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Harry and Meghan see their favourability hit new lows ahead of the jubilee

As the nation begins to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, new YouGov royal favourability data shows the Queen remains the most popular royal.

Overall, eight in ten people (81%) hold a positive opinion of the Queen, versus 12% who see her negatively – giving the monarch a net score of +69.

Elizabeth II holds a positive net favourability across all age groups, including the youngest adults (who are the least likely to want the UK to remain a monarchy). Some 60% of people aged 18 to 24 have a positive view of the Queen, while 18% hold a negative opinion, for a net score of +42. It is among those 65+ who hold the Queen in the highest regard, however (+92). The Queen also has a significantly higher favourability score among women (+70) than men (+57).

Over the last ten years of YouGov tracking, the Queen has maintained a strongly positive view among the public. She has consistently been the most popular member of the family since early 2021. However, before then she was narrowly beaten to the title to her grandson Prince William on several occasions.

While now pipped to the post by his grandmother, Prince William is still the second most positively viewed Windsor at +59, with 75% holding a positive opinion of him and 16% with a negative view. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, follows closely behind her husband. Seven in ten people (70%) say they have a positive impression of her, compared to 15% who have a negative one, giving her a net score of +55.

Prince Charles and his wife Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall, hold net scores of +19 and +9 respectively. A small majority of people hold a positive view of the future king (54%), while 35% have a poor opinion. For Camilla, 47% see her positively and 38% negatively.

It is a different story for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, however. In this latest round of figures, Harry and Meghan's popularity has hit new lows.

Harry now holds a net score of -26 among the British public, compared to -25 from the previous survey on 16-17 March. Now, just one in three (32%) see Harry in a positive light compared to over half (58%) who think of him negatively.

Likewise, Meghan Markle is also at her lowest ever favourability score, at -42. Only 23% of the public hold a positive opinion of the Duchess of Sussex, while approaching two in three (63%) have a negative view.

The Sussexes remain positively seen among the young, but by a narrow margin. Four in ten of those aged 18 to 24 (42%) see Harry positively, and 33% see him negatively - a net score of +9. This young age group are more closely split over Meghan with a net score of +2, as 38% view her positively and 36% negatively.

Harry and Meghan are both seen poorly by older generations. Their popularity diminishes progressively with each older age group, reaching a low of -65 and -79 respectively among those Britons aged 65 and over.

Despite Harry and Meghan’s low scores, Prince Andrew remains the most disliked royal overall with a net score of -80. A mere 5% of the public see him positively, while 85% view him negatively.

Nerds, do you copy? The long-awaited return of Stranger Things 4, Volume 1skyrocketed to 001 with a record breaking 286.79M hours viewed, making it the biggest premiere weekend ever for an English language TV show on Netflix.

As Mike once said, “If anyone asks where I am, I've left the country” and Stranger Things 4 has done just that. Fans traveled to Hawkins and the season took the #1 spot in 83 countries - another record for a premiere weekend! Previous seasons are also running up that hill back into the Top 10 (Kate Bush's 37-year old song soars in streams on Spotify), with Season 1 (38.05M hours viewed), Season 2 (22.21M hours viewed) and Season 3 (24.29M hours viewed) proving that the Upside Down is the place to be.

From Indiana to the sunny beaches of California, The Lincoln Lawyer came in second with 64.82M hours viewed. The series was in the Top 10 in 75 countries. The second half of Ozark Season 4 continued to stay the course, pulling in an additional 21.91M hours viewed. The drama also moved up the Most Popular list into the eighth spot with 491.07M hours viewed. With 11.34M hours viewed in its tenth week, fans still can’t get enough of Bridgerton Season 2.

Wrong Side of the Tracks took the top spot on the non-English TV list with 61.62M hours viewed. The Spanish thriller made the Top 10 in 71 countries. Who Killed Sara? Season 3 was #2 with 31.84M hours viewed. Seasons 1 and 2 of the Mexican thriller pulled in 14.6M hours viewed and 11.77M hours viewed, respectively. Fan-favorites including Spanish drama Welcome to Eden (14.34M hours viewed), Colombian thriller The Marked Heart (12.88M hours viewed), Korean dramas Our Blues (12.72M hours viewed) and Tomorrow (11.12M hours viewed) and Korean comedy Business Proposal (9.99M hours viewed) continued to entertain viewers.

Fans found their match with A Perfect Pairing. The romantic comedy topped the English Films list with 32.63M hours viewed and appeared in the Top 10 in 93 countries. Viewers relived the good old days as Senior Year came in at #2 with 24.56M hours viewed, appearing in the Top 10 in 90 countries. Our Father remained on the list with 5.15M hours viewed.

On the non-English Films side, Indian saga RRR Hindi topped the list with 18.36M hours viewed. Dutch romantic comedy F*ck Love Too had 15.6M hours viewed. While viewers also fell in love with feel-good Danish drama Toscana, which had 14M hours viewed. Laughter was the best medicine with French and Spanish comedies The Takedown (6.09M hours viewed) and ThePerfect Family (4.84M hours viewed), respectively.New entrants on the list included Turkish drama Godspeed (4.64M hours viewed) and Korean kids comedy Larva Pendant (3.09M hours viewed).

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Impressions on combating revenge porn

The ongoing revolution in communication technologies have greatly affected our society. Internet, and in particular social media has created huge number of opportunities for different groups of the social interest.

It has particularly erased physical borders between people and made communication that easy. However, it also created risks and concerns that need to be attended.

Besides of new methods for communication, doing business and inventing new methods to share ideas to the world, modern communication technologies also lead to new forms of violence and bullying that can totally devastate human’s life. Among such forms of violence revenge porn is one of the ugliest. It not only makes the most secret and private part of human life public, but it also leaves victims in a position where they are not capable to defend themselves, as far as they simply might not be informed when the crime is committed, and they might have no clue that their privacy has been compromised in such distorted manner. Revenge porn, as a form of vengeance is very complex and reflects erosion of the existing social constructions. It is mostly used by people who have problems with social behavior, who cannot accept “NO” as an answer and who find difficult to get used to the changes that took place in their life, or relationship. The biggest problem related to this social event is that most of the victims are female individuals. Also, as the rough observation show, there are even bigger crimes hiding against a revenge porn. Often, the violators who have somehow obtained sexually explicit pictures, or videos of a person, use it as a tool to achieve sexual consent, or make their victims remain silent about mistreatment to them, or control their lives in any other manner and once, when they are refused, they use these materials as a tool to destroy lives of their victims.

Revenge porn cannot be discussed from the perspective of a single dimension. On the one hand it is a crime against property as far as, the materials belonging to someone are used without their consent, but same time it is a major violation of the fundamental human rights as far as such action not only violates privacy, but causes trauma that by its nature is equal to torture and mistreatment, it violates human dignity and sexual freedom as well, therefore we should look at revenge porn as at the crime that is directed against not fundamental, but absolute human rights.

PimEyes has launched PROtect service that provides professional assistance to potential victims of the revenge porn. Accordingly, the company has accumulated some experience in the field that might be interesting to share.

As the practice has shown facial recognition might be useful tool to locate the web sources which publish such explicit materials and accordingly take measures to takedown them. According to the latest studies the revenge porn cases have been doubled during the last two years. This tendency has also been reflected on subscription rate of PROtect package, which has doubled since the last year. According to our analysis 87% of customers are female, or representatives of LGBTQ community, which shows how vulnerable these groups are around the world. PimEyes PROtect team acts in the following manner: Once the takedown request is submitted, PROtect agent starts to review the case and identify the source where the materials have been uploaded. Once the contact details of the web site administration is clear, they are sent the takedown requests based on GDPR and DMCA regulations. Sometimes it takes a month to remove the content, sometimes it is totally impossible.

During their professional activity, PROtect agents faced several major challenges:

1.In the most cases porn sites and other web sites containing explicit content are being created out of any legal framework, what means that, every individual can create a porn site and upload explicit material without any type of consent of the owners of those materials.

2.Many web sites are impossible to be contacted. The owners of the websites simply hide their identity, and they provide no contact information. Especially the web sites that offer escort services in the countries, where prostitution is not legal. Many web sites from Russian federation, South – East Asia or Latin America and Africa hide their contacts and create a web of mirrored web sites (multiple web sites, with different keywords, linked to one domain and sharing its content) to enhance engagement to their content.

3.Such web sites are too many, and their number is increasing in tremendous speed. Only PimEyes has already identified and added over 5000 web sites to its database and every day PROtect team finds and adds 15-20 new web sites based on the takedown requests.

4.The content is reappearing, as far as the violators upload it to the dark web-based sources and later they are “transferred” to the “conventional” internet and there is still no efficient way to combat illegal activities in the dark web.

5.According to the subscribers, materials often contain sexual violence, and other crime scenes, were “takedown notices” are not enough. Law enforcement institutions should be notified immediately about the case.

Besides, of the mentioned, one of the most concerning issues, regarding to combat revenge porn are existing regulations. To perform successful takedown, a person must prove his/her identity to be authorized to remove the content, published without her/his consent. Accordingly, to make a web site administration that publishes and explicit content to remove pictures, the person who is in the picture must present additional personal data. That creates a risk of further compromising of a privacy of victim.

To overcome the mentioned obstacle, PimEyes requested subscribers to provide only anonymized ID cards, where their personal details, such as personal number, passport number, etc. are hidden.

Also, it is worth mentioning that increasing number of explicit web sites requires increased scale of manual work for PROtect team to gather contact information of the sources that often publish materials without consent of its rightful owner.

Only this year, PimEyes PROtect team had 7306 active cases, from which 2127 has been successfully resolved, in 230 cases, PROtect team was unable to perform successful takedowns and 4949 cases are being attended at current moment.

This number of cases is just a small reflection of a problem, a top of an iceberg. Accordingly, PimEyes management plans to put greater efforts in combating revenge porn cases. In the framework of recently adopted social responsibility policy PimEyes plans to implement the following amendments:

• Make protect service affordable, what means that the pricing policy will be fundamentally reviewed to make this service affordable to socially vulnerable groups.

• Special terms for human rights organizations. Organizations working in the field of children, women’s rights will have special discounts on our products.

• Enhanced cooperation with law enforcements institutions. Currently PimEyes team works on special terms for law enforcements institutions of European countries and the US, that specialized in investigating of crimes related to illegal dissemination of pornography and sexual crimes. PimEyes also encourages subscribers to inform law enforcement institutions immediately as soon as they find materials that might contain signs of different crimes.

We believe that synergy between public, non-governmental and private sectors can contribute combating revenge porn. As far as, this is the problem which can’t be solved by single efforts of one particular entity or part of society. This is the bigger problem, where we all should stand together.

Zenith lands Nestlé after a two-month long pitch process which saw leading groups compete for the business

Nestlé India has retained Publicis Groupe-owned media agency Zenith India as its agency of record. The business was won in a highly competitive multi-agency pitch which began in April this year.

The mandate includes the full range of duties i.e. offline media, online media, commerce, SEO and analytics. Zenith was the natural choice of partner, given that Nestlé was looking for holistic solutions across the board and powerful personalised communications.

Zenith has been handling Nestlé’s media planning and buying business, across all segments since all of 17 years. It was appointed as the packaged goods company’s AoR back in 2005.

Jai Lala, CEO of Zenith India said, “We are delighted that Nestlé has once again chosen us as their media partner and it’s a clear endorsement of our strong ROI approach and ability to deliver marketing excellence and innovation. The retention is testament to the rock-solid working relationship we share with Nestlé and indeed we are proud of the industry-leading work we’ve produced for them over the course of many years. Zenith has deep and inherent understanding of Nestlé’s business needs and the strategic direction of its brands. Our teams were able to demonstrate unique insights, integrated approaches and data-driven decision -making. We look forward to harnessing the best of our capabilities, talent, technology and partnerships and helping Nestlé build even more powerful consumer connections.”

The All England Lawn Tennis Club has decided to change Wimbledon’s honour roll for the Championships next month, removing titles before the names of its female champions in line with the tournament’s presentation of its male winners The Times newspaper reported.

In an age of increasing equality, the All England Club is also updating the tradition of giving married women who won titles the initials and surname of their husbands.

Chris Evert's entry on the honours boards for her 1976 singles title win was Miss C M Evert. After her marriage to John Lloyd her 1981 title was recorded as Mrs J M Lloyd, but the new board will now have C Evert Lloyd for that entry.

The grasscourt major, which has been stripped of ranking points by the ATP and WTA over its decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, gets underway on June 27.

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