02 August 2021 19:52


Wanna Talk About It?

Entertainment can have a profound impact on people, sparking conversations that are sometimes tough, whether it’s about mental health, sexual orientation or sexual violence. It’s why creators and Netflix often work with independent experts to ensure our stories are authentic, and that we offer members support if they need it.

Wannatalkaboutit.com is a site we launched this summer to address topics ranging from sexual violence, abuse, mental health and well-being to self-harm to suicide. It complements our films and series - providing people with information, videos, downloadable guides and nonprofit helplines. We built the site - which is available in 26 languages - in conjunction with 150 organizations from 45 different countries including Mental Health America, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, RAINN, The Trevor Project and Crisis Text Line in the U.S.; Consejo Ciudadano in Mexico; and Pavena Foundation for Women & Children in Thailand.

These organizations are all experts in their fields and long-term partners for Netflix. Earlier this year, for example, a number of them took part in a series of live Q&As with Netflix stars to discuss how you can stay mentally healthy during a global pandemic. These are important conversations so if you’re struggling, or you know someone who is, remember there’s always help out there. As these experts have taught us, it helps to talk about it.

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