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HT Smartcast launches the second season of ‘The Working Life’

Encompassing the largest catalogue of specially curated podcasts across Hindustan Times (HT) Media’s businesses such as Mint, Hindustan Times, livehindustan, Fever FM, Radio Nasha, Radio One and Health Shots, HT Smartcast is India’s youngest and fastest growing podcast producing platform. It’s home to podcasts across a variety of genres like politics, news, entertainment, mythology, lifestyle, etc.

Combining the energy of Fever FM and the credibility of HT Media Group, HT Smartcast allows listeners to delve deep into topics and understand them without having to spend time reading or watching a video. The audio content offered by HT Smartcast is comprehensive and short. It’s a perfect companion to your daily commutes and busy routines.

HT Smartcast is India’s largest podcast publisher with over 140 shows across 40+ genres and over 17 million listens. ‘The Working Life’ is a podcast voiced by Rashmi Menon and Sohini Sen, feature writers at Mint.

HT Smartcast has come out with another season of the podcast ‘The Working Life’ catering to the question of “What is the new normal?” after COVID-19 pandemic. The current crisis has disrupted every working person's life to varying degrees. With no social life or avenues, they are adapting by creating a new routine staying at home for work and downtime, along with worrying about job security.

Rashmi Menon, one of the voices behind ‘The Working Life’, said, “The lockdown has changed the approach of organizations and employees on managing work and personal lives. ‘The Working Life’ podcast, plays its role by highlighting ideas and coversations around this massive change in everyone's lives from the perspectives of organizations and professionals. It puts in the spotlight how various organizations and working professionals are coming up with unique strategies of coping with work and life. And encourages them to strategize and manage the ‘new face’ of work post-lockdown.”

Listening to ‘The Working Life’ will not only answer the doubts regarding how organizations are going to work in this pandemic, but also tell you all the steps and precautions taken by the organizations to create a safe working space thereby bridging the gap between you and your employer.

Deepti Ahuja, Podcast Producer, HT Smartcast, said, “Shows like ‘The Working Life’, The Millennial Mind and Mint Climate Change Tracker are the voice of the future – always in demand through the number of listens and the fan mails. These podcasts have been so successful that we have now launched season two of ‘The Working Life’ and season 3 of ‘The Millennial Mind’. Our podcast host Bibek Bhattacharya from the Mint Climate Change Tracker’has been featured as a guest on a lot of international podcasts as well.”

Podcasts produced by HT Smartcast are admired in cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and many more. It has a global listenership in Australia, Canada, Germany, UAE, US, UK and many other countries.

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