01 December 2021 11:34


Netflix India launches their business page on Quora to promote Kota Factory's Season 2

The go-to knowledge sharing platform, Quora and Netflix India celebrate the release of the much-awaited Kota Factory's Season 2 through Quora's Promoted Answers

Netflix India, a leading streaming entertainment platform just launched their business page on Quora in order to promote the latest season of their highly popular show, Kota Factory.

Quora, a knowledge sharing platform with a very large audience in India, has traditionally been known to attract a large contingent of Indian users fascinated with IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and their notoriously difficult entrance examination, believed to be one of the most challenging undergraduate examinations to clear across the world. Kota Factory also focuses on students who obsessively prepare for these examinations and the teachers who rigorously guide these students through all the preparatory hurdles, so the audience alignment made this an excellent opportunity for the two platforms to come together and create something unique.

Netflix, in association with their agency Wavemaker, created an innovative approach of answering some of the most popular questions on Quora regarding IIT preparations through quirky answers written from the perspective of the characters, taking a lot of care and attention to ensure the answers tonally matched with how these characters speak within the show.

Netflix widely distributed these answers to their target audience through the unique Promoted Answers feature on Quora, to incredible effect: in a short span of under a week, Netflix has already notched up ~15 million answer views across their quirky content, and have already reached the distinction of becoming the Most Viewed Writers across most of the popular IIT and JEE preparation related Topics on Quora, driving a ton of conversation and stoking interest in Kota Factory S2 through their content-led innovation and promotion.

Gurmit Singh - General Manager,APAC said Quora is an incredible platform for making an impact through content and sharing knowledge. Netflix has leveraged the strength of our platform to innovate with a category leading solution for the launch of their new series, Kota Factory (Season 2)

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