and North America.

“Regional judging is the foundation of which our Grand Jury is built. For 2018, the AME Awards has recruited 108 planners, strategists and marketing executives from 41 countries in 5 regions around the globe who will participate in a three-stage judging process,” said Michael Demetriades, President and Executive Director of New York Festivals AME Awards. “The prestigious regional juries are looking forward to seeing the best marketing work created in 2017.”

With an eye towards judging this year’s competition (which is currently open for entries), AME invited some of this year’s Grand Jury members to weigh in on judging the World’s Best Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness™.

AME’s regional Jury members, award-winners themselves, recognize the hallmarks of innovative and successful work created on behalf of the brand.

According to Grand Jury member Rahul Nagpal, Partner & Chief Executive Officer of Group Partnership, a WPP company, India, “An award-winning campaign needs to take a situational challenge (be it business or otherwise) and present a solution that has an IDEA. The components of the idea need to have: 1. Simplicity: It is easy to comprehend. 2. Memorability: Something in that idea sticks. It has an aftertaste that lingers on for a long time. 3. Scalability: Works across all mediums. 4. Effect: Has the potential to change behavior.”

Gertjan Tijms, Director, Strategy & Innovation for TBWA\ Malaysia, commented, “For me, an award-winning campaign is based on a culturally relevant insight, it needs to be connected to a genuine brand story and lastly it needs to create impact. Impact can come in many different forms - impact on society, the way people interact with your product or service and preferably some form of business impact if the campaign was done for a commercial organization.”

Carl Bou Abdallah, Senior Brand Planner, Fp7 (McCann) Lebanon, added “Each campaign has its own metrics of success on the award-winning level. It depends on the brand, product, culture, the idea, how relatable it is, how liquid it is to transform and adapt to different media platforms, how much it generated talk… But the most important, close to being common, trait an award-winning campaign needs to have, is its ability to solve a problem in people’s lives.”

Regional Jury panels are recruited, and creative work is judged with cultural and economic relevance through two rounds of judging. AME’s goal is to honor global campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals, coupled with an innovative solution to a marketing challenge accomplished through creative execution and critical planning.”

Mr. Tijms stressed that great case studies need to create impact and connect with local popular culture. Concluding that, “As marketing and advertising professionals, we are constantly operating at the forefront of cultural changes, which happen on a daily basis, and we sometimes are in a position to influence culture with smart marketing and communications work. Every country has its own unique intricacies and cultural systems that need to be well integrated as part of a successful campaign.”

Entries differ from country to country. Cultural/social change influence regional work. The impact of these changes affects the creative direction and strategy of the campaign and the consumers that the campaign engages.

“Social and cultural changes affect people’s behavior. These behaviors manifest themselves when it comes to purchases, online behavior and media consumption. If these behaviors are taken into consideration, they will definitely influence the tone and/or execution of a marketing or communication campaign,” said Newton Rebello, Group Account Director for Blue Apple Advertising, Dubai.

“Cultural and social changes have a huge impact on our work. We are always seeking to find that true insight to build our solution and communication around and this springs out of our culture, our way of behaving and viewing the world,” said Charlotte Porsager, Client Service Director, UncleGrey, Denmark.

Levente Bálint CEO, for White Rabbit Budapest, Hungary added, “… as much as the countries differ from each other… I believe it is more relevant to see this from a consumer point of view. There are global insights, those require global approaches, global solutions and in the case of such campaigns, there is no significant difference defined by the given country of origin.”

According to Toshiya Kondo, Director of Strategic Planning for Dentsu, Japan “Local context always changes. Winning marketing must take advantage of constantly changing contexts in terms of cost efficiency.”

The AME Judging process provides jurors with a global view of the most innovative and strategically effective creative work the world has to offer and an awareness of the evolution of the industry. Being part of both a regional and a global judging panel gives the jury a front row seat to emerging trends and new technologies that engage consumers.

“Voice technology is a fantastic playground for our industry - as shown by Burger King triggering Google Home devices to advertise the Whopper,” said Guillaume Martin, Head of Strategy, BETC, France. “Brands need to get ready to voice search and also work seriously on their own “brand personality”- which has often been the laziest part of the brief (the good old “human, positive and optimistic” tone of voice).”

“AI and automation has caught up with the world,” added Carl Bou Abdallah. “There’s no denying this. Uber has just purchased tons of driverless cars from Volvo, programmatic buying is now capable to come up with the ad by itself and update it every 5 seconds based on people’s real live interaction with it, McCann Japan has their own AI powered creative director. We live in a world where everything is being, seamlessly affected by automation.”

AME’s unique judging process uses four specific criteria, the diverse regional AME Jury evaluates entries weighted by importance: Challenge/Strategy/Objectives - 20%; Creativity - 25%; Execution - 25%; and Results/Effectiveness - 30%.

The regional AME Jury’s collective votes, truly non-partial and world class, result in Gold, Silver, Bronze and the AME Green Award are determined in the first two rounds of judging. All Gold-winning work from all regions is judged by the full international Grand Jury in the final round to determine a Platinum Award for each of the five regions.

Famous Bollywood and Television actor Ram Kapoor will be seen playing the lead role of a ‘School Principal’ in non-fiction comedy show called Comedy High School.

This non-fiction show is a light-hearted take on society, culture, education and current affairs through a classroom based set up. A clean comedy show with theme based episodes, Comedy High School will have leading celebrities visit the school every week in myriad avatars like educational inspectors or parents of students who are seeking admissions.

Besides Ram Kapoor, the stellar cast of the show has leading artists including Gopal Dutt, Paritosh Tripathi, Krishna Bhatt, Jasmeet Bhatia and Deepak Dutta.

Talking about the show, Ram Kapoor, said, “Comedy is the most difficult art to master; I have never tried it before but have always been open to play a strong role in this genre. I gave my consent to Comedy High School the moment I heard the plot – it is fundamentally funny and invariably leads to situations which produce laughter. You can watch it all days with your family and laugh your lungs out as fun never ends in our school.”

Discovery Jeet is a brand-new offering in the Hindi Entertainment space from the home of Discovery Network. Discovery Jeet is aiming to aiming to break the clutter in the Hindi GEC arena riding on purpose driven entertainment content. The soon to be launched channel will bring together Discovery’s unmatched storytelling and the best of real-life entertainment through larger than life stories aimed at inspiring millions

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The Pathway to Greater Marketing ROI

As marketers seek greater accountability in today’s increasingly omnichannel shopper landscape, demand for outcome-based return-on-investment (ROI) measurement has become more important than ever across a variety of sectors, including media, retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), apparel, automotive, digital and more.

Attribution also holds tremendous promise to deliver both granular measurement and speed that brands, retailers and publishers can lean on to understand marketing and advertising effectiveness—regardless of the platform.

But in this complex, connected landscape, how should marketers address the state of data and the challenges that the industry is faced with in order to work responsibly across data sets? Accessing data from various data sources to accurately measure ROI for each touchpoint along the customer journey is complex, but one that can be overcome by leveraging gold standard data collection and measurement methods.

When it comes down to it, being really good at building strong algorithms or attribution models is necessary, but not sufficient; the true challenge for marketers lies within the need for better data. Access to high quality granular data can help marketers achieve a more accurate understanding of consumers’ realistic purchase behaviors, whether those behaviors are influenced in-store, online, from a mobile device, across social media platforms, on TV, through an email marketing campaign—or a combination of them all.

For marketers, it’s important to remember that the shopper’s journey has multiple touch points across the path to purchase from upper funnel brand building to lower funnel stimuli at the last mile or last click to influence incremental conversion. In order to more effectively measure incrementality to drive ROI, marketers should keep in mind four key data considerations:

Delivery: It’s important to ensure that the target audience for a campaign sees the marketing message, validated with data from real consumers. As marketers rely on data models, they need to realize that they cannot simply rely on machine-based data, but hone in on data tied to real consumers and their real-life behaviors. 

Onboarding: As omnichannel continues to expand, the need to merge metrics for both offline and online content is more important than ever before.

Devices: The average consumer has three devices, but how should the industry treat each view? Should marketers count three points of reach for each device, or one point of reach for the consumer with three times the frequency? 

Ad blocking: As it becomes increasingly harder to reach consumers in today’s marketplace, data owners need to think about the value in third-party verification. To do this, marketers should use data in its original source to avoid privacy concerns and better define the description around the data itself to provide context and make attribution models run more intelligently and faster.

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